Newsletter April 2014
A Message from Carolyn Johnson and Lisa Gambatese, SedonaOffice Training Specialists


With great pride, we are pleased to have worked with nearly all the SedonaOffice customers over these past years.  As training specialists for SedonaOffice we have the privilege to work with so many diverse companies.  Even though all of our clients are in the security industry, each and every company is unique in nature and style.


We would like to use this forum to let you know of the many offerings we can provide to you.  Our training services go well beyond working with new customers.  While we do spend a lot of our time working with new companies setting up SedonaOffice and teaching them how to use SedonaOffice on a daily basis, we offer many other services you should be aware of.


Over the past few years, SedonaOffice has been enhanced with many new features that have really changed the functionality and the options available to you on how to use the software.  We offer both refresher training classes and customized training to review and teach you how you can best use these new features, how to set them up and review all the options available to you.  This is ideal for both our old and new clients, whether you've been using SedonaOffice for years or have just got going, these training sessions will benefit your company.


We offer both Internet based training and onsite training.  We can help you whether you need just an hour or two of training or a few days.  Each training session will be scheduled in advance, complete with an agenda and objectives to cover.  Time and time we hear the same thing after the training, "Why didn't we do this sooner?"  If you would like to learn more about our training services and how we can help you, please email our support department at or give us a call, we will be happy to discuss our many options with you.


We would also like to recommend to all our clients that you stay up-to-date on the latest release of SedonaOffice.  With each new release be sure to review the release notes prior, and sign up for any webinars on the new features.  Staying up-to-date will allow you to utilize the latest features and will alleviate any unnecessary support requests.


We look forward to helping you out in any way that we can!


Carolyn Johnson and Lisa Gambatese

Training Specialists

SedonaEnhancement Round 2 Winners
Thank you to all those who voted in round 2.  The following were the top vote getters and will be implemented next:
  • Ability to save a SedonaOffice Report as an Excel file without having to manually delete page breaks.
  • Ability to modify the next cycle date of an RMR item without having to do a cancellation.
  • Ability to create a payment receipt to email to a customer.
Customer Highlight

Founded: 1978

Area served: Pacific Northwest

Five office locations: Portland, OR; Boise, ID; Everett, WA; Seattle, WA and Tacoma, WA.

Employees: 100

With early and verified detection of threats to our clients, Sonitrol Pacific's security systems help law enforcement agencies catch criminals. Our apprehension record can't be matched by traditional burglar alarm companies.



We are the largest locally owned security company in the Pacific Northwest.

Management Angle

The Six Steps to Effective Sales Talent Hiring


One of the services we provide our clients is training to improve their sales talent hiring effectiveness.  The facts are stark.  Without a good process most companies have excessively high turnover rates, and the cost of that turnover is great.  National statistics indicate that it costs the employer between 3x and 5x the salesperson's total annual compensation for each bad hire.  Fortunately there is a repeatable process that if the hiring managers will follow, will produce predictably great results. Here are the steps. 

Determine whether you want to be proactive or passive in your approach.
Read the full article here.
April Tip

A vendor bill was paid by a credit card instead of a check.  How can this be corrected?

  1. Go into the vendor for the credit card company and create a credit for the full amount of the paid invoice.  This can be used as a vendor credit at the time that the credit card balance is paid.
  2. Go into the vendor whose invoice was accidentally paid by the credit card.  Re-create the bill (with a different reference number) that was previously paid by credit card.
  3. Go into Pay Bills and select the checking account for payment of the vendor invoice.
Advantech in the News

Efficiency, Teamwork & Software Keep Advantech Moving Forward


With projected January-to-April revenues up 42 percent this year over last, 2014 is shaping up to be a banner year for systems integrator Advantech Inc., based in Dover, Del. Efficiency and a greater level of teamwork between the company's sales, installation and service employees have had a lot to do with that.


Read full article in SDM Magazine here.

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Stop by at PSA Tec
We will be at PSA Tec.  Be sure to stop by during the exhibits or register for Managing the Business of RMR which Michael Marks, Perennial Software Co-founder will moderate on Tuesday, May 6th.
Training Opportunity

August 18-20, 2014
Cleveland OH
Aloft Hotel

The SedonaOffice Boot Camp is an intensive two and a half day SedonaOffice training class that will go in-depth on operating and using SedonaOffice from A through Z.

Meet Bri Clodgio
Support and Training Scheduler
MI Building Manager
Since February 2010
What do you like best about your job?

My co-workers.  I think we work in a very special environment, where the owners and employees all work together for the better good of the company.  It's more a family feel and I really like that.


Words to our customers:

I played collegiate soccer and now enjoy coaching both high school and collegiate soccer.  I love giving back to the sport that gave me so much.


Did you know?

Bri got married 2.22.2014 (went from Bri Sleek to Bri Clodgio) and Jim Mayes cried at my wedding.

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