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October 2014

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Board of Directors



Jay Ralstin, Envoy Mortgage, LTD


Sandy Garcia, Sierra Pacific Mortgage


Kevin W. Strickland, SunTrust Mortgage 


Pat Gaver, Capital City Bank


Matthew Goldman, CLO, CRO


Alex Castellanos, Eagle Home Mortgage 


Bill Daniels


Brenda Thomas


Latisha Moore


Eric Prutsman

Prutsman & Associates, P.A.


2014/2016 Directors


●Dana Cummins, Fidelity Bank Mtg.  

Ben Fant, Impac Correspondent Mtg.

Dustin Owen  

● Michael Azzarello, CMB

Randi Gocinski, Radian

Cammie Aucoin, Sierra Pacific Mortgage 

Brett Bosarge, Fidelity Bank Mortgage


● Dena Howrigan, United Guaranty


Margie Fletcher (elected 2005)

Chuck Ivy, EverBank (elected 2006)

Georges Lussier, BB&T (elected 2010)  


Local Chapter Presidents


Patti Spaniol, United Guaranty


Mary Lou Bear, BB&T


Mick Dolan


Robert Villalon, Mortgage Information Svcs., Inc. 


Teresa Walker, Habitat for Humanity of Lee and Hendry Counties, Inc.


Laura Hewitt, Prime Meridian Bank


Bill Daniels  

Board contact information available on our web site at 

Job Changes
Dana Cummins and Brett Bosarge are both with Fidelity Bank Mortgage, which is also a new MBAF member.

Ben Fant is now with Impac Mortgage Correspondent.

Heather Bullard, CMB, is the newest member of the South Region at Stearns Lending Correspondent


Alex Castellanos joined on at Eagle Home Mortgage as their Branch Manager, and the company is also a new MBAF member.

Byron Potter has retired after many years from BB&T. He has been a great industry friend will be missed at our events! 
We GOT the Award Winning Chili Recipe!

The Women's Council of Realtors of Tallahassee, hosted the 23rd 

Annual Chili Cook off on 2/25/2014.  MBA of Tallahassee sponsored their past president, Dana Cummins, to cook.  Dana is a veteran winner of this event and has brought home the hot & Spiciest award 2009, 2010, 2012 and 2014!  WCR does this as one of their main fundraisers every year.  The WCR President will select a charity in the community to donate the proceeds to.


Dana was happy to share her recipe with us! Florida is finally getting a small chill in the air so this is a perfect time to test this recipe.Thank you Dana!  

1 pound ground sirloin

1 pound ground chuck


2 cans chili beans

1 large can 26 oz tomatoes

1 small can Chipotle peppers in Adobo sauce (these are really spicy, so adjust according to your preference)

Chili seasoning packet


Chop onion, brown the ground beef and onion, drain.  Puree the tomatoes with a few of the Chipolte peppers.  This will make a nice base for the chili.  Combine beef, tomato mixture, beans and seasoning mix in crock pot on low for a few hours so that all of the flavors combine.  Spoon over cornbread.  I serve with shredded cheddar, sour cream and cilantro!  Yum!!

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President's Message
Jay Ralstin

Having just returned from MBA National's 101st annual convention, I wanted to share my takeaways. 


Access to credit was easily the main talking point.  Our association has attained a position of respect in Washington and it's imperative that we continue to build upon the conduits for input with regard to policy making. Bill Cosgrove, Chairman, and David Stevens, President, both stressed the importance of advocacy and being a unison voice in Washington.  David made the point that we need to keep our squabbles amongst ourselves and have a unison, powerful voice in Washington to makes sure that the message of the greater good is heard.  We're now safe for consumers and we need to move from crisis response, and a dialogue of distrust, to a dialogue of confidence to get the market moving forward. 


Bill also stressed the importance of advocacy as he challenged CEOs to promote involvement within their companies. He quoted a Chinese proverb: "Tell me, and I'll forget.  Show me, and I may remember.  INVOLVE me, and I'll understand."


Involvement is critical given the trends we're seeing as an unintended consequence of past policy and over-regulation.


HUD Secretary Julian Castro agreed that access to credit is a problem and supports improvement. However the efforts for this improvement seemed to focus on revisions to the defect/penalty relationship and improvement in guideline communication and understanding.


Given that the percentage of first time buyers is down to 29% compared to 40% historically and FHA's percentage of the market has fallen 18.5% in the last 12 months, are these statistics due to lenders and investors fearing buybacks and instituting overlays, or other affordability factors?


Bill Cosgrove said that one possible cause is rising student debt.  Student debt has increased from 12.9% in 2005 to a staggering 36.8% today.  This has had a profound downward effect on homeownership.


The concern over the cost of MIP was brought up by MBA, but this issue was not really addressed by the HUD officials.


Mel Watt, Director of FHFA, shared the efforts that Fannie and Freddie (the enterprises) are taking to improve lender and investor confidence regarding ambiguity in reps and warrants.  Referencing changes that occurred in May of 2014, Revising the payment history requirement allowing up to two 30-day delinquencies within the first 36 months after acquisition. Providing loan level confirmations when loans meet the 36 month benchmark or quality control review and eliminating automatic repurchase when the loans PMI is rescinded. For loans that have already reached a point of repurchase relief, only life of loan exclusions can trigger repurchase under reps and warrants.

Specifically he mentioned  the six categories that would constitute life of loan exclusions and trigger buyback requests:

  1. Misrepresentations, misstatements and omissions
  2. Data inaccuracies
  3. Charter compliance issues
  4. 1st lien priority and title matters
  5. Legal compliance violations
  6. Unacceptable mortgage products

He further clarified numbers one and two above by stating that misrepresentations or inaccuracies are triggered in situations when there is a pattern of these issues rather than a mistake on a single loan.  In addition, there is a significance requirement to these categories as well.  The misrepresentation or inaccuracy must be material in the loan being considered eligible as indicated by the AUS system.


He also said that the enterprises will continue to be able to conduct quality control reviews at any time and continue to engage in transactions to sell a certain portion of the credit risk of mortgage purchases to the private market.   To do this they are developing a Common Securitization Platform (CSP) which will work to reduce the variants between the enterprises. Director Watt also mentioned the initiative to increase LTV maximums to 97%. There seems to be an abundance of support and initiatives surrounding the easing of the "penalty phase".


David Stevens reminded us that the CFPB is here to stay and we need to make sure that we let them know that enforcement should be the exception to the rule, rather than the rule itself. 


So what can we do?


I've heard this question quite a few times from our members wondering what we can do that will have an impact in Washington.


Mortgage Action Alliance is a grass roots effort that we can all participate in that only involves registering on the MBA website.  When a call to action is emailed to you, simply take action to increase the scope of our voice in Washington.


Remember to serve the common good of the industry get involved in any way that you can and encourage others to as well.  We all have the responsibility to keep the momentum growing and create good policy which will improve opportunities in the future of real estate finance.


Remember, we get what we give! 

Future Leaders and CMB Graduates
MBA Announces Graduates
The MBA national announced their graduates of their Future Leaders Program and their new CMB designees at their Annual Convention held in Las Vegas. Their Future Leaders program is now in it's 18th year. There were 35 graduates and we congratulate one of our Florida members!

Angela Scheufele, Wells Fargo Funding - Florida


The MBA of Florida has it's own Future Leaders program. Currently we have four enrolled and expect them to graduate in 2015.

Camille Aucoin, Wholesale Account, Representative

Sierra Pacific Mortgage

Cathy Sherman, SVP, Director of Operations

Capital City Bank, Residential Mortgage

Robert Villalon, Sales Executive

Mortgage Information Systems 

Laura Jo Hewitt, Mortgage Loan Officer

Prime Meridian Bank


For more information on our Future Leaders Program

Click Here

Local Chapters
As we move into the season of giving let's remember all the good our local chapters do. We just held our MBAF BOD meeting November 6th in Tampa in conjunction with their annual auction benefiting the The Children's Home. It was held this year at the Florida Aquarium
and it was an amazing evening. The leaders of the MBA of Tampa Bay did a fantastic job in planning this event. We are waiting for the final announcements of the final outcome of the auction. 


The Gulf Coast MBA supports 2 charities. On April 17th
they will be having their annual Golf Tournament at Bent Tree Country Club in Sarasota benefiting Manasota Buds.  They also collect unwrapped toys for Toys for Tots at their annual Holiday Party which will be December 11th
at the Polo Grill in Lakewood Ranch. For more information:

The MBA of South Florida will have a raffle drawing of prizes at their November meeting. All proceeds benefit their Annual Jackson Children's Hospital Holiday Event. Every year the chapter collects gifts and with the help of Santa Rosenthal and all his elves they trek over to the hospital with music and festivities all around and provide gifts to the children that are unable to celebrate the holidays due to serious illness. For more information: 

The MBA Tallahassee supports the Gretchen Everhard School. Every December they have a fundraiser with the chapter members and the chapter matches the funds collected. 

This is just a sampling of what our chapters provide locally. There is so much good that flows through all the members all year. We will include more information in future newsletters but please visit each chapters web site to get involved!


ALL Chapter Web Links below:

Gulf Coast MBA 

MBA of Central Florida 

MBA of Jacksonville 

MBA of Tallahassee 

MBA of Tampa Bay 

MBA of South Florida 

MBA of SW Florida 


Online Calendar of Chapter Events

Eastern Secondary Market Conference with Exhibits
February 11-13, 2015

Hyatt Regency Orlando - 9801 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819 - 407-284-1234

Reservations 1-888-421-1442


We got a great deal for you in 2015 begin able to negotiate a room rate that $30 lower than 2014 with an abundance of concessions included in the resort fee.
$219 Single/Double
$15 Resort Fee Includes:
1. Wifi access up to 6 devices -retail value is $9.95.
2. 2 I-Ride Trolley tickets daily to the international drive area - retail value is $5.00/ per person/day.
3. Local phone calls
4. Bike rentals - retail value of $5.00/ per hour.
5. Pool activities floatees, rafts, noodles, pool basketball, pool volleyball) offered in both pools
6. Fitness classes (Zumba, boot camp, spin classes, water aerobics) - retail value of $12.00/ per person/class.
7. Spa access with fitness center access -retail value of $30.00/ per person/day.
8. Fitness center without spa access - retail value of $9.95/ per person/day.
We know how busy you are at these conferences so we hope you are able to enjoy some fitness activities and fresh air when you get a break.

Registration is Open!

Below is the link to access online exhibitor information, registration, sponsorship and the hotel room reservation link. We also included below the PDF of the draft of the Program Brochure, attendee registration and sponsorship form. We are still finalizing some of the speakers so more details will be announced soon. We are open to take your exhibitor, attendee and sponsorships! You can email or fax the forms. Exhibitors we only have 30 spots so register early. The hotel sells out very quickly in February so please get your hotel room reservation made now. The program is going to be a great one this year and we have some outstanding speakers coming.

Click Here to Access the Exhibitor and Sponsorship Forms, and Hotel Reservation Link
Membership Committee Update
by Dena Howrigan & Pat Gaver, Co-Chairs
The Membership Committee for 2014/2015 has been holding conference call meetings and working diligently to retain and grow the membership for the year. The Association has had growth in new Members over the past few months! This is on trend for the growth in the industry and you are all to be commended for supporting your professional association. The Mortgage Bankers Association of Florida is the trade association that is the voice of mortgage banking in Florida!


Did you know that the MBA of Florida is honored to participate in the MBA Ambassador Program? Ambassadors are selected from MBA National volunteer leadership, such as former officers, members of the MBA Board of Directors, former state association presidents, the Residential and Commercial Boards of Governors and the CMB Society. The Ambassadors serve a minimum of two years and are appointed by the MBA Executive Committee and the MBA President, CEO David Stevens! The Ambassadors serve as liaisons between state MBA associations and National MBA. The Ambassador is the MBA of Florida's voice at National MBA. This is another great reason to join, participate and support your Association! As our business continues to have major regulatory changes, it is great to know that our Association is represented on a National level! Our Ambassador is Samuel B. Morelli, CMB, Executive Vice President & Chief Compliance Officer, PrimeSource Mortgage, Inc.


Don't forget about the 12thAnnual Eastern Secondary Conference February 11-13! This event provides it all...great education, exhibit hall and networking which proves to be invaluable in our day to day business! Information and links to the online access in just above this article!


If you have not renewed your membership, please consider making the commitment before the year end! We included a list current members below and have highlighted our new members for you as well. As a member remember you will receive a registration discount when for the Secondary Conference or our Annual Convention by attending as a member! If you are considering joining there is not a better time to align yourself and your company with the MBA of Florida! Membership applications can be found on the MBA of Florida website ( under the How to Join link. Also, consider joining the MBA national. You may view the membership information for national under our link. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Dena Howrigan, Pat Gaver or Brenda Thomas at the Association office!


Thanks so much for your support and we look forward to networking with you at the 12th Annual Eastern Secondary Conference in Orlando on February 11th - 13th, 2015.


There are a few coming up prior to our next newsletter, so let me wish Happy Holidays to everyone now!


Dena Howrigan, Membership Co-Chairman

(727) 460-3356

[email protected] 


Pat Gaver, Membership Co-Chairman

(850) 402-8038

[email protected] 


Brenda Thomas, Executive Director

(407) 855-6155

[email protected]


Membership Listing as of 11/10
(If you are not on the list please contact us to pay your dues at [email protected])

Financial Institution Members

Academy Mortgage Corporation

Acopia HomeLoans

Ameris Bank

Angel Oak Funding, LLC

Bank of America

BMO Harris Bank

Branch Banking and Trust

Capital City Bank

Centennial Bank


Churchill Stateside Group, LLC

Community Bank, Destin

Consumer Direct Mortgage, a Division of First Bank

Eagle Home Mortgage

Embrace Home Loans, Inc.

Envoy Mortgage


Farm Credit of Northwest Florida

Fidelity Bank Mortgage

First Commerce Credit Union

Florida Capital Bank Mortgage

Florida Housing Finance Corp.

Franklin American Mortgage Co.


Green Tree Servicing LLC

Group One Mortgage, Inc.

Hamilton Group Funding

HomeBridge Financial Services, Inc.

Homeowners Mortgage Enterprises

Impac Mortgage Correspondent

K Hovnanian American Mortgage LLC

Mercury Network, LLC

Prime Meridian Bank

PrimeLending, A PlainsCapital Company

Raymond James Bank

Regions Mortgage

Sierra Pacific Mortgage

Stearns Lending

SunTrust Mortgage

Synovus Mortgage

The Mortgage Firm

Towne Mortgage Company

US Bank

VyStar Credit Union

Wells Fargo








Associate Members

Arch MI

Corelogic RE Solutions

CrossCheck Compliance

Essent Guaranty


Genworth MI

InHouse Solutions

Interthinx, Inc.

John Sena Agency, Inc.

Merscorp Holdings, Inc.

Mortgage Guaranty Ins. Corp.

Mortgage Information Service

National MI

O'Kelley & Sorohan, Attorneys At Law, LLC

OS National

Residential Credit Solutions Inc

Ronald R Wolfe & Assoc.

Stewart Lender Services

The StoneHill Group

United Guaranty


Individual Members

Jane E. Ashley

Michael Azzarello, CMB

Bill Cannova

Brent Chapman

Bill Daniels

Chris Chemi

Michael Dunn

Steven Fraser

Alexis Gabriel

Matthew Goldman, CLO, CRO

Ted Jeschke, AMP

Elizabeth Karwowski

Holly Mobari

Dustin Owen

William Schuss

Julie Sneed, Esq.

Peggy Thomas

Alan Verch, CMB

Teresa Walker


Local Chapters

Gulf Coast MBA

MBA of Central Florida

MBA of Jacksonville

MBA of South Florida

MBA of SW Florida

MBA of Tallahassee

MBA of Tampa Bay  


Thank you MBAF Members!
62nd Annual Convention
June 24-25, 2015
Marriott Delray Beach

Program information will be announced soon.

$159 single or double occupancy
$169/$179 availability for ocean/partial ocean balcony views

Need Education/Instructions/Refreshers/CMB Classes?
We Offer it All Through our Partnership with MBA national
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MBA's Mortgage Action Alliance: 
 MAA is a crucial portion of the Mortgage Bankers Association's (MBA) advocacy efforts as it connects real estate finance professionals with their representatives in a collective voice. Our ability to unite and organize on both the state and local level is what makes the Mortgage Action Alliance such an effective tool for individual members of our industry and state MBAs as well.  


Are you speaking up? Are you making your voice heard? Don't wait for someone else to advocate for you. Join the Mortgage Action Alliance today and unite with mortgage professionals all around the country.

Enrollment in MAA is easy ... simply fill out an online form at Your membership is always free and lasts for one calendar year. We need you. Your voice matters and it is critical that you use it. Together, we can make a difference on Capitol Hill and in state capitals across the country. The larger the group, the louder the voice ... add yours today.


Amy Swaney, CMB is governmental relations officer and branch manager with Scottsdale, Ariz.-based Citywide Home Loans. Amy is also chair of the Mortgage Action Alliance (MAA), a voluntary, non-partisan and free nationwide grassroots lobbying network of real estate finance industry professionals, affiliated with the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA). Amy may be reached by phone at (480) 822-6262, ext. 2164, e-mail [email protected] or visit 

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