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Fall 2012 Edition

I hope you have been enjoying this beautiful Autumn weather. I have always appreciated the hometown feel of the Upper Peninsula, knowing my neighbors has always offered a sense of peace. And it often feels like everyone is your neighbor in this wonderful region. Yet, there are still safeguards which we put in place to ensure our environment is secure. This month I hope you will read our security article and take into consideration, the safety of your mobile devices.

Securing data is Lasco's #1 goal and we want you to know that we offer security to our clients. We all understand the importance of security, especially when considering the amount of damage that can occur with a breach. If you have already chosen Lasco as your partner, you can rest easy and know that we have your best interest in mind at all times. If you are still considering your options, please choose wisely. Lasco is a team of professionals who care about you and your clients. Our reputation of excellence for the past 45 years is a continuing legacy which we are honored to uphold.

I wish you safe travels during this holiday season and just want to remind you to take extra precautions to ensure that your travel plans are not interrupted due to a lack of security.

Best Wishes for a safe Holiday Season!

Dennis VanLandschoot
President & CEO

800-800-6197 Ext. 1051              

5 Steps for Good Security on the iPhone/iPad

Written By: Ryan Valiquette,

Logical Security Officer for Lasco


It is no secret that mobile device usage has exponentially increased over the past 4 or so years.  With the rise of these devices it is important to take a step back and think about how to keep ourselves safe and secure. Below, you will find a few ways in which you can go about doing just that:

  • Have a PIN, preferably a complex PIN. Not having a pin is not an option. For us security minded people, it just makes sense. What you may not know though is the length of that pin can greatly affect the chances of someone getting into your device. Having a six character alphanumeric pin will take someone 5 years to try all the combinations*.  Also, set the device to wipe after 10 bad password attempts
  • Backup regularly and encrypt the backup.  Depending on the type of information stored on the device using iCloud may not be an option. If that is so do a regular encrypted backup to your computer in case you lose your device or it gets wiped.
  • Make sure the iOS is up to date.  Just like any complex piece of software, there are bound to be security flaws. Apple releases updates on a regular basis and it is important to the security of your information and online identity to apply them as they come out.
  • Have a method to remotely wipe the device.  This is very useful if you lose your device to keep any sensitive information from the wrong hands. The "Find My iPhone" app and Microsoft Exchange integration are two common ways to accomplish this.
  • Restrict access to any part of the device not appropriate for work (shared device).  As usual, limit use to just what you or the user needs to use. This can be done with a four digit pin that can/should be different than the device pin.

For more information regarding security, please contact Ryan Valiquette (Logical Security Officer for Lasco), by dialing 1-800-800-6197 Ext. 1056 or by emailing



In-House News..
  • Lasco signs communication agreement with Charter!
  • Lasco extends its contract with PrimaData to 2015!
  • Lasco extends its contract with FIS to 2019!

A big thank you to all of our partners and clients. We appreciate you! 

Tech News..
  • Expect to have faster options available as internet speeds are expected to increase dramatically across the country. Between network coding and fiber-optic cables, we should all be able to take advantage of much faster speeds very soon.* 
  • 20-year-old laws governing web email are soon to be amended by Congress. This should help amp up security for emails and other data which can be stored in the cloud.**
  • Microsoft recently released their newest Windows server 2012 and Windows 8 Workstation operating systems.



Source: The Kiplinger Letter

* Vol. 89, No's 33 & 44

**Vol. 89 No. 47

Good Reads...

By: Dennis VanLandschoot (President & CEO of Lasco) 


I recently read a small book published by CornerStone Leadership Institute. The book is called TOO MANY EMAILS and is written by Tony Jeary (with Marc Harty, George Lowe, and Sara Bowling). I highly recommend this quick read to anyone who has an email account! The tips are priceless and will leave you much less stressed. To purchase this book go to:


Another book which has been quite fitting for this Thanksgiving season, and I would recommend, is a book titled "One" also known as The 1 Book. Written by Dan Zadra & Kobi Yamada, this book will leave you feeling inspired and empowered. I was enthralled by a page early on in the book which talks about percentages. It allows you to see how blessed you are just by having clean drinking water, food, shelter, clothing, religious freedom, and many more things we often take for granted. We are but a small percentage of the earth's population if we can claim even one of those items listed - and we have all of them here in America! To purchase this book and start your journey to seeing life through a new lense, go to:



For more information regarding these books, please contact Dennis VanLandschoot (President of Lasco) 800-800-6197 Ext. 1051 or by emailing