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It's hard to believe that another Summer has come and gone.  Fall has arrived and here at SedonaOffice we are finalizing the arrangements for our 12th Annual Users Conference.


Lisa, April and I were talking the other day about how much we enjoy the Users Conference. It gives us the opportunity to meet all of the new clients that we have been working with throughout the year as well as catch up with the rest of our customers.


People often ask me if they should attend the conference, even if they are relatively new to SedonaOffice and I always tell them 'YES!' First of all, I think that everyone can benefit from the educational tracks and the SedonaLab.  But just as valuable is the communication between Users.  I am always impressed with the amount of information and help that our Users share with one another.  For those of you that are veterans of our Users Conference, we are working on new sessions designed to help you run your business more efficiently.  And, Marco Island, FL in January is pretty hard to beat!


Be sure to watch for the detailed agenda, which will be coming out soon.  I look forward to seeing all of you in Marco Island at our Users Conference Kick Off Reception on Sunday, January 26th.







Laurie Goodrich

Implementation Manager


Customer Highlight
Founded: 1988
Location: St. Catharines, ON, Canada
Area served: Canada
Employees: 30+

FMC is a full service, ULC-listed, Five Diamond Certified monitoring company that  employs its own technicians, and Client Services staff, owns and operates its own Signals Receiving Centre and is based out of St. Catharines ON.  All of FMC's technicians are CFAA (Canadian Fire Alarm Association) certified, and have undergone training through the Canadian Security Association (CANASA), and gained ATC-1 designations for security installations.  FMC is also experienced in several types of security applications, including CCTV, Access Control, Nurse Call intercom, and more. The FMC Client Services and Sales force have undergone Certified Security Project Management training through the Security Industry Association. From installation to servicing to day to day interactions, FMC ensures that you are always dealing with professional, in house employees.


Partnering with Fire Monitoring Technologies International, FMC utilized OPEN ACCESS™ alarm technology to reduce fire department response times.  Available to any ULC-listed alarm company, OPEN ACCESS™ electronically re-transmits fire alarm signals from the Signal Receiving Center to the appropriate fire department Computer Aided Dispatch system.  Monitoring in this fashion has been independently proven to reduce fire department response times by two full minutes.  Please see for more details. 

Management Angle

Meaningful Monthly Financial Statements -  No Excuses 


Recognition of revenue in the appropriate month and matching of costs is a central tenant of accrual-based accounting and the key for producing meaningful financial statements on a monthly basis.  Unfortunately, many security companies never quite achieve this standard of financial reporting, often due to limitations in their software systems.  SedonaOffice users have no such limitations.


The Deferred Income feature in SedonaOffice makes it easy to recognize recurring revenue in the month service is performed.  On the cost side, it's a simple accounting matter to book in-house and wholesale central station costs in the appropriate month.


SedonaOffice provides several options for jobs and service accounting.  One option, using WIP for jobs, is to defer revenue and costs until jobs are closed and, if needed, to book percentage of completion accruals at month-end for open jobs.


Another option for jobs is to set up SedonaOffice to recognize revenue and costs immediately.  With this method, the "Jobs Over/Under Invoiced" report is used to create a simple journal entry at month-end that aligns revenues, costs and margins.


Service revenue is recognized immediately when billed in SedonaOffice, which means service tickets should be closed on the same date or at least in the same month of the billing.  If you are using WIP to defer service costs, those costs will be recognized and you will have achieved a proper matching of revenue and costs.

The bottom line is, with SedonaOffice, you can always produce meaningful monthly financial statements - no excuses! 


For assistance with financial statements contact Jim Lee, President, Astute Financial (970) 223-2382 or

Sharpen Your Skills
1. SedonaSetup Tables
If you have been a customer of SedonaOffice for a while, it is advisable to review your SedonaSetup Tables for new features added and to make sure you are optimizing SedonaOffice to the fullest.  For training assistance on SedonaSetup or new features, contact our office for an appointment.

2. New Employees
Have any employees in your organization new to SedonaOffice?  Consider some web training for those individuals.  Save your business time and money by having our trainers work with your new employees and train them for their job requirements in SedonaOffice.
Tips and Tricks
Removing Previously Applied Credit Memos
Credit memos that have been previously applied to an invoice and then unapplied cannot be deleted. To remove them from a customer record:
  1. Highlight the credit memo.
  2. Right-click and select Apply.
  3. Got to the Other tab.
  4. Place a checkmark next to the Miscellaneous box.
  5. Enter the GL number for the invoice item used to create the credit memo.
  6. Enter the category code for the invoice item used to create the credit memo.
  7. Select Save.

Avoiding Issues with SedonaSync

SedonaSync is completely dependent on your Mail Server's configuration.  Before making any changes at the Mail Server you should consider the impact it will have on SedonaSync and be sure to make associated changes to the SedonaSync set-up.  If you are unsure about this impact you should contact for assistance.


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SedonaEnhancement is now open for voting.  To ensure your enhancements are considered log in to SedonaOnline, select your Enhancement Support Ticket and set the Next Action to "Sedona Enhancement."  Your request will then be reviewed by SedonaOffice staff and transferred to the voting queue.  If your Support Ticket is no longer necessary, please help us by selecting an appropriate "Next Action."

Did you miss the webinar? View it here.
Meet Matt Howe
Integration Developer
Since November 1998
What do you like best about your job?
I get to write code and get paid for it! Everyone talks about the idea of getting paid for what you like to do, I like to write software. I do it as a hobby. So now I get paid to do my hobby.

Words to our customers:
Most of our customers realize that this is a team effort, SedonaOffice and their company. But a few customers view this as an adversarial relationship. To them I would like to say, 'We will do as much as we can to help you in your business. We want you to do well, and to think of SedonaOffice as a partner. Just give us a chance.' To those customers that already think of us as partners, 'Thanks!'

Did you know?
Matt has been doing Santa Claus for over 15 years. 90% of his work is for charities including Hospice and orphanages.  He has attended some of the most prestigious Santa Schools in the world and has had training in working with the deaf, autistic children, Wounded Warriors and their families.  In 2012 Matt had his picture taken with approximately 4,000 children, mostly the poor and underprivileged. 
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