August 2013 Newsletter ~ Issue No 53

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Hi ,
Welcome to our August 2013 Newsletter.

Preparing for the big one
In just over 5 weeks time 40 plus cars will be heading north towards the Lake District to join other members for a weekend of fun and adventure. With such a large number, travelling in convoy is going to be a challenge and a half but if we get it right and the weather is kind, it could just be one of those special occasions people talk about for years after. Two routes have been created (Saturday & Sunday) and each route includes a variety of spectacular roads along with some stunning scenery, country houses and of course some rather wonderful lakes. For those of you staying at the venue hotel we have organised a club dinner on the Saturday evening too. 

"if we get it right and the weather is kind, it could just be one of those special occasions people talk about for years after"

Low Mileage Topaz Mist Figaro Wanted
We mentioned last month our search to buy a low mileage Topaz Mist Figaro. The car should ideally have no more than 20,000 on the clock and be in top order. If you know of anyone selling one please get in touch by emailing us at

Bumper Month for New Members
Not sure if the weather helped but July has seen over 60 new members join which is a new club record!

Top down weather at last
Some incredible temperatures have been reported during July. The car was made for sunshine and we hope you've been out and about with your suncream on enjoying it.   

Keep polishing. This is me cleaning the Club Figaro!
Lastly a warm welcome to all our new Members,  catch everyone next month :)     

Warmest Regards


Kevin Fagan  

Figaro Owners Club Founder      

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Last month we reported on our Forum which had seen continued traffic. Well there's more good news as our main website which was launched in January has also seen continued growth of visitors.

Summer is finally here...and it's time to start planning for the 2014 Figaro Owners Club Calendar! Last year we sold over 150 around the world. We take pride in showing off stunning Figaros in locations all over the world... and we definitely know that they are out there! Send your pictures in now and you could be featured Click here 

If you've ever driven all the way to Halfords to buy one bulb this could be for you. This new kit from The Figaro Shop is a must for anyone travelling abroad or even to keep in the garage? The kit includes all the bulbs required for the car and a selection of fuses. Click here
Figaro Trader is undergoing a major software upgrade. The new website which is hoped will be launched in the Autumn will allow users to buy or sell Cars, Accessories and Parts and will work very much like Ebay/Gumtree but for the Figaro only!




SATURDAY 7th September 2013 
107Miles - About 3 Hours 19 Mins Driving (Without Stops)


Places on route 

Kirkstone Pass (The Struggle)

Kirkstone Pass Inn
Brotherswater Lake
Ullswater Lake
Coffee Break at The Rheged Centre
Bassenthwaite Lake
Whinlatter Pass
Lunch at Whinlatter Forest Park
Crummock Water
Honister Pass 
Derwent Water 
Afternoon Tea Break at Hope Park
Thirlmere Reservoir
Grasmere & Rydal Water 

88.5 Miles - About 3 Hours 16 Mins Driving Time (without stops)

Places on route
Holker Hall & Gardens
Coffee Break at the Lakeland Motor Museum
Coniston Village
Lunch at Grizedale Forest
Coniston Water
Skelwith Bridge/Clappersgate
Esthwaite Water
Far Sawrey Windermere Ferry Terminal
Bowness Ferry Nab Ferry Landing 



TheFigaroShop Advert  









Planning a long trip or maybe a rally? This Video is for you then as it covers important areas that you need to look at before you leave!

Thanks to The Figaro Shop

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The club promotes and attends a number of events throughout the year. If you've never attended a get together or rally before we urge you to give it a try!  There is something very special about joining other Figaro owners and showing off these great cars!  


See all our events Click here 




ORGANISER: Chris Evans!  

DATE: Aug 23th - 25th 2013 

ENTRY COST: 80 per car (inc 2 x persons)  

ABOUT:3 Day Festival of Music, Food & Cars. 



Lake District Rally 2013 
ORGANISER: Figaro Owners Club
DATE: September 7th/8th 2013
ENTRY COST: 10 Saturday / 10 Sunday or 15 for both days 

ABOUT: Make a date in your diary for this rally which combines some of the Lake Districts magnificent highlights - such as the Kirkstone Pass (one of the most stunning roads in Europe), Ullswater, Thirlmere, Coniston Water and Lake Windermere - with a few places you might never have come across before. Have you ever visited the beautiful Brothers Water? If not, then this drive is for you, and, by way of a bonus, you will be sharing this experience in the company of other club members and their cars!


Surrey Classic Vehicle Meet 2013

ORGANISER: Surrey Classic Vehicle Club 

DATE: September 15th 2013 

ENTRY COST: Free to all members of The Figaro Owners Club 

ABOUT: A Fantastic day out for classic car enthusiasts loads to do for children & all the family Bring your own picnic , or visit the Cafe.









Ace Cafe London 2014     

ORGANISER: Figaro Owners Club

DATE: APRIL 12th 2014

ENTRY COST: Free to all members of The Figaro Owners Club

Ace Corner, London, NW10 7UD. Join us to kick of our first event of the year at the Ace Cafe. This superb venue with wonderful food is worth a trip without all our members Figaros! Last year we had 73 Figs squeeze into the car park so be prepared for some very close parking!




In association with the Dutch Figaro Owners Club we are planning to organise a rally to this beautiful country.


Steeped in history with 60 miles of stunning unspoilt scenery and a wealth of attractions, the Isle of Wight is the prefect destination for our Figs! With some great clifftop roads, historic sites it would make a great destination.




TECHNICAL FORUM - Visit our website to see over 15,000 posts - Click here

Cannot get above 2000revs!   
How do you remove the lower chrome sill trim 
Demister not working        
Can any one help me/point me in the right direction please. Went to drive my fig and it would not go above 2000 revs without losing power with black smoke and strong fuel smell coming from the exhaust. Cut a long story short the AA recovered me and fig to a garage. The garage are at a bit of a loss as to what is causing this problem as they suspected split hose (air intake) fuel problem. The car starts fine and idles perfectly ok it is only when you start to put load on the engine. The garage my car was recovered to has asked if I can find wiring diagrams from ecu to engine, for the air mass meter and crank/cam pick up sensor. Any help or advice would be greatly received.

The ECU has only 2 fail safe modes; one for the temperature transducer and the other for the MAF. The symptoms you describe fits the behavior of the ECU's fail safe mode for MAF failure. In this mode the engine starts and idles find but engine speed is limited to 2000rpm. The failure will be confirmed by a ECU fault code of 12. When the temperature transducer fails and the ECU unit is in safe mode it is possible to drive the car like normal. ECU fault code is 13. All other sensor failures are handled by the ECU using default values and an error may be recorded. Before going out and buying a MAF make sure it isn't a connector or harness issue. You may also want to look at picking up a used one because the last I checked a new one is pretty expensive. 
Can anyone let me know how to remove the lower chrome sill trim. I've worked out the cap on the rear slides off backwards, and I've undone the screw which holds the small metal bracket near the front. Is it just a question of pulling it off gently? Thanks.

Get two old flat blade knives, slide the first one down behind the chrome and along until you feel the clip. Gently prise the chrome slightly enough to put the other knife on the other side of the clip. With both knives now along side each other with the clip in the middle gently prise the chrome back and it should pop away from the grommet holding the clip in. Repeat along the full length. The last clip at the rear of the car has two prongs that fit into the grommets so it might be a bit tougher to get out. I always start at the front and work to the back as the front comes away easier allowing you more room to get the knives in. A word of caution though.....don't rush it and yank the sill off as some of those clips are obsolete at Nissan and will only be supplied with a new Chrome sill. And don't hit the chrome hard when putting it back on as it will dent. You might also need a few new grommets as they don't seem to hold the chrome very well once they have been removed.    

My right hand side demister isn't working. Left is fine but if I put my hand over the right vent then nothing comes out. Any suggestions? 


Assume you mean the top small one? If all the rest are working then the issue is probably the pipe connecting to it has come off. The top demisters all connect up to the same part of the heater. Has it ever worked? If not may have been disconnected when someone was re-fitting the dash or fitting an alarm as they are attached via screws in places to the dash but push fit together. You maybe able to feel up under the dash for the air coming out somewhere. It's a bit tight but you maybe able to resolve without removing the dash.  


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About the people behind the Figaro Owners Club
MY CARThe Figaro Owners Club was launched in March 2009 to provide comprehensive advice and information to both present and future owners.

How it all started
"My son 'Daniel' had always wanted a Figaro having seen the car at his local garage when he was just 16. After saving for a number of years (plus a small contribution from his mum and dad!) he at last brought an emerald green model in May 2008. Following the purchase we searched on the internet for a club in the hope we could attend events with other owners. We were amazed that no club existed so the Figaro Owners Club was born! We decided to build a website and forum which took 6 months and on the 1st March 2009 we pressed the publish button and waited to see if anyone wanted to join? Within a week we had 10 members, a month 35 and a year 478"

Today the club now has almost 1,600 members worldwide and our website is used by over 45 countries!

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