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At the end of each year, I like to look back and reflect on the accomplishments of our development team.  As our new developers who were hired about a year ago have had time to learn the inner workings of SedonaOffice, we've been able to really ramp up the quality of the applications. We have many new procedures in place for better management of the whole process.  With the introduction of SedonaEnhancement and a more tightly woven interaction between Customer Support, we've been able to build solid procedures to better service the SedonaOffice users.



Our development team has been able to accomplish some major milestones this past year and there are two areas I feel that are worth noting. 

  • SedonaFSU iPad Version
  • SedonaSchedule System


We're very excited to announce that the SedonaFSU iPad version is now available on the iTunes store.  It works on both the iPad and the iPad mini.  You can download it for free but you'll have to notify us if you're not already using SedonaFSU Web Edition to access your own data.  Contact Justin Debaggis in Sales if you're interested in seeing the great features of SedonaFSU iPad. Bob Faybrick, who has been with us since day one of SedonaOffice, is the architect and mastermind behind our new iOS7 designed SedonaFSU  iPad application.  Bob has spent over 18 months learning the Apple environment and developing this new version of the SedonaFSU.  Being a long time Windows programmer, there were many hurdles to overcome including re-engineering mid-stream when Apple announced its new iOS7.  The new SedonaFSU iPad version contains many new features, such as the ability to take a credit card payment on the fly.  I'm going to hold back on some of the other great new features and tell you about them at our upcoming Users Conference at the end of this month.


We're also excited about the new features we've added to the SedonaSchedule module.  Now, you can handle all of your Job scheduling and Appointment handling from the same schedule board as Service Tickets.  A great amount of time and energy went into creating this new enhancement, and I would like to give a big thanks to Dave Smith and Roger Davis for all their hard work in creating these new features.  I will be reviewing this new enhancement in detail at the Users Conference.  We have other great new features in the works as I type that I will be announcing there too!


This coming year we have a tremendous amount of development planned for SedonaOffice.  I will be laying this out in detail during the State of SedonaOffice presentation at the start of the conference.  I hope to see you there.  While it is last minute you can still attend. Just give April a call at (440) 247-5602 or visit our website at for details.


Thank you very much for allowing us to provide SedonaOffice as your business accounting and management software.  It's a responsibility we take very seriously and are truly appreciative to have earned your trust.  If there is anything we can do for you, please do not hesitate to contact me either via email, or phone, (734) 414-0760 x103.


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Don Faybrick


Perennial Software

Customer Highlight
Superior Alarms
Founded: 1986
Location: McAllen, TX
Employees: 100+

Superior Alarms is a Texas leader in commercial and government security, monitoring and associated services. We are very pleased to be an approved vendor for national government contracts.  Our diverse range of solutions allows you to work with a single vendor across a multitude of systems.  From basic life safety to high tech IP and surveillance products, we can provide a custom designed solution that is perfect for you, assist with cost projections and communicate the benefits and value associated with your project.    We install and maintain top quality products including security, fire, IP cameras, access control, telephone, and CCTV systems. 


In our small business and residential markets, we serve South Texas.  In our government and commercial markets, we primarily serve the southern portion of the United States with national coverage for select vertical markets.



We have installed the special systems at the last 12 new construction projects for the United States Department of Homeland Security. 

January Tip

Finding a Lost Part


If a part does not have a primary vendor assigned to it, the error message "Part Not Found" may display when searching for the part in the Parts Explorer.  To find the part and correct this:

  1. Select  Warehouses from the Inventory module
  2. Click on the specific warehouse where the part resides
  3. Select Parts from the Warehouse tree
  4. A listing of all parts within the warehouse will be displayed.  Scroll through the list and highlight the specific part.   Double click to open the part.
  5. Highlight the part number at the top and right-click to select the option to edit the part
  6. Go to the vendor tab, and highlight the vendor that should be the primary vendor.  Place a checkmark in the box Primary Vendor.   Press the Add key.
  7. Save the part.  The part should now display in the Parts Explorer.
Introducing ... Our Newest Business Partner
SedonaOffice would like to introduce OPT Business Services as our newest business partner.  OPT Business Services will be a tremendous resource for our SedonSync clients.  If you are a SedonaSync user I would strongly encourage you to sign up for an informational webinar on Tuesday, February 11th.  Attendees of our Users Conference will also be able to hear more about their services.
OPT can help you solve your company's issues by listening to your concerns, analyzing your business, and providing you with solutions that allow you to focus on managing and growing your company.  Several of the ways we accomplish this is by helping your company improve operational efficiency, customer relations, and overall profitability by fully utilizing SedonaSync.  Real-Time customer notifications and extensive internal reporting allow for measurable improvements across your entire business.  This allows you to keep your customers informed on every aspect of their installation or service experience, provides you with customer feedback, and effectively shows you how all of your departments are interacting with crucial customer events.  You are able to get a true picture of where you are excelling and where there is room for improvement!

Formed in 2010, OPT has been providing a range of services to security companies across the country.  With a total of 30 plus years experience in the security industry, we have always dedicated ourselves to providing solid solutions to the most common, the most challenging and the most unique problems affecting your everyday business. 

 We offer the following services to the security industry:


1. Full Administration SedonaSync:
  • Setup, Configuration and Training
  • Event, Report, and Dashboard Design

2. Setup, Configuration, and Administration of:

  • SedonaDocs, SedonaWeb, Bold Technologies Manitou and QuoteWerks.

3. Analysis and Due Diligence

4. Acquisition Data Conversion Services

5. Custom Development and Reporting Services

We're grateful to have a company like OPT Business Services to call on day or night.  We have a large, fast-paced company, and now with SedonaSync we have a tremendous amount of data being delivered to us and to our customers.  We are learning things about our company every day that help us improve service to our customers and improve our bottom line.  Our own IT department doesn't have the time or resource to administrate SedonaSync. 

Steve RoySelect Security

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We look forward to seeing many of you in a little over a week.  User Conference attendees please look in your email early next week for a pre-conference email.
Maximize SedonaSync
Tues., Feb. 11 at 2 PM ET

If you have SedonaSync but are short on time to create events you will want to learn about our newest business partner, OPT Business Services.


Sign up HERE!

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Since August 2011
What do you like best about your job?

I enjoy the great team and customers I get to work with every day. Overcoming support obstacles and making our customers happy at the end of the day, for me,  is what it's all about.


Words to our customers:

We are always here to support our customers in answering every question they have. Sometimes we don't have all the answers, but we do a great job in searching and obtaining the correct answers for our customers.

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