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Corporate Overview

Lasco is a professional Information Technology solutions provider that partners with small to mid-sized financial institutions, businesses and organizations across the Upper Peninsula and Wisconsin. Our professional team offers the highest level of security for your data. We can help you find the technology solution you've been looking for. 

Headquarters:                  Marquette, MI

Years In Business:                   47 years

Number of Employees:                       17

Industry:          Information Technology

Expertise:                    Bank Technology

Company Strengths:
  • 200 Years of Combined Community Banking Expertise and Experience
  • Strong Long-Standing Relationship with FIS
  • Open & Honest Communication           
  • Providers of Proven Technology
  • Data Security Experts
  • Client Focused
  • Client Loyalty
  • Strong Supportive Client Base
  • Examined By The FDIC, FRB, OCC, and The State of Michigan 

Associate Memberships with Community Banking Associations:

  • Community Bankers of Michigan
  • Wisconsin Bankers Association
  • Bank Administration Institute
  • Michigan Bankers Association
  • Community Bankers of Wisconsin
  • Independent Community Bankers Association
 Lasco Building 
Mission Statement:

"Lasco aims to assist clients in achieving success by staying focused on existing clients while operating in an ethical manner and promoting open and honest communications. Lasco's commitment to clients first, followed by employees, then shareholders is a model which leads to the success of all parties."


- Dennis VanLandschoot, President/CEO