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A Notice About Credit Card Decline Rates

Wayne Akey


You may have seen an increase in credit card decline rates. This is directly due to the breaches experienced by Home Depot and Target.


Chase Bank issues approximately 30% of the credit cards in the US. Chase has re-issued cards to all of their customers affected by the Home Depot and Target data breaches.


The decline rates are likely to be steady for next couple of months and should then return to your average rates.


We are currently working with a firm that specializes in reducing decline rates. One suggestion they have is to retry cards every 4-6 days. We will be updating you with more suggestions to improve decline rates. 


Typically 30% of all credit cards in the US are reissued each year. Clearly this creates work for you and we are in the process of creating solutions and recommendations to reduce the amount of time and energy you spend in this area.


SedonaOffice allows you to bucket your declined credit cards and resubmit them. Please contact us with any questions.


Wayne Akey
(888) 729-4968 x88

Customer Highlight
At a Glance
Founded: 1994. Current ownership as SECURIX 2002
Location: Fenton, Missouri

Area served: National

Employees: 15+


Securix offers successful protection of mid to large facilities that demand attention to even the smallest details.
By combining experienced personnel with a deep offering of design, custom panel production, installation and ongoing service and maintenance, Securix has proven to be a good fit for our facilities with multiple locations nationally. These facilities typically consist of multiple tenants and/or multi-site properties throughout North America and the clients who manage them benefit from the standardized procedures, single point of contact and cost-effective evaluation, planning, design, integration, deployment and maintenance services we provide.

Significant Accomplishment

Securix has successfully designed and implemented security and safety systems and applications for all sizes of companies throughout the nation - from large to small projects. Our business sector expertise features financial, educational, government, information technologies, small business and property management.

Management Angle

Learn the Secrets of the Deal

By Ron Davis, Davis Mergers & Acquisitions Group

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, think about this: Lawyers frequently tell their clients, "The seller who represents himself in a transaction has a fool for a client!" If you are a seller, you likely will sell a company just once. On the other hand, a buyer probably will have done this before and is more knowledgeable than the seller, more experienced and certainly knows a few more "tricks of the trade."

 Surround yourself with the three best experts that you can find: 1) an industry transaction attorney, 2) a financial consultant (accountant) who is familiar with the tax ramifications of selling or buying a company and 3) someone who knows how to find the best buyer for your company.

Keep in mind that friends and relatives are not usually the best business consultants. You will need to work with someone who understands transaction law within this industry, which has its own code, terminology and rules. If you use a real estate attorney or a specialist in non-industry acquisitions, he or she will have to be educated about the industry which takes time and money....your money.

 The same holds true for financial advice. Work with an accountant who will make sure that you put the most amount of money in your pocket, which should be one of the primary goals of the transaction.

 Finding the right buyer for your company requires someone with an extensive list of qualified contacts who will assure that you succeed in achieving your exit strategy. There are a number of brokers, or "finders" in this industry who will provide you with their success stories. Do some research and find a broker with whom you feel comfortable, one who has the best rolodex in town! 


Ron can be reached at 847-910-7716 or

December Tip - Closing a Fiscal Year

SedonaOffice enables two fiscal years to be open at one time.  If your company uses January-December as its fiscal year, and your General Ledger Accounting Periods displays the year 2013, fiscal 2013 will need to be closed before the year 2015 can be opened.   To close a fiscal year:


1.Select the Close Fiscal Year option from the General Ledger tree.

2. A checklist will be presented asking for confirmation that the following has been completed.  Place a checkmark next to each item that has been completed.  Press Save.



3. The user will receive a confirmation message asking "Are you sure that you are ready to close out Fiscal Year 2013?" When the "Yes" button is pressed as confirmation, the application will clear out the income, expense, and cost of goods sold accounts and then update the retained earnings account for that fiscal year.


Once a fiscal year has been closed, it cannot be reopened.

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