April 2015 Newsletter


ADI Integration Update

We are pleased to announce that together with ADI and three SedonaOffice customers, we have completed the beta testing for the SedonaOffice - ADI integration. Our next step will be to work with ADI to release the integration into production.


At the end of April we will be announcing how you can sign up for the SedonaOffice - ADI integration. In order to use this new functionality, there will be a few required actions that you will need to complete both with ADI and us.


While there is no fee to signup for this service, there will be a monthly fee to support the ongoing development of the integration module. Complete details will be included with the announcement.


The SedonaOffice - ADI integration was much larger and complex than we anticipated. We invested six months of development time into the project. The end result is a powerful integration that streamlines the purchase order data entry within SedonaOffice. You can even download the PDF of the ADI bill directly into SedonaDocs. This integration will save you time and money and is a great enhancement to SedonaOffice.



Don Faybrick


Perennial Software

It's Tradeshow Time
As winter ends so comes Tradeshow Season. Some of the best tradeshows are coming up over the next few months. While there are many others throughout the year, three of the most compelling ones are ISC West, PSA TEC and ESX. Having attended all of these shows too many times to count, here's why you should be attending.

ISC West is the biggest and most well attended of all the alarm industry shows. There's something there for everyone. First, it's in Vegas; so if nothing else, go just to enjoy Vegas. For the show, there's no better place to meet with all the vendors that provide products and services for your business. So much has changed over the past few years, just walking the show floor and seeing all the new technology is well worth your time. Also, the educational sessions at ISC are fantastic; the speakers are the some of the brightest in the industry.  More than any other reason to attend ISC West is the networking. There's no better place to meet with so many of your industry peers to discuss business.

PSA TEC is PSA's marquee event and is open to all. PSA members are typically systems integrators who
offer a wide range of services. Hundreds of systems integrators meet each year at PSA TEC to attend the educational tracks geared specifically for their businesses. Already attending? Be sure to sign up for Job Planning - Project Management Techniques for your Installations presented by Don Faybrick on Tuesday, May 5th. If you sell security systems of any kind to the commercial market, I suggest you look into PSA and all they have to offer. Visit www.buypsa.com to learn more about PSA.

ESX is one of my favorite events of the year. The ESX show has proven itself to be one of the best events for the independent security company. The educational tracks are taught by the owners, managers and executives of some of the best run and operated security businesses in the country. You will take away more from this show to help your business grow and prosper than you can imagine. The tradeshow portion of the ESX is intimate yet very well represented. You won't be lost walking through miles of aisles.

I encourage you to attend as many of these events as possibly. Your attendance supports the industry, but most importantly will provide you with new ideas and ways to grow your business. Of course, when you go to any of these shows, please stop by and say hello to us as we will be at all of these events.

Safe travels and I hope to see you soon!

Michael Marks
Perennial Software
6 Rules to Help the CEO Who Also Manages the Sales Team

by Gretchen Gordon, Founder, Braveheart Sales Management


If you own your own company and also manage the sales team, this article is for you. I have written beforethat it is not the optimal situation when the CEO also directly manages the salespeople, but I recognize that it is sometimes a requirement until sales support a different structure. It is not ideal because you as the company leader have to pay attention to numerous other activities and cannot devote the attention necessary to drive sales. You may have been the driver of sales earlier in the company's history (and you may still be) so you may be comfortable with that side of the business. Unfortunately, selling and driving sales through other people are not the same skill set.

April Tip and Trick

As of the .243 release, remember the invoice date for cycle invoicing has been moved to the new cycle invoicing screen instead of the cycle post screen.

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