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 December 2012 Newsletter ~ Issue No 45  
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The Figaro Owners Club was started in March 2009 to provide comprehensive advice and information to both present and future owners of the Nissan Figaro.

Today the club has over 1,800 members worldwide. Our aims are simply; To promote the preservation and use of the Nissan Figaro (Only 20,000 were produced from 1989 - 1991).



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Jersey Rally Video
Hi and welcome to our Christmas 2012 Newsletter! I bet we're the first to wish you a Happy Christmas too. That's the only problem with a Monthly Newsletter but I guess its better to be early than late.  

Last month we launched our 2013 Figaro Wall Calendar and it's
been selling like hot cakes every since so if you want a copy act now. Once they're gone they're gone as due to the print run required we cannot print anymore.

How do you fancy a weekend in the Lake District attacking those hills with a boatload of Figaro's?  Sounds good ah? We're currently putting together a 2 days blast around the Lake District next September. I only hope our little cars can make it up all those big hills. We will be publishing all the details and booking information next month so keep an eye out.

Our new website is almost ready for launch. We've been building it the background for over 8 months now and I for one cannot wait to press the 'Publish Button'. The site has taken the good bits of the old website and added lots of funky features. We hope you like it.

Special end of year thanks to Caz (the clubs Forum god) and everyone who supports the club (over 25 Advertises) in addition to you the members without which there would be no club at all :) 

Catch you all next Month :)

This is me polishing my shinny 'figgy' 


Kevin Fagan  

Editor and General Tea Maker!  

Figaro Owners Club Founder    


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calendar small 2013 CALENDAR ALMOST SOLD OUT
Priced from just 12.00 this will make the ideal present for the Figaro lover in your life. Packed full of figs each month features a photo of one of our member's cars in stunning locations around the world. Click here 


Yes It's almost ready for launch. Our brand new Website will become live on the 1st January 2013. The site features a revised Dealer/Parts finder (Post Code Location), Gallery/Video scrolling, Events diary, Service/Products areas plus Facebook integration and much more we hope it will take the club to another level. We hope you like it.    


Following our Survey it was clear that there was a real demand for the club to put on a Rally up North. Well we've been busy and delighted to announce that over the weekend of the 8th/9th of September we will be organising a Figaro Rally in the Lake District. More next month...            
Lake District

TheFigaroShop Advert 





EVENT NAME: Ace Cafe Meet

ORGANISER: Figaro Owners Club

DATE: APRIL 13th 2013

ENTRY COST: Free to all members of The Figaro Owners Club 

ABOUT: Our first event of the year kicks off at the superb Ace Cafe London. Last year we had over 70 cars attend. It' well worth the drive if you've never been to this venue. The Cafe has loads of memorabilia and pictures of times gone by. Read more 


EVENT NAME: 3rd Annual Incarnation Brighton 


DATE: APRIL 28th 2013

ENTRY COST: Free to all members of The Figaro Owners Club

ABOUT: Join us to convoy down to the event! We intend to meet up somewhere south of London and make our way down to the event in a long snake of Figgy's Read more  


EVENT NAME: Easter Tour to the New Forest  

ORGANISER: Continental Car Tours 

DATE: March 29th - 1st April 2013 

ENTRY COST: 219 per person (two sharing) 

ABOUT: Continental Car Tours Easter tour this year takes you to the beautiful New Forest. There is an enormous number of places to go and things to see, including the Beaulieu National Motor Museum, Buckler's Hard 18th Century village, Hurst Castle, Breamore Elizabethan House and Country Museum, and the pretty towns of Lyndhurst and Lymington. We stay at a comfortable three star hotel, with evening meals included each evening.  


Note: This event is not organised by us but you may wish to attend - Read more     

Forum Link to chat to other members if you interested in attending - Click here  


EVENT NAME: Normandy Figaro Rally 

ORGANISER: Continental Car Tours / Figaro Owners Club

DATE: June 10th - 14th 2013 

ENTRY COST: 349 per person (two sharing) 

ABOUT: Following on from our successful Jersey Figaro Rally 2012 the Figaro Owners Club has joined forces with Continental Car Tours to bring you the Normandy Figaro Rally 2013. The Rally will take place during the 10th -14th June 2013 in the beautiful and ancient port of Honfleur providing an excellent base for exploring the delights of Normandy. Read more  


EVENT NAME: Lake District Rally - *******COMING SOON*******
ORGANISER: Figaro Owners Club
DATE: September 8th/9th 2013
Make a date in your diary for this rally which combines some of the Lake Districts magnificent highlights - such as the Kirkstone Pass (one of the most stunning roads in Europe), Ullswater, Thirlmere, Coniston Water and Lake Windermere - with a few places you might never have come across before. Have you ever visited the beautiful Brothers Water? If not, then this drive is for you, and, by way of a bonus, you will be sharing this experience in the company of other club members and their cars!

EVENT NAME: Surrey Classic Vehicle Meet  

ORGANISER: Surrey Classic Vehicle Club 

DATE: September 15th 2013 

ENTRY COST: Free to all members of The Figaro Owners Club 

ABOUT: A Fantastic day out for classic car enthusiasts loads to do for children & all the family Bring your own picnic , or visit the Cafe Read more   





Many of you may already know that the original CD/Radio has very limited Radio frequencies. The reason for this is that it was made for Japan and not the UK! However there is good news because the unit can be upgraded. The Figaro Shop have produced a helpful video which explains how the new unit works after its been upgraded.

If your interested in upgrading your CD/Radio - Click here

The Figaro Shop - Nissan Figaro Upgraded Stereo In Detail 
The Figaro Shop - Nissan Figaro Upgraded Stereo In Detail

Check it out and subscribe for free to our Video Channel
Click here

Video is provided by The Figaro Shop 



Legal Notice This Information is Copyright Protected and Published under agreement granted by JPNZ International to the Figaro Owners Club.  


This is an extract from Page 10 of the Maintenance and Workshop available from JPNZ International (To order your copy see advert and link below) 


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Hello all, I really hope someone can help me with a query cos it's panicking me. I've been driving around this morning in the cold and rain and noticed my engine bonnet is steaming/smoking. I've let it cool and checked the radiator etc which is full, and I've blown a head gasket a couple of years ago and when I stop the engine it's not the same puff of steam, so I don't think it's that. Am I worrying unnecessarily and it's just rain getting hot or is it dodgy pls???? I always think the engine bonnet is boiling hot anyway, and I've got to drive it home later.
It sounds just like the wet bonnet is getting hot near the turbo. Did you lift the bonnet to check if the steam/smoke was coming from the engine when it was running.

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There is a bug the size of an elephant in the drivers side vent on the dashboard that terrifies me every time I turn on the air con! Can anyone tell me how to remove this vent so that I can vacuum the bug out? Or maybe another way to get rid of this scary scary bug?   

It might be a Japanese rhinoceros beetle or a stag beetle. The rhinoceros beetle lives for about half a year and can grow to 2.25". Stag beetles, OTOH, can last up to 5 years and can grow up to 3 inches in size. They're completely harmless and kept as pets. 

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Hi can anyone recommend the best product for cleaning and conditioning the leather seats please! 


i bought Liquid Leather cleaner and conditioner from here: They sell a great leather smelling air freshener too. Gives the interior a great smell.


Read more 


About the people behind the Figaro Owners Club
MY CARMy son Daniel had always wanted a Figaro and after saving for years (plus a small contribution from his mum and dad!) he brought an Emerald Green one in May 2008. That was it - I was hooked too! Even now we spend many a happy weekend polishing her in the garage.

We just love all that chrome... After buying the car we started searching the internet for ownership help and advice and although a forum existed there was no real club so in December 2008 we started designing and building the web site which took around 4 Months. The club was formed in February 2009 and launched on 1st March 2009

Warmest Regards


Kevin Fagan

Figaro Owners Club Founder



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