July 2013 Newsletter ~ Issue No 52

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Hi ,
Welcome to our July 2013 BUMPER EDITION Newsletter. Yes don't worry we know it's still June but as its the weekend we thought you might like it early. Put the kettle on and dig out those digestives... Enjoy.

Normandy Success
After months of planning we're delighted to report that the Normandy Figaro Rally 2013 went off without a hitch (apart from a rather dodgy coach driver in Dover!). The responsibility and stress of ensuring everyone has a great time in addition to staying safe cannot be underestimated. We needn't have worried as typically the owners were full of 'fun and adventure' with a real appetite for exploring the wonders of Normandy. What the locals made of it one can only wonder as we made our way though villages waving flags and beeping horns. Thanks again to everyone who participated we have uploaded over 100 pictures & 2 videos to  provide a flavour of the week. Read more

Low Mileage Topaz Mist Figaro Wanted!
The club is currently looking to buy a low mileage Topaz Mist Figaro. The car should ideally have no more than 20,000/30,000kms on the clock and be in top order. If you know of anyone selling one please get in touch by emailing us at figaroownersclub@o2.co.uk

Don't fret our little cars really are very well built
The story sent in by member Barbara Yore is a stark reminder about how dangerous driving in the winter can be. Barbara was so lucky to have survived such a bad accident and it does provide a crumb of comfort to us owners that the Figaro is a pretty solid car even if it does have an open roof. Read more below.

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Keep polishing. This is me cleaning the Club Figaro!
Lastly a warm welcome to all our new Members,  catch everyone next month :)     

Warmest Regards


Kevin Fagan  

Figaro Owners Club Founder 


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Our forum continues to see increased use and now boasts over 15,000 posts and 2,500 topics. The site has seen some changes and improvements over the last few months which enhance user experience and improve usability. Members can now post their own avatar images and like posts.
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Summer is finally here...and it's time to start planning for the 2014 Figaro Owners Club Calendar! Last year we sold over 150 around the world. We take pride in showing off stunning Figaros in locations all over the world... and we definitely know that they are out there!  

Send your pictures in now Click here 

FIGFEST 2013 - JULY 5/6/7 
Fancy a weekend of figgy-fun then there is still time to register for FigFest2013. The weekend includes a live band for you to dance the evening away and chat with all your fig friends and meet new ones as well. there will be a hog roast or BBQ outside.  Register Now
Easyjet Travel Insurance features a broken down Figaro! We know it just an example but come on Easyjet why not show a car which has real reliability issues. We need to tell them that 25 cars just drove 20,000 odd miles without a major problem (well maybe the odd problem) Read more/comment 










 **********Enjoy our Two Videos**********
Normandy Figaro Rally 2013
Official Normandy Figaro Rally 2013 - By Kevin Fagan
Figaro Rally in Normandy 2013
What's that coming over the hill!! - Thanks to Chris Burch


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Planning a long trip or maybe a rally? This Video is for you then as it covers important areas that you need to look at before you leave!

Thanks to The Figaro Shop

The Figaro Shop Guides, Europe Travel Checks for Nissan Figaro
The Figaro Shop Guides, Europe Travel Checks for Nissan Figaro

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The club promotes and attends a number of events throughout the year. If you've never attended a get together or rally before we urge you to give it a try!  There is something very special about joining other Figaro owners and showing off these great cars!  


See all our events Click here 





ORGANISER: Paul Atyeo 

DATE: July 5th - 8th 2013 

ENTRY COST: £TBC per person 

ABOUT:We invite you to attend what will be a fantastic weekend of 100% pure Figaro fun! The team who brought you FigFest 2011 will be working hard in the background to create an unforgettable festival to be enjoyed by present and future owners of these wonderful little cars.



ORGANISER: Chris Evans!  

DATE: Aug 23th - 25th 2013 

ENTRY COST: £80 per car (inc 2 x persons)  

ABOUT:3 Day Festival of Music, Food & Cars. 



Lake District Rally 2013 
ORGANISER: Figaro Owners Club
DATE: September 7th/8th 2013
ENTRY COST: £10 Saturday / £10 Sunday or £15 for both days 

ABOUT: Make a date in your diary for this rally which combines some of the Lake Districts magnificent highlights - such as the Kirkstone Pass (one of the most stunning roads in Europe), Ullswater, Thirlmere, Coniston Water and Lake Windermere - with a few places you might never have come across before. Have you ever visited the beautiful Brothers Water? If not, then this drive is for you, and, by way of a bonus, you will be sharing this experience in the company of other club members and their cars!


Surrey Classic Vehicle Meet 2013

ORGANISER: Surrey Classic Vehicle Club 

DATE: September 15th 2013 

ENTRY COST: Free to all members of The Figaro Owners Club 

ABOUT: A Fantastic day out for classic car enthusiasts loads to do for children & all the family Bring your own picnic , or visit the Cafe.









Ace Cafe London 2014     

ORGANISER: Figaro Owners Club

DATE: APRIL 12th 2014

ENTRY COST: Free to all members of The Figaro Owners Club

Ace Corner, London, NW10 7UD. Join us to kick of our first event of the year at the Ace Cafe. This superb venue with wonderful food is worth a trip without all our members Figaros! Last year we had 73 Figs squeeze into the car park so be prepared for some very close parking!




In association with the Dutch Figaro Owners Club we are planning to organise a rally to this beautiful country.


Steeped in history with 60 miles of stunning unspoilt scenery and a wealth of attractions, the Isle of Wight is the prefect destination for our Figs! With some great clifftop roads, historic sites it would make a great destination.




TECHNICAL FORUM - Visit our website to see over 15,000 posts - Click here

Badge Stolen 
Black Smoke 
Top Radiator Hose      
Hi - I had mine stolen today :( does anyone know what a normal price is for these? My garage said they'd do me 'a good deal' on one as have had a few problems with my car since I got her just a few months ago, but just wondered what the going rate was and if they are easy to come by or quite difficult to get?

There is one on ebay at the moment, but it says the clips are broken. The Nissan part number is 6289037B00, you could get a price from a Nissan dealer.
My Fig is using around one litre of oil a week, and although it has been to the garage still I have no diagnosis. It doesn't smoke on tickover but the exhaust is i have my ten year old the thrill of revving it hard while I watched the exhaust and at about 4000 rpm it pushes out black smoke. Any ideas? The last owner had a cylinder head replaced last year after a radiator hose split and it overheated.

What tests have they done? Has it had a compression test? Have they removed the turbo hose and checked for oil coming from it? If the turbo is OK sounds like it could be the piston rings, valve stem oil seals, or head gasket. The compression test should prove. Are you sure the head has been replaced just not a new gasket, could be cracked or warped so may be a gasket leaking. You should have a cylinder compression test carried out to rule the rings in or out. The test should be carried out dry initially to get an initial compression reading, then with a teaspoon of engine oil added to the cylinder being tested. If the compression reading is better with the oil added then the rings / bores are worn. If the compressions are all good then a cylinder leak down test should be carried out. If there is no leak down then the valve stem oil seals could be the cause.   

Quite happily driving to work this morning until I sprung a leak. Florence has been collected and given the once over and I am in need of a top radiator hose. Thanks in advance.


Is it the top large one see below 21501: hose, radiator upper. If so the Nissan Part number is 21501-17B03 You could try a Nissan Dealer for Price\availability or maybe www.figaropartsshop.co.uk/ or www.gjnorthall.com/ MAINTENANCE-AND-SERVICE-PARTS.html Read more: 


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MY CARThe Figaro Owners Club was launched in March 2009 to provide comprehensive advice and information to both present and future owners.

How it all started
"My son 'Daniel' had always wanted a Figaro having seen the car at his local garage when he was just 16. After saving for a number of years (plus a small contribution from his mum and dad!) he at last brought an emerald green model in May 2008. Following the purchase we searched on the internet for a club in the hope we could attend events with other owners. We were amazed that no club existed so the Figaro Owners Club was born! We decided to build a website and forum which took 6 months and on the 1st March 2009 we pressed the publish button and waited to see if anyone wanted to join? Within a week we had 10 members, a month 35 and a year 478!"

The club now has almost 1,600 members worldwide.

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