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On behalf of everyone at Perennial Software, we wish you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year.  We hope that 2013 was a great year for you.  We are very excited for 2014.  As we enter the New Year, here are a few things that we have planned that we would like to share with you ...


SedonaFSU iPad version

The new SedonaFSU iPad version will be released in early 2014.  Bob Faybrick has worked non-stop this past year creating the most dynamic field service device for service technicians ever created for the alarm industry.  Over the past two months Bob has updated the SedonaFSU iPad to incorporate new features to fully support the features and look of iOS7.  We are in the process of submitting it to the iTunes store right now.  Thanks to all the SedonaOffice users who helped us with beta testing.  I know you're going to love it.  We all owe Bob a great deal of thanks; his work on this project has been fantastic.


Don't Miss the Next Release

I'm pleased to announce we are days away from the most exciting release of SedonaOffice since the release of the new Service module.  This new release now adds complete job management and scheduling within the service module.  You're going to love the functionality.  A big thanks to our development team for all the work to complete this major enhancement.  Full details will be made available soon.  Register here for a webinar to learn how to use this new functionality.


SedonaOffice Users Conference

Not only is the New Year just around the corner, so is the 2014 SedonaOffice Users Conference.  We already have a record number of attendees signed up.  We have planned more training classes and many special surprises.  This is sure to be our best conference ever.


There are so many great things happening here at Perennial Software.  2014 is sure to be another exciting year.  We look forward to working with you, and helping you make 2014 your best year ever.  If you need anything, please contact me anytime at or call me at (440) 247-5602.  



Michael Marks


Perennial Software

Customer Highlight
Hawkeye Electronic Security
Founded: 1988
Location: Kingston, Jamaica
Area served: Jamaica
Employees: 20

Hawkeye Electronic Security Limited began operations in February 1988, and has focused our energy and resources on offering products and services to protect and secure our customers.  We have become the leading and most trusted provider of electronic security systems and service in Jamaica, and we believe this is due to our use of cutting edge technology, the implementation of this technology in innovative ways, our commitment to great customer service, and our loyal and dedicated staff.


We offer full service, complete from system design to installation for Residential and Commercial applications, free security audits and surveys, along with prompt and reliable after sales service.


Hawkeye was the first to introduce the implementation of Rapid Response Bases, strategically located in neighborhoods, to provide faster response times to our customers. These are situated at various locations in Kingston, Ocho Rios, Montego Bay and Mandeville.

Hawkeye  specializes in the installation of various types of electronic security systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications.  Beginning with only thirteen (13) customers in 1988, Hawkeye now provides service to over 8,000 customers island-wide.



Celebrated 25 years in the business. QC100 Award from BID 2006. First to introduce Drone Security and Android Smartphone Tracking in 2013.  Read here.

Management Angle
Is My Gross Profit Margin Good or Bad?

People often ask whether a particular gross profit margin is good or bad.  It's a loaded question without a simple answer.    For example, a gross profit margin of 40% may be fantastic for one company while unsatisfactory for another.  It's important to examine the elements of the overall gross profit margin to answer the question for any particular company.  Consider the following example:

Even after breaking out contribution margins for monitoring, service and installation, it's often necessary to drill down into the individual profit centers to gain a clearer understanding.


High  margins on monitoring services are common when using a third-party central station.  Companies that operate their own central station may have higher costs and lower margins but may benefit from a marketing perspective. 


Companies often earn healthy margins on time & material service work, and it's relatively easy to evaluate.  Closer scrutiny is required if your company sells service and/or inspection contracts.  The recurring revenue and related costs must be segregated from the time & material work to afford a clear analysis.


Evaluation of installation margins can be challenging.  For example, if you sell both low-priced alarm systems and higher priced traditional security systems, negative or very low margins from the sale of low-priced alarm systems may significantly skew overall results.  However, such margins can be more than acceptable if RMR is added at a reasonable cost.


So, a particular gross profit margin may seem good or bad on the surface, but when you drill down into the individual profit centers, you may be surprised at what you learn.


Questions about your gross profit margin?  Contact Jim Lee - President, Astute Financial (970) 223-2382.
December Tip

Closing a Fiscal Year


SedonaOffice enables two fiscal years to be open at one time.  If your company uses January-December as its fiscal year, and your General Ledger Accounting Periods displays the year 2012, fiscal 2012 will need to be closed before the year 2014 can be opened.   To close a fiscal year:


1. Select the Close Fiscal Year option from the General Ledger tree.

2. A checklist will be presented asking for confirmation that the following has been completed.  Place a checkmark next to each item that has been completed.  Press Save.


3. The user will receive a confirmation message asking "Are you sure that you are ready to close out Fiscal Year 2012?" When the "Yes" button is pressed as confirmation, the application will clear out the income, expense, and cost of goods sold accounts and then update the retained earnings account for that fiscal year.


Once a fiscal year has been closed, it cannot be reopened.

There's a New Support Survey in Town
Every time we close a service ticket you will receive an email confirmation.  This email now includes links to a super quick survey that you can use to tell us how we are doing!

Clicking on one of these will take you to three agree/disagree questions and two comment sections.  You can complete the entire survey in less than 60 seconds!  We ask that you complete a survey for every one of your tickets so that we can get the most accurate picture of our performance.  We want to do our best to provide excellent customer support and each time you complete a survey you help us reinforce the things we do well and correct the things we do not.    


Thank you for helping us provide the best possible support experience!

Do You Want to Save Time and Money?

For nearly four decades, PSA Security Network has been a growing organization providing systems integration companies with a national presence, exceptional equipment selection, competitive pricing, services, and industry-leading training.


 Save both TIME and MONEY with PSA because we:

  • Negotiate and maintain pricing from over 150 vendors for you
  • Offer convenient online purchasing at your fingertips
  • Host great peer-to-peer networking opportunities
  • Provide exceptional education offerings (such as: live webinarson demand manufacturer training, year-long programs focused on Leadership, Technical Training and Sales Optimization and the annual must-attend training event PSA-TEC)
  • Support your business with a suite of business solutions to help enhance your business model, reduce operating costs and keep you competitive in the marketplace.
  • Are a true partner that doesn't compete with you!
'PSA has been a very valuable partner to IAS as we have grown over the years.  As a small physical security integration company, we didn't always have the expertise but it was partners like PSA who helped us with things like technical & PM training, marketing, and access to great products.  PSA is one of the best decisions we have made at Intelligent Access Systems!'

Ron Oetjen, CPP

President | Intelligent Access Systems

Learn how you can save time and money by visiting or stop by and see us in the SedonaLab at the SedonaOffice Users Conference in January!
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The newest SedonaOffice release adds complete job management and scheduling within SedonScheduler.  Learn how to use this new functionality.

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For every add-on product sold through December 20, 2013 SedonaOffice will donate $250 to charity.  Additionally, for each SedonaOffice or SedonaFSU license sold we will donate $50. Benefactors of our holiday special are:

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Meet Bridget Perea
Conversion Specialist
Since May 2011
What do you like best about your job?

I enjoy working with customers to figure out how to make their existing data structure fit into SedonaOffice.


Words to our customers:

Back in October I went to Japan.  It was a great experience that I highly recommend.  While planning the trip, a  week seemed like a nice length, but there are so many things to see and do. 


Did you know?

Minus 40 degrees Celsius is exactly the same as minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

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