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Integration Updates from Matt Howe


Parts Updater v

The latest version of the SedonaOffice Parts Updater is complete. This version,, has several new features and enhancements.

  • You may now access and download your sales list.
  • Direct access to PSA and your personalized sales list.
  • Use filters to control what parts are imported or updated in SedonaOffice.
  • Full Bar Code integration.
  • Control the conversion of UPC codes to GTIN numbers.
  • Update your bar code GTIN library automatically after a parts update.

To learn more about the parts updater and how to install it sign up for a webinar on Thursday, November 21st at 2 PM ET. 

Register here.

SedonaOffice Manitou Integration now supports both Manitou servers.
  • No more changing the integration setup when changing Manitou servers.
  • Clients are automatically connected to the current Manitou server when they sign on.


Perennial Software is releasing our new SedonaOffice Manitou Verification Utility.

  • Finds all Sites and Systems in SedonaOffice but not in Manitou.
  • Finds all Manitou Accounts and Systems not in SedonaOffice.
  • Has the ability to skip local accounts and other systems that will not be in Manitou.
  • Creates a .CSV file easily read by Excel, Access and many other applications.


Matt Howe

Integration Developer


Customer Highlight
Founded: 1981 as Byrd Alarms
Location: Universal City TX
Area served: Greater San Antonio and South Central Texas
Employees: 20

Security One is a locally owned, family business started by Roger Byrd, a retired San Antonio police officer. Our focus is on providing excellent personal service to our over 5,500 customers. We continuously look at ways to improve our processes to take even better care of our growing customer base. Due to hard work and God's blessing, we recently celebrated 32 years in the security industry.



Security One supports many local charities each year including the Salvation Army, Shriners and Blue Santa.  They are very active in both the South Texas Alarm Association and the Texas Burglar and Fire Alarm Association, having 2 employees who have been president over both.

SedonaEnhancement Winners Announced
Thank you to everyone that submitted ideas and voted.  We are pleased to announce the winners of our first SedonaEnhancement Voting Queue.
  1. At the close of the job, break up kitted parts on the system automatically so that when it comes time for service it is streamlined for swapping the equipment out.
  2. Create a Customer Query Builder for Job Management.

Our development team is ready to begin working on these enhancements and have estimated a completion date of January 2014.



  • The voting queue is never closed.  Round 2 began as soon as the winners from round 1 were selected!
  • You can reallocate your votes at any time.
  • If you voted for one of the winning submissions, your votes were promptly returned to your voting bank.
November Tip
Finding a Lost Part


If a part does not have a primary vendor assigned to it, the error message "Part Not Found" may display when searching for the part in the Parts Explorer.  To find the part and correct this:

  1. Select  Warehouses from the Inventory module.
  2. Click on the specific warehouse where the part resides.
  3. Select Parts from the Warehouse tree.
  4. A listing of all parts within the warehouse will be displayed.  Scroll through the list and highlight the specific part.   Double click to open the part.
  5. Highlight the part number at the top and right-click to select the option to edit the part.
  6. Go to the vendor tab, and highlight the vendor that should be the primary vendor.  Place a checkmark in the box Primary Vendor.   Press the Add key.
  7. Save the part.  The part should now display in the Parts Explorer.   
Updated SageQuest Integration
We have enhanced SageQuest's integration for SedonaOffice version 5.6.193 and higher to include the following features:
  1. Use SedonaService to assign appointments to a specific service technician and map to the driver in SageQuest.
  2. View detailed work order details and status history sent from SedonaOffice in SageQuest.
  3. SedonaOffice now allows users to send unassigned and unscheduled service tickets to SageQuest.
  4. New advanced settings tab allows you to check and save appropriate items to send to SageQuest.
To view an explanation of how configure and maintain your integration with SedonaOffice please click here. Reminder: you must be using SedonaOffice version 5.6.193 or higher.
Back-End Transformation Supports Organic Growth
Published in the November issue of SDM.

Select Security, Lancaster, Pa., founded in 1998 by industry veteran Patrick Egan, is a full-service residential and commercial security company. The company was reorganized in 2003 to focus as a super regional security dealer in central Pennsylvania. In these the past 10 years, the company has worked hard to grow within its region, averaging a 30 percent growth in recurring monthly revenue (RMR) for the past three years. Looking to the future and the challenges facing all security companies in keeping up with technology advances both in product lines and back-end productivity, the company decided to take a hard look at its enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and how it could enhance the efforts of its people.



Read the full article here. 

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Attention PSA Members
Wouldn't it be nice if PSA pricing was automatically loaded into SedonaOffice?  It sure would ... and  now you can!


Be sure to join Matt Howe for a webinar that will show the new features and enhancements of the Parts Updater Utility v.


Tues., Nov. 21st at 2 PM ET


Not able to attend?  Email Rebecca Hall to receive notification when the webinar is up on our website.
Meet Chris Williams
IT Director
Since November 2004
What do you like best about your job?

The people I work with day in, day out, both fellow staff members and customers.


Words to our customers:

The only stupid question is the one not asked, always feel free to ask us any question you may have. We may not know the all the answers, but there is a good chance we know how to find them.

Did you know?

I learned the ins and outs of the Alarm Industry from the bottom up, starting as a service tech in Flint, Michigan at Midnight Alarm back in 1994. Was mentored by our own Matt Howe (a legend in our industry if ever there was one), I understood computers and networks but nothing about ohms or circuits. Thanks to Matt's help, I found I had a knack for troubleshooting alarms and really enjoyed the work, even became a NISaT Level 3 Fire Technician.


Someone informed management that I had studied computer science at Michigan State (Matt again I think). I was offered an IT position inside the central station in 1998 where my relationship with Don and Michael started (helped deploy their previous product 'Genesis' at Midnight Alarm). Have been working IT in or around the alarm industry ever since.

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