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If your are looking at future bank technologies that can help your bank compete or create new opportunities, Lasco would like you to know that we are here to help you navigate through the growing list of solutions. We take great pride in being your trusted local advisor, helping you find the best solutions that fit. For the longest time mobile banking has been the big buzz word in banking technology but a new buzz word is working it's way in: "Interactive ATM's". Lasco has been actively working with several ATM vendors for a while now researching this solution and understanding what it can do for many banks in our area. Today, "Interactive ATM's" (Description Listed Below) are in their infancy stages, but quickly shaping up to be a great alternative way to grow your banks presence in areas you never thought would be possible - without the large expense of a new building and added staff. This solution can give your current customers and potential new customers the service they need without having to travel long distances to a branch to perform tasks they would normally need to handle at a teller window. We feel this will be the next big thing and would love to hear any questions and comments you may have on this upcoming technology.  Please contact Dennis VanLandschoot for further questions or comments ( or 800-800-6197 Ext. 1051).


Interactive ATM's Explained:

The efficiency and security created through the centralization of tellers enables financial institutions to transform their branch locations into more effective service and sales environments. APTRA Interactive Teller lets financial institutions offer access to teller services during non-traditional banking hours, build new small-footprint branches, and provide full teller services in areas not served by branches, all while taking advantage of the advanced features of NCR ATMs such as intelligent deposit, bill pay and new account and loan initiation.*