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October is National Cyber Security Awarenesss Month
Article Written By: Ryan Valiquette, Logical Security Officer (Lasco) 
Cyber Security

October 2013 marks the 10th annual National Cyber Security Awareness Month sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security and the National Cyber Security Alliance. This is a good opportunity to reflect on what we as families, companies, and a nation can do better to ensure our cyber safety.


There is no lack of new devices, and therefore vulnerabilities. More things are connected now than ever before: TVs, vehicles, refrigerators, etc. This is where we need to take a second and be thoughtful on how this will impact our lives. Security incidents can range from the traditional laptop and pc viruses to the hacking of medical devices such as pace makers and insulin pumps in order to take control of them*. The goal is to prevent harm; whether physical, digital, or economic by raising cyber security awareness.


So how do we protect ourselves against these new risks? One way to educate ourselves on these issues is by using the following resource: Stop.Think.Connect. is a sub-campaign, launched by President Obama in 2009** to help Americans understand the risks of being connected. They have helpful statistics, such as 40% of all cyber-attacks target businesses with fewer than 500 employees, as well as safety tips for your mobile device.


At Lasco we are constantly analyzing our systems to make sure they are secure and ahead of the curve. It is important that we all do our part by staying informed and watching the news for the latest trends and vulnerabilities. And it is even more important that we utilize what we learn.


 Here are a couple sayings to live by:

  1. Passwords are like dirty socks: they stink when left lying around
  2. Lock before you walk
  3. Treat your laptop/tablet like cash: keep a watchful eye on it

By working together and doing our part, we can all minimize security risks. Remember, security attacks never affect just one person. Protect the people in your office as well as in your home, stay informed and don't make yourself an easy target.  


For more security tips see the following resources:


 * SC Magazine October 2013