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Summer 2014



Lasco has been hard at work and making headlines! You may have heard by now, on July 1st Lasco was officially acquired by Peoples State Bank of Munising, MI. We are very pleased to announce that this transition, although lengthy, has been seamless. The current management and staff of Lasco will not be affected by this change in ownership and you can rest assured that your favorite support team staff members will continue to be available to help you with all of your support needs.  This acquisition is a welcomed event for us. By joining forces, Lasco and Peoples State Bank (PSB)  are both stronger and better equipped to continue the vision of both companies as well as maintaining our small-town owned and operated status. Lasco is a strong company and a great asset for PSB. Both companies have very similar values which focus on keeping the customer first and giving back to the community. I am looking forward to all of the ways this acquisition will help Lasco to become a stronger and more efficient company. I know that we can only improve from here.


A quote from Rick Nebel, President and CEO of Peoples State Bank: "We are very pleased to be part of a 40+ year old technology company. The banking industry is changing and how we manage technology will be a major part of our future success. With this investment into Lasco, we will have a firm with great regulatory, technology and financial services expertise. As our industry continues to evolve, it is evident that the need for scale and to band together on additional services will be required moving forward."


Please contact me directly if you have any questions about this announcement. I look forward to hearing from you and continuing to serve this beautiful community.



Dennis VanLandschoot
President & CEO
800-800-6197 Ext. 1051                                           
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New Product Spotlight
Penetration Testing

Running an independent vulnerability assessment is fundamental for any organization where technology is present.  Your organization may have full confidence in the internal IT staff or IT vendor, but the simple reality is that we're all human.  We make mistakes, we get distracted, and we must accept that nobody can be aware or know everything about every application, vulnerability, virus, malware, operating system, service, configuration, user account, file share, system device, firewall, protocol, etc, etc.  A good independent vulnerability assessment is essential in knowing what you don't know.  Networks are a dynamic entity, they evolve and change constantly.  A vulnerability assessment should be performed periodically and consistently within the organization's risk tolerances. 

Lasco has invested in software designed to evaluate and make your IT staff or vendor aware of areas of your network that may be introducing risk and need strengthening. If you are considering making your network more secure, Lasco is here to help. The last thing you want for your business is to leave the "door open" when you aren't around, so make sure you have all of your "doors" secured so that you aren't increasing your liability. 


For more information please contact Tim Shandonay, Vice President of Information Technology. He can be reached at 800-800-6197 Ext. 1044 or    
Social Media
Your business may be more "Social" than you realize...
There has always been a buzz about social media and if it makes sense for your business/organization to partake in this form of communication or not. The simple truth is you may already be participating whether you know it or not. When people think of social media they automatically think of Facebook and Twitter when in fact there are several other forms of social media out there. Social media, by definition, is "the social interaction among people in which they create, share or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks"*. When you give this definition thought, there are many search engines, mapping apps, and Entertainment apps that may come to mind.  Take for instance Google, they have a large variety of Apps along with their very popular search engine that allows the public to make comments and rate businesses/organizations. This could be harmful if you're not aware of it, as some people may post comments about your business/organization without your knowledge. Many times people will look for and read any comment or ratings before going any further with the search results (I am guilty of this, especially when visiting somewhere new). Another example of this would be Yelp, a widely used app/website that is continuing to gain in popularity. Yelp is used when looking for a recommendation (anything from Restaurants to Doctors, according to their website**), and the results are usually received based on the numbers of stars users have ranked them. With this site it not only allows people to post comments and rate businesses, but users can even post pictures if they choose. As I started to monitor these types of social media platforms I have noticed a trend in our geographical area, many establishments that were lacking reviews or comments previously are now beginning to receive them. These examples are just a couple of ways that put your business/organization into the social media world without you necessarily taking an active role in it. So in short, take some time and check out your online presence. You may be surprised by what you find.  






Article written by Robert Baer, Vice President of Bank Services. For questions on this topic you can reach Robert at 800-800-6197 Ext. 1055 or    
Corporate Account Takeover

What is Corporate Account Takeover fraud? It is a compromise of your business online banking credentials by using malware on your computer. The credentials are then used for unauthorized transactions. It is NOT a compromise of the bank system but a compromise of your computer.

Corporate Account Takeover

This can result in your business losing a lot of money or going out of business.

There are a couple steps you can take to significantly limit your risk.

  1. Use a single purpose computer for online banking: This may sound like a waste of money to limit the use of a whole computer to one task. However, this is the best thing you can do to reduce your risk.
  2. Run as a limited User: Running as a limited/standard user means you may be prompted for the administrator password when the computer needs to run system impacting changes. However, those limitations are imposed on any malware that you would get infected with.
  3. Ensure security updates are occurring for Windows, antivirus, third party applications such as Java/Flash. Even better, if you don't need them, uninstall third party applications.
  4. Use strong authentication where available: When given the choice take the extra step to setup multifactor authentication. This can be accomplished in many different methods. Most systems have you register your cell phone by which you will receive a one time code when you login each time.





Article written by: Ryan Valiquette, Logical Security Officer/Support Technician

For questions on this topic you can reach Ryan at 800-800-6197 Ext. 1056 or   

Tech Tips 
Take a Snapshot

Did you know almost all computers that run a Windows operating system (such as Windows 7 or Windows Server) have a function that can take a snapshot picture of what is on your screen? This can be extremely useful if you need technical support for a problem that comes and goes or can't be kept on the screen.

If you get an error message on your screen or if you see a problem in a program you're using, take a screenshot of it by pressing the "Print Screen" button on your keyScreen Shotboard. On most keyboards, this button is located just to the left of the "Scroll Lock" key. When you press the button, don't worry if nothing happens on-screen; pressing this button will create the image of your screen in a temporary invisible storage location called the "clipboard".

After you've pressed the print screen button, you can see the image and send it to technical support (if required) by opening a new email message and pasting the image in the body of the message. (Be sure to include info about the problem you're reporting too.) To paste the image: press and hold the CTRL (Control) key and press the 'V' key on your keyboard or right click and select "paste". You can also paste the image into any other location that supports pasting such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Paint.



Photo Source:



Article written by: Tyler Moore, Support Technician  


Community Service
Marquette's Ultra Marathon


Many people are still unaware of Marquette's Ultramarathon (Titled the Marquette Trail 50). Tim Shandonay (Lasco's VP of IT) is helping to change that. Tim is currently a volunteer for the Marquette Trail 50 and also serves on the race committee. He is getting the word out among friends and acquaintances of the unique opportunity that this race holds. With some of the most rugged terrain in the entire Midwest, the MT50 (Race Nickname) draws competitors from across the nation. There are only so many applications available for the race and this year the race is already at max capacity for participants. There are also races available for children such as the Kids Obstacle Course Trail Run and also the 1 mile and 5K Kids Trail Races. This year the committee is expecting 300 trail runners for the MT50 Race Weekend!

Considered one of the most difficult marathons in the Midwest, this race is one of the lesser-known Noquemanon Trail Network events. One of their most pubilicized events is the Noquemanon Ski Marathon which is a 50k cross-country ski race. These exciting events draw many visitors to the Marquette area and we are so pleased to have employees out in the community encouraging healthy outdoor activities as well as volunteering for community events. The economic state of our region depends greatly on tourism and both Lasco as well as our employees contribute to many wonderful events that are hosted in our community.


If you are interested in learning more about the Noquemanon Trail Network or their events, use the following links:

Noquemanon Trail Network:

Marquette Trail 50:

Noquemanon Ski Marathon:





Article written by: Emily Wright, Administrative Assistant  


 Tech News...


In-House News...
  • Lasco was a corporate sponsor for Art on the Rocks for the 18th consecutive year!
  • Lasco was proud to be a sponsor of Bay Cliff Health Camp's 8th Annual Golf Outing! We are always happy to support local charities.
  • Lasco's Annual Charity Golf Outing raised over $2,800 for the Alger CommunityACFP Donation Photo Food Pantry (ACFP). Lasco's President/CEO and Vice President are shown presenting the check to the Co-Founder/Chairman of the ACFP. The following businesses sponsored the recent Golf Outing: Lasco,  Associated Bank, Case Financial, Charter Business, Enterprise Systems Group, FIS, First Service Corporation, Form House, and BOSC, Inc. (Shown from Left: Dennis VanLandschoot, President & CEO of Lasco; John Sherman-Jones, Co-Founder and Board Chair for the Alger Community Food Pantry; Melissa Murphy, Vice President of Lasco)
Employee Spotlight

Dennis VanLandschoot, President & CEO, celebrating 41 years of employment at Lasco!  Dennis enjoys spending time outdoors hunting, fishing and also traveling with his wife Mary. Our fearless leader is always full of energy and excitement, we often wonder if his first dose of caffeine begins at 4am...


Sherri Sheldon, Bank Services Customer Support, celebrating 11 years of employment at Lasco!  Sherri enjoys spending time with her husband and family (especially her grandchildren) as well as relaxing with a good book. Always willing to help others and give of herself, she is a true friend.


Jennifer Wilson, Bank Services Customer Support, celebrating 11 years of employment at Lasco!  Jennifer enjoys spending time with her husband and young children and usually finds time to bag a buck or a doe in the fall. A true yooper woman she is very professional at work and plays hard after.


Emily Wright, Administrative Assistant, celebrating 6 years of employment at Lasco! Emily enjoys spending time with her husband and friends and loves being an Auntie to all the children at her church (over 60 kids and counting!). One of her many hobbies includes making maple syrup so watch out or she may get you to buy a pint! 


Noah Fazer, Support Technician, celebrating  2 years of employment at Lasco! Always on the go, Noah is quick to complete a task and always has a great attitude. Outside of work he enjoys spending time outdoors and with family - just watch out for his uncles, we aren't sure but they may be part of the Yooper Mafia.


Quote of the Quarter...
"If your everyday problems are weighing you down, there are millions of people on earth who would gladly trade places with you right now - problems and all - and feel they have been royally blessed." *
*Source: "1: How Many People Does It Take To Make a Difference?"
by Dan Zadra and Kobi Yamada
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