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25th Anniversary Big Party Weekend
June 4th/5th 2016

Join our 'BIG PARTY WEEKEND' at the stunning Wroxall Abbey near Birmingham to celebrate the cars 25th Birthday!

The fun kicks off on Saturday with a DINNER DANCE and continues on the Sunday with a FIGARO FAIR.


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SUNDAY 5th JUNE 2016

Bring your car along to the largest gathering of Figaros ever! In addition to a 'rally drive-out' the day will include trade stands, competitions, family attractions, awards, group photographs and much more. 25 Per Car.
Good Morning ,

After running the club for almost 6 years I honestly thought there wasn't much I didn't know about our little Figs until I read a Facebook post last month. The topic was discussing 'mileage' and the owner had made an innocent comment and posted a picture of their speedo faceplate which was in MPH (required by law in the UK). Now this is where it got interesting as the Odometer stated MPH and showed 35,455 Miles but that was of course originally 56,000 Kilometers. It got me thinking how complicated it can become if you import a car and then half way through its life change the measuring perimeters? 

According to Toby Brooks from The Figaro Shop there are 2 main ways to convert a Figaro when it reaches the UK.

One is to fit the gearing device, also known as a transducer. This works just like a bicycle gearing system and makes the Kilometers show in miles using the current layout on the speedo face.

In his experience he has known this system be used without any sticker or paperwork (when the odometer is almost impossible to work out). It can be used with a sticker but not have the odometer reset to the correct miles, meaning you have that inconsistency and its very hard to trace the miles. Or at the same time have the odometer set to the correct mileage so that going forward everything is in miles, this is the clearest way but involves adjusting the clock or finally a document could be drawn up to demonstrate the sum required to work out the mileage when required. Accurate as long as the paperwork is kept safe.

The second option is to put a faceplate over the top of the speedo, this keeps the odometer the same whilst moving the position of the numbers on the speedo. The Figaro Shop always used the face method if they start with a car in Kilometers, it always seemed to be much more simple and can be removed if required. The owner does have to calculate the current mileage but everything is consistent, right back to Japan. To his knowledge the transducer is not being made any longer, certainly not easily available. Hopefully this will prevent confusion going forward. Toby did say if anyone is stuck with there mileage they may be able to help, certain importers used certain techniques and they were usually the same on each car. Even if the importer has ceased to trade its sometimes possible to work out which technique was used on a particular car and clarify the mileage. The only legal requirement is an MOT, importers don't have to touch the speedo.

 The transducer will been fitted (located near the gearbox)

If you're still with us then you're doing well as its all very confusing and indeed we see this all the time when people advertise their cars on 'Figaro Trader' some being in Miles and others in Kilometers!

Having scratched the surface of this issue we are highly alarmed and so will be investigating this issue further and creating clear information on our website to help owners clarify things.
And the winner is...
Last month we run a caption competition and thanks for all the contributions the winner was "You wait all year and then 30 turn up at once!"  from Anthony Carlo Scorgie so well done to Anthony who wins a 25 Figaro Shop Voucher. 

Are you sitting comfortably?
As promised, last month we removed the seats from 'Belle' and inserted additional foam. The job is such a simple one and the results are amazing, with great support and much better comfort.  You can read more about it below and even watch my little video. 

If you're new to the club please remember to pop over pictures and stories about you and your love for your Figaro, we'd love to hear from you :)

Go steady and I'll catch you next month :)
Me doing what I do best

Warmest Regards


Kevin Fagan  

Figaro Owners Club Founder 



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Daniel after collecting 'Figgy'
outside our house on June 2008
How the club started

My son 'Daniel' had always wanted a Figaro having seen the car at our local garage when he was just 16. After saving for a number of years (plus a small contribution from his mum and dad!) he brought an emerald green model in June 2008.

Following the purchase we searched on the internet for a club in the hope we could attend events with other owners but were amazed that no club existed... So the Figaro Owners Club was born!  We decided to build a website and forum which took 6 months and on the 1st March 2009 we pressed the 'publish button' and waited to see if anyone wanted to join? Within a week we had 10 members, a month 35 and a year 478 members.

Today the club has around 1,600 members worldwide in countries such as New Zealand, Japan, Australia, USA, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Sweden and many more countries...

Thanks to all our supporters and members for their help and encouragement throughout our journey.

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