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November 2015

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Welcome New Board of Directors
Sandy Garcia
  American Bancshares Mortgage
Kevin W. Strickland
  SunTrust Mortgage Inc
Pat Gaver
  Capital City Bank
Matthew Goldman, CLO, CRO
Michael Azzarello, CMB
Jay Ralstin
  Waterstone Mortgage Corp. 
Sherry Wenrich 
  HomeBridge Financial Services, Inc. 
Brenda Thomas
Eric Prutsman
  Prutsman & Associates, P.A.
2015/2017 Directors
● Brett Bosarge
   Fidelity Bank Mortgage
Randi Gocinski
● Cammie Aucoin
   Sierra Pacific
Michael Culbertson
  JP Morgan
Robert Villalon
   Mortgage Information Services, Inc.
Candice Racine
  Essent Guaranty, Inc.
Randy Galloway
  Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corp.
Patti Spaniol 
  United Guaranty
Margie Fletcher (elected 2005)
Chuck Ivy (elected 2006)
Georges Lussier (elected 2010)
Local Chapter Presidents
Sherry Wenrich
  HomeBridge Financial Services, Inc. 
Mary Lou Bear
Sherry Gallitz
  First Federal Bank of Florida
Doug Leever
Nigel Fullick
Cathy Sherman
  Capital City Bank
Francine Villa
  American BancShares Mortgage
Board contact information available on our  
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MBAF Future Leaders Program
Are you a future leader with a thirst for more knowledge and exposure to all facets of our industry?  The MBAF Future Leaders Program is dedicated to identifying and cultivating the next generation of industry leaders by delivering a comprehensive leadership training experience by participating in at least four MBAF events during the year.   
  • Legislative Day in Tallahassee (Legislative Day will be January 12-13, 2016)
  • Eastern Secondary Market Conference - Conference Information - Click Here
  • Annual State Convention will be held June 15-16, 2016 at the Delray Beach Marriott
  • MBA Education Courses - To view the available education Click Here
If you are interested in the opportunity for knowledge, advancement and recognition in your career, the Future Leaders program may be right for you.  Applicants should have 3 years of experience in real estate finance and have an interest in professional development and personal growth that this program provides.  Interested candidates should review the information on our MBAF website and submit their application by year end.  MBAF's Future Leaders Program closing session and graduation ceremony will be held in conjunction with MBAF's Annual Convention.
Please contact me or your local chapter president if you have any questions.
Michael Azzarello, CMB
Chariperson, Future Leaders Committee
Legislative Report
by Eric Prutsman, Esq. flag-stripes.jpg
The Florida Legislature just finished its 3rd Special Session this year. Unfortunately, this most recent special session ended like the one before it with no agreement between the House and Senate. And, the deep fracture between the two chambers that began earlier this year when the House walked out of the Regular Session has only widened the closer we get to the 2016 Session. With only two interim committee weeks left before the 2016 Regular Session starts, there is precious little time to thoroughly address major policy issues. Tax cuts, water resource issues, education reforms, and innovative health care initiatives are sure to top the list of the Legislature's focus. However, we will also see proposals on foreclosures, estoppel letters, landlord tenant law, title insurance and flood insurance. Very few bills have been filed to date, but that is more a function of the fact that the Legislature has met every month so far this year, except in July, and legislative staff have been challenged that their legislators have been continually distract in endless Special Sessions.

We'll be ready for the start of the 2016 Session on January 12th and will keep you informed as more bills are filed and begin to move through the process.
MBA Applauds Introduction of H.R. 3808
For this article and more from the MBA Washington, DC remember to visit their website:  
Action Needed RE:
H.R. 3808 by MBA, Washington
Earlier this year, the Federal Housing Finance Agency ("FHFA") introduced a proposed rule that would restrict membership in the Federal Home Loan Bank System ("the System") in two legally questionable ways. First, it would unilaterally redefine the term "insurance company" to exclude captive insurers; and second, it would institute for the first time an on-going asset test that its members must meet in order to apply for or maintain their membership within an individual Home Loan Bank.

If enacted, the proposed rule would reduce liquidity in the housing market and place in doubt the future of membership eligibility. Individual Federal Home Loan Banks would be deprived of capital, since terminated members, particularly captive insurers, would be forced to withdraw capital contributions. A smaller membership base would reduce the amount of liquidity that the System could provide to prospective homebuyers.

Representatives Blaine Luetkemeyer (R-MO), Denny Heck (D-WA), Patrick McHenry (R-NC), and John Carney (D-DE) have introduced legislation (H.R. 3808) that would require FHFA to withdraw the proposed regulation, and instead direct the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to conduct a study on the rule.

We are asking MAA members to contact their Representatives and urge them to co-sponsor H.R. 3808 so that this harmful rule does not go into effect without a thorough study of its ramifications.

Please click HERE to go to the Mortgage Action Alliance (MAA) homepage and click on the "Take Action" button to get started. If you don't have, or have forgotten your username and password, click on "forgot password" to retrieve it. If you are not a MAA member, you will need to join MAA to take action. If you are having issues with your account, please contact Member Services at [email protected] or (800) 793-6222. For questions about the Mortgage Action Alliance, please contact Annie Gawkowski at [email protected] or (202) 557-2816.

Thank you.
What is the MAA:
by Amy Swaney on behalf of MBA Washington
MAA is a crucial portion of the Mortgage Bankers Association's (MBA) advocacy efforts as it connects real estate finance professionals with their representatives in a collective voice. Our ability to unite and organize on both the state and local level is what makes the Mortgage Action Alliance such an effective tool for individual members of our industry and state MBAs as well.  


Our battles are far from over and active participation is needed from everyone, from chief executive officers to receptionists, to underwriters and originators. I encourage you to continue to engage with MAA on the federal and local level to help move the needle and amplify your voice with others in our industry.


Are you speaking up? Are you making your voice heard? Don't wait for someone else to advocate for you. Join the Mortgage Action Alliance today and unite with mortgage professionals all around the country.


Enrollment in MAA is easy ... simply fill out an online form at Your membership is always free and lasts for one calendar year. We need you. Your voice matters and it is critical that you use it. Together, we can make a difference on Capitol Hill and in state capitals across the country. The larger the group, the louder the voice ... add yours today.


Amy Swaney, CMB is governmental relations officer and branch manager with Scottsdale, Ariz.-based Citywide Home Loans. Amy is also chair of the Mortgage Action Alliance (MAA), a voluntary, non-partisan and free nationwide grassroots lobbying network of real estate finance industry professionals, affiliated with the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA). Amy may be reached by phone at (480) 822-6262, ext. 2164, e-mail [email protected] or visit 

Florida Adopts Escrow Disbursement Provisions

by Robert Harrison, J.D. is a Regulatory Compliance Consultant at Bankers Advisory. He is a graduate of Boston University and earned his Juris Doctor at the Boston University School of Law. Robert is admitted to the Bar in Massachusetts. He can be reached at
[email protected]  
"Chicken Little is wrong....but TRID is still coming!"
Published in the Greater Fort Myers Board of Realtors October magazine provided to MBAF from
Nigel P. Fullick, President, MBA SW Florida

I checked again this morning and the only thing falling was a little rain.  Many people in our industry are still wasting time sounding alarms about TRID, and how it will "destroy our industry", but more of the professionals have accepted that the change is coming and are pro-actively preparing for TRID to  go into effect in less than 8 weeks.  For those hoping for another reprieve, like the one the CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) gave by pushing the implementation date back 60 days, our sources tell me emphatically that is not going to happen. 

The CFPB is the government agency charged with protecting the consumer from unprofessional lenders, Realtors® and title agents, financial predators and - the consumer themselves.  Dodd-Frank is not going to be repealed this year, or next, so it is time to prepare yourself, your customer and your nerves for the way business will be done for at least the next 2 years.  Many of us in lending feel the CFPB would have achieved their well-intentioned goal by starting from scratch with an easy to understand, fair and concise mortgage application and lending process.  Instead, they chose to recreate old documents and enforce them with more regulations, fines and criminal penalties.  As has been said by more than one wise person in our industry, "We didn't need new laws, we just needed to enforce the ones we already had on the books." The reality is that we have to move on.

If you are an honest professional, then you will chose to adapt, adopt and move ahead with your business.  The only other choice will be to find another line of work.  Understand that, in the end, it is the consumer who will pay the cost of the added risk, processes and regulatory paperwork.  Even my rational, non-industry friends observe the new "protections" as costly obstacles to home ownership and our economy, but the politicians who enacted the laws do not.  We can debate the why and the how until we are blue in the face but the reality is this- the CFPB is here to stay, TRID will become a reality in October... and people will still buy homes and need us to help them.

If you are listening to a "friend" tell you that this is all going to go away, then you are listening to the Captain of the Titanic tell the band to play on.  Make sure your lender, title agent or broker have completed the trainings and have the appropriate systems in place before October 1st .  If you do, you won't be scrambling for a lifeboat... and the sky will not fall.  Make the right choice.

Membership Committee Update
Have you sent in your renewal?  If so, THANK YOU! If the fast pace of summer has kept you busy, we certainly understand and would appreciate your follow-up to send in your Membership Fees at your earliest convenience.
Our Membership continues to grow and with Sandy Garcia at the helm as president this year her focus will be on membership, benefits, value of the MBAF and more involvement with national MBA and their events.

We would like to remind you about an important benefit of being a Member....networking.  The MBA of Florida Conferences are well known for meeting contacts within all aspects of our industry.  If you are a lender and looking for an associate to support your company, please consider doing business with a Member of the MBA of Florida!  By doing business with a Member you are also supporting your Association. The first time out with our new option for companies to join ALL seven Local Chapters brought seven

We hope that you are excited about the growth and opportunity within your Association! Should you have any questions about your membership renewal or want to refer a potential new Member, please do not hesitate to reach out to the following:
Brenda Thomas, Executive Director
Phone:  (407) 855-6155
[email protected]
Dawn Henshaw, Committee Co-Chair
Phone: (803) 545-4712
[email protected] 

Matthew Goldman, CLO, CRO, Committee Co-Chair
Phone: (407) 494-5626
Membership Listing as of 11-9-2015
**indicates Companies that also joined ALL SEVEN of our
Local Chapters
Financial Institution Members
Academy Mortgage Corporation
Acopia Home Loans
American Bancshares Mortgage, Inc.**
Ameris Bank
Assurance Financial
Bank of America Mortgage
Branch Banking & Trust Co.
Capital City Bank, Residential Mortgage
Centennial Bank
Christensen Financial, Inc
Consumer Direct Mortgage, a Division of FirstBank
Crestar Funding
Deephaven Mortgage
Eagle Home Mortgage 
Embrace HomeLoans
Farm Credit of Northwest Florida
FBT Mortgage, LLC
Fidelity Bank Mortgage**
First Commerce Credit Union
First Federal Bank of Florida**
Florida Capital Bank Mortgage
Florida Housing Finance Corporation
Franklin American Mortgage Co.
Freedom Mortgage Corporation
Green Tree Servicing LLC
Group One Mortgage, Inc.
HomeBridge Financial Services, Inc**
iberiabank Mortgage Company
K Hovnanian American Mortgage LLC
Prime Meridian Bank
Quontic Bank
Regions Mortgage
SecurityNational Mortgage Company
Sierra Pacific Mortgage
Spirides Hotel Real Estate and Finance Brokers, LLC
Stearns Lending
SunTrust Mortgage, Inc.
Synovus Mortgage
The Mortgage Firm, Inc.**
VyStar Credit Union
Waterstone Mortgage Corp.
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
 Associate Members
Arch MI
Ditio Appraisals
CRS Data**
Essent Guaranty, Inc.
First American Mortgage Solutions
Genworth Mortgage Insurance**
Mela Capital Group
Merscorp Holdings, Inc
Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corp.
Mortgage Information Services, Inc.
National MI
Radian Guaranty
Ronald R. Wolfe & Associates
Rumberger, Kirk & Caldwell, P.A.
Stewart Lender Services
The StoneHill Group, Inc.
United Guaranty
Individual Members
Michael P. Azzarello, CMB
William Cannova
Chris Chemi
Michael Dunn
Josh Finley
Matthew Goldman, CLO, CRO
David Greif
Elizabeth Karwowski
Doug Leever
Holly Mobari
Leslie Schultz-Kin, Esq.
Sharon Priest
Peggy A Thomas
Alan Verch, CMB
Local Chapters
MBA of Central Florida
MBA of Gulf Coast
MBA of Jacksonville
MBA of South Florida
MBA of Southwest Florida
MBA of Tallahassee
MBA of Tampa Bay
President's Message
Sandy Garcia
Wow! What an exciting and active first quarter as your MBA President. The 13th Annual Secondary Conference committee has done so much work on the 2016 conference. We have an impressive list of speakers and panels including Michael Fratantoni, Chief Economist, MBA DC, our agency and non-agency partners, and experts on compliance and capital markets. Further in this newsletter is complete conference information and registration links.

The convention committee co-chairs, Robert Villalon and Pat Gaver, along with the local chapter presidents and other committee members are in the final stages of completing the lineup for an impressive 63rd Annual Convention in June at the Marriott Delray Beach. They have lots of education and fun planned so you don't want to miss this one. 
I attended the Annual MBA Convention in San Diego recently. There was so much information, networking and education going on. The energy and comments from out going Chairman Bill Cosgrove and incoming Chairman Bill Emerson were so motivating and encouraging that it made me so proud to be one of the professionals who stuck it out and embraced the change we have all been through. I encourage you to watch the videos and download the presentations on-line at www. Here are some of my takeaways from the convention:
  • Potential FHA Premium Changes:There has been some chatter among market participants suggesting that FHA might reduce its mortgage insurance premium (MIP) if its minimum capital improved meaningfully this year. At a panel discussion, we asked Ed Golding, the head of FHA, about this possibility and he answered that FHA was not considering making any change. After the panel discussion, we confirmed with him that decreasing the MIP further was not even being discussed within the FHA at the moment.
  • Positive Tone on GSE Rep and Warranty Changes. Mel Watt, the head of FHFA, and the CEOs of both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac spoke about continued improvements to the rep and warranty framework, an updated version of which the GSEs released last week. The new guidelines help provide clarity to lenders on materiality of mortgage origination defects that can result in a repurchase. New rep and warranty guidelines related to GSE servicing will also be released soon in order to provide mortgage banks more clarity in this area.
  • Less Positive Tone from FHA. The tone from conference participants about FHA rep and warranty trends was far less positive. The specific concern is the DOJ's use of the False Claims Act to bring actions against originators to force them to settle. Bill Emerson, the incoming chairman of the Mortgage Bankers Association is the CEO of Quicken Mortgage. Both he and Dan Gilbert, founder and Chairman of Quicken, highlighted the lawsuit the company brought against FHA earlier this year challenging the claims that FHA has made about the company's origination practices. MBA CEO Dave Stevens also specifically highlighted the negative impact that FHA's behavior is having on credit availability. HUD Secretary, Julian Castro, did not specifically address the issue in his speech.
  • The Impact of the New TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure Rule which went into effect on October 3, 2015 was a topic of discussion by many panelists. The new rule was put in place by the CFPB. Richard Cordray, the head of the CFPB, noted that the rule is required by Dodd-Frank and said he does not expect it to have a material impact on the industry.
Marketing and Servicing Agreements (MSAs). A recent area of focus in the industry has been Marketing and Servicing Agreements (MSA) and it was the topic of a panel discussion. The CFPB recently came out with guidance that suggested that lenders would have to be vigilant to ensure that their MSAs were compliant with RESPA. The consensus among panelists was that it will likely be difficult to operate MSAs in a compliant manner given the lack of clarity by the CFPB on what would make any MSA RESPA compliant.
I have been asked, What are MBA State or National thoughts far as initiatives and legislation relating to Dodd Frank and TRID?
President Obama has threatened to veto any temporary stay of fines and penalties.  We know MBA has not responded directly to the veto threat by President Obama other than to continue our advocacy efforts in the senate to encourage a strong vote over there. The bill passed the House with a veto-proof majority, so we need a similar margin in the Senate and if we can accomplish that, the veto threat doesn't matter. Getting that majority will be difficult because any one Senator can object and place what's called a "hold" on pending legislation, and Senator Warren will in all likelihood object, but we are working with a large coalition to press the case for an enforcement delay. 

Beyond TRID, there are several other initiatives, including legislation that would permit loan officers moving from a bank to a nonbank lender (or from one state to another) to continue originating during a transitional period while they wait for their licensing paperwork to be processed by the state. There's also a regulatory relief package that passed the Senate Banking Committee and contains many of our priorities including relief from QM for loans to be held in portfolio, a TRID delay, the transitional licensing proposal, and some modes GSE reform steps. 
This is a great example of how MBA can be helpful by joining MAA Sign Up! Mortgage Action Alliance and reaching out to your Senators and encouraging them to support the Senate TRID bill, S.1711, which is sponsored by senators Tim Scott (R-SC) and Joe Donnelly (D-IN).
Renewal starts this Monday, November 2nd for all state-licensed mortgage loan originators. The SAFE Act requirement to complete eight (8) hours of NMLS approved continuing education (CE) annually. Carefully review your education record to see if this requirement is applicable to you as a licensee. Directions for how to view your record are available on the NMLS Resource Center
If your course completion record shows as "pending" for 2015 if you have not completed your CE requirements for your license. You are required to complete CE in the 2015 calendar year to renew your license for 2016, just as you may have done in 2014. When reviewing your education record in NMLS, note the following:
  • A green checkmark means you are compliant for CE.
  • A yellow caution symbol means you need to complete a course.
  • The statement "No Federal CE Requirements" or "No State CE Requirements" means you do not have a CE requirement.
  • You may not take the same CE course you did last year.
  • A course showing zero hours applied means you did not need to complete CE.
  • Pre-Licensure (PE) courses do not count towards CE.
After you have completed CE, your course provider will report the course completion to NMLS within seven (7) calendar days. You must allow sufficient time for the CE to be reported and to file for renewal.
Enjoy Fall and the Holiday Season
Sandy Garcia
President, MBA of Florida 
Local Chapter News
There are seven local chapters in Florida. Below are the links to each chapter's web site. With so much going within each chapter it pays to get involved in your local area.


Chapter Web Links below:


Gulf Coast MBA 

MBA of Central Florida 

MBA of Jacksonville 

MBA of Tallahassee 

MBA of Tampa Bay 

MBA of South Florida 

MBA of SW Florida 


Many of the chapters are in the planning stages for the upcoming year getting their education calendars ready for you. We have a master calendar online you can access to view all the activities in one spot. As the chapters complete their planning session more events will be posted.


 Online Calendar of Chapter Events    

MBA of Central Florida Chapter News
Submitted by Patti Spaniol, Past President / MBA of Central Florida

MBA of Central Florida was pleased to present our 2014/2015 Jack Alexander
 Memorial Award to Kevin Strickland of Suntrust Mortgage.
Kevin has been an integral part of our Central Florida Chapter for over ten years.
  He has served at every board position and held the Treasurer's role numerous times.  Kevin remains an active member of their Board, currently serving as Director.

Kevin provided great leadership for the MBA of Central Florida chapter during a difficult time in our industry and has now taken his abilities to the state level where he is currently serving as President- Elect of the MBA of Florida! 

Congratulations Kevin, we're so very proud of you! 

MBA of Jacksonville
Submitted by Sherry Gallitz, MBA of Jacksonville President

The MBA of Jacksonville has been very busy this past fall with several membership functions and a joint City of Jacksonville event.  All of our events are being promoted both on the MBA of Jacksonville web-site and our Facebook page: 
To kick off the fall 2015 season the Jacksonville chapter held a Membership Appreciation function on Wednesday, Aug. 19th at BRIO Tuscany Grill.  An evening of great conversations and networking with peers was enjoyed by 35 attendees.  For September,a luncheon event was held at Carrabba's Italian Grill on Tues., Sept. 22nd.  A TRID Panel and discussion of the new Contract For Purchase and Sale Agreement was engaged by 74 attendees.  The expert guest speakers were as follows: Jeffrey Marks, Esquire of Ryan, Marks, and Stromberg; Branden Strickland, Esquire of Stewart Title; Mike Altes, with First American Title, and Michael Celenza, with Buckley Advisors.  Each participant discussed the particulars of TRID helping the attendees navigate the TRID minefield.  Additionally, the revisions of the Contract For Purchase and Sale Agreement pertaining to TRID were discussed.   
On Thursday, October 8, 2015 MBA staff and leadership from the MBA of Florida's (MBAF) Jacksonville Chapter participated in a housing roundtable held jointly by HOPE NOW and members of the Jacksonville City Council  Specifically, the goal of the roundtable was to bring together community stakeholders---especially newly elected City Council members---to educate them on vacant and abandoned properties and to discuss how Jacksonville can increase efforts to address them. The list of speakers included representatives from HUD, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the National Community Stabilization Trust, and the Mortgage Bankers Association. There were over 50 participates in attendance. 
Particularly, MBA's presentation focused on the MBA--MBAF Principles to Expedite the Foreclosure Process for Vacant and Abandoned Properties (attached). The City Council was encouraged to review and determine whether the Principles could be implemented in Jacksonville without needing authorization from the State Legislature. If possible, then the City Council was urged to implement the Principles, so that their future success in returning these properties to productive homeownership could serve as a case example for why the State Legislature should adopt the Principles for all of Florida. In the alternative, if the City Council determines it lacks the municipal authority to implement this expedited foreclosure process for vacant and abandoned properties, then MBA urged the City Council to advocate before the State Legislature for the ability to serve as a pilot program. Then, Jacksonville's future success could evidence the need for the process to be implemented statewide. Importantly, MBA staff stressed that the end-goal should be a process that is eventually standardized at the state-level, in order to avoid the process- and cost-based harms that would ensue for the industry and consumers alike if duplicative or conflicting standards existed in every Florida municipality.

Scott Nowak, Esq., Assistant Director of State Government Affairs for the National MBA; Michelle Glass, VP for MBA of Jacksonville; Jody Barry, Governor,MPAC Director for MBA of Jacksonville; and Sherry Gallitz, President for MBA of Jacksonville
Finally, on Friday, Oct. 23rd the Jacksonville Chapter held their 3rd Annual Golf Tournament at Windsor Parke Golf Club.  A beautiful day of golf was enjoyed by 80 players and 20 sponsors. Fundraising efforts went to support Marine Corporal Joshua Watkins Scholarship Fund at UNF and MPAC.

Vernis & Bowling Breakfast Sponsor with Michelle Glass, MBA of Jacksonville VP and Bill Geary, MBA of Jacksonville Secretary
Randy Galloway, MBA of Jacksonville Golf Chairman and Brian Moss, MBA of Jacksonville Treasurer 
EverBank Tent - Title Sponsor of 3rd Annual Golf Tournament

MBA of South Florida
Submitted by Doug Leever, President, MBA of South Florida
We have already had some great educational luncheons with 51 attendees at our first luncheon in West Palm Beach on 'Diggin' Up the Dirt on TRID' on September 2nd, then 'Countdown to TRID' on September 15th in Doral with 61 attendees and finally 'Fannie Mae Updates on Affordable Housing and Risk Management Tools' on October 7th in Doral and had 50 attendees.
Just a great start for the year with very good speakers.
We are excited on our next luncheon 'Are you Ready for An Audit' on November 12th in Doral and November 13th in West Palm Beach.   In addition-- we have two events in December and both are on December 1st:
Our 39th Annual Holiday Visit to the Jacksons Memorial Children's Hospital in December where Santa visits many of the children in the Hospital and our 3rd Annual Bowling event in December as well to benefit MPAC fund.   We will have raffle drawing of prizes in our November luncheon in Doral, and all proceeds will go towards this Holiday event at Jackson's Memorial Children's Hospital.
We are accepting donations for the Jackson's Memorial Children's Hospital event at this time, as well.  Send donations to:
Mortgage Bankers Association of South Florida
PO BOX 490135
Miami, FL 33149-0135
Please document as donation for the Children's Hospital Event.
MBA of Southwest Florida
Submitted by Nigel Fullick, President, MBA of Southwest Florida
Our chapter entered October with 38 active corporate/individual members and have set a goal of 50 by June 2016.  We are committed to supporting MPAC and to surpassing our fundraising efforts from 2015.  We rolled out our 2016 MPAC Honor Roll program at our October luncheon.  We are recognizing those who make direct contributions of $49 - $99 as Supporters and $99 or more as our Honor Roll participants via a 2'X3' Pledge Board that will be displayed at every function to showcase our members that are truly engaged.  I am delighted to report that in 15 minutes we raised over $875 towards our Honor Roll goal of $1800.

We are very excited about our speakers for Fall and Winter who include: City Manager of Bonita Springs- Carl Schwing;  Collier County Property Appraiser- Abe Skinner;  Senator Garrick Richter and 1031 Exchange expert Nace Cohen.

Special events coming up are our annual Thanksgiving food drive and our Christmas Toy Drive with the Naples Fire Department.  We will once again be a supporting sponsor for Market Outlook featuring senior members of the Federal Reserve Bank and nationally known economists.  Last year we provided $3000 in scholarships to 3 business students at Florida Gulf Coast University.  Our 2016 goal is to provide at least $5000 and a paid internship for a career in  Mortgage Banking.  It looks to be a year of growth and education in Southwest Florida.
MBA of Tallahassee
Submitted by Cathy Sherman, President of MBA of Tallahassee
Our year has been off to a good start.  We are actively working to increase our membership.  Our membership at our luncheon meetings has been great!  Our September Meeting with a subject of TRID/Realtor Focus had a record attendance of 140+ in attendance.  October also had a good attendance of 59+ in attendance.  At this one we held a TRID Roundtable Discussion.  We are anticipating a large turnout for our November Meeting due to the lender, Realtor & Appraisal interest in the topic.  This meeting will be addressing the FHA Changes with a  Panel of Local FHA Appraisals.  So far our meetings have been focused on education due to all of the regulation and product changes. This has been very important to our membership and to attract attendance.  We are excited that for our December Meeting we will once again hold our normal Holiday Charity Meeting.  We will be collecting donations at this meeting for the Gretchen Everhart School.  At this meeting we typically have participants from the school administrations and students so is always very heartwarming around the holidays.

Our Social Chair and MPAC Chair are working hard with planning events.  We have already held an MPAC Happy Hour and we are holding our first Big MPAC Fall Social (BBQ) on November 7th.  That should be a big success.
MBA of Tampa Bay
Submitted by Francine Villa, President, MBA of Tampa Bay
The Tampa Bay chapter is having a great year so far and have enjoyed some great Speakers. We were taught new techniques for the Art of Networking, heard the updates from our local County Appraiser's Office, we learned about housing options with the Florida Housing Finance Agency and the always exciting Credit Analysis.
September brought together Gulf Coast and Tampa Bay for a fun "Night at the Trop" Rays vs. Yankees game. We enjoyed spending that time with another chapter and getting our members and their guests together for a good cause!
The Tampa Bay chapter is Super excited about our 2nd annual Toys for Tots event we co-host with our local FAMP Gulf Coast Chapter. Lastly year we received more toys than expected and The Children's Home in Tampa was so grateful.
Our MPAC and Events and Planning committees are busy with fun and new places for our members to enjoy next year.
Looking forward to the rest of the year!
MBA of Tampa Bay
Children's Home Auction
There was a great feeling at the 31st Annual Children's Home Auction held on November 5th at the Glazer Children's Museum. Congratulations to another successful and fun event!

Bill Daniels reports they had over 112 attendees. 20 sponsors with 81 attendees and 31 individual tickets.
The silent and live auctions brought contributions of nearly $8,900. Catering and venue expenses need to be totaled along with sponsorship, individual ticket and raffle ticket totals to determine the final amount raised.
Eastern Secondary Market Conference with Exhibits
February 23-26, 2016
Hyatt Regency Orlando

9801 International Dr. Orlando, FL 32819 407-284-1234 Reservations 1-888-421-1442
$239 Single/Double

$15 Resort Fee Includes:
1. Wifi access up to 6 devices -retail value is $9.95.
2. 2 I-Ride Trolley tickets daily to the international drive area - retail value is $5.00/ per person/day.
3. Local phone calls
4. Bike rentals - retail value of $5.00/ per hour.
5. Pool activities floatees, rafts, noodles, pool basketball, pool volleyball) offered in both pools
6. Fitness classes (Zumba, boot camp, spin classes, water aerobics) - retail value of $12.00/ per person/class.
7. Spa access with fitness center access -retail value of $30.00/ per person/day.
8. Fitness center without spa access - retail value of $9.95/ per person/day.
We know how busy you are at these conferences so we hope you are able to enjoy some fitness activities and fresh air when you get a break.
Eastern Secondary Market Conference with Exhibits

Links to All Information

Confirmed as our Opening Keynote Speaker on Thursday!
Bill Emerson, Chairman, MBA, Washington, DC and
Chief Executive Officer of Quicken Loans, Inc
Bill Emerson Bio Here

Confirmed as our Economic Update Speaker!
Doug Duncan, PhD., Senior Vice President, Chief Economist
Doug Duncan Bio Here

More speakers being confirmed and information is coming soon. The committee is working to bring you some great education, networking and fun this year!

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This goes the same with anyone seeking a position. If you want to submit yourself as available looking for a position let us know!

Email [email protected] for future consideration.
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Since 1952, the Mortgage Bankers Association of Florida (MBAF) has integrated the state's diverse real estate finance industry into a unified service organization. The MBAF is committed to promoting sound and ethical business practices in the mortgage banking industry; providing a powerful and responsible presence in Florida's legislative arena; educating its members in the most up-to-date practices and methods, so members can grow and mature in their careers; serving as a forum for communication and social interaction among peers; and adapting to change in a mercurial business environment, in order to help mortgage bankers succeed in that environment.
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