Spruce Point Inn

Dear ,


Summertime, summertime, sum, sum, summertime!


There's a grand tradition of summer stock theater here in Maine and we often feel a direct kinship with the talented performers, directors, playwrights and producers - some of the most famous names in the business - as we welcome guests, whip up menus of delicious local ingredients and let people in on our latest innkeepers' tips (make sure you check out our new and improved mobile app for that).


We both love our Maine "stages" and the lifestyle that blends an amazing place for us to spend the summer and our "patrons" enjoyment of the full relaxation mode we provide. Once the curtain goes up we stand in the wings watching how the new "sets" - indoors and out - are received, how our practiced troop plays out the hospitality training we've role-played, how the experiences we've scripted to make sure no detail is overlooked are working in real time. We even check on the stagecraft, to make sure the butterflies like the Butterfly Garden and whether people are using the new grills or sitting on the rocks we placed for the views!


And like all producers, we're already working on the next show. In this case, we're in the middle of planning our Coastal Maine Photography Seminar with photographer, David Marx, on September 18-21.


We hope you're enjoying your summer and look forward to seeing you soon!


Ange and Joe


Plan early for the golden season


Maine coast autumn


Insiders know that September and October are the golden months on Maine's Midcoast. The leaves of the oaks and maples seem to glow against the deep green velvet of the spruces and the blue-grey of the still-warm sea. The sun is an inviting presence as the cool winds of autumn dance in from the ocean. And the crowds are gone, leaving such perfect days to those with the time to savor them.


We live here, so we know those days and look forward to the opportunities that come with the season: the harvest fairs, the seasonal bounty at the farmstands, the days we'd rather hike along the shore or through the gardens than laze in a hammock. 


Here at Spruce Point Inn, your autumn getaway is an opportunity for us to share the best of the best season: a team choreographed with summer service efficiency, filled with new insiders' tips and a feel for what's really special in Boothbay this year. And, it's an opportunity to offer some insider rates to those who appreciate avoiding "high season" in exchange for smart traveler deals.


Based on guest inquiries last season, we have booked fewer events and saved space for your visit with us this Fall. We invite you to book by August 15 to receive the exclusive rate and classic MAP (Modified American Plan) package.



Autumn Gold - book by August 15, 2013


from $175.00 per person, per night, based on double occupancy*


Package Includes:

  •       Breakfast
  •       Dinner in 88
  •       Woodlandview Modern Lodge Room

* Available during the dates of September 3 through October 10th, 2013. Based on availability at the time of booking. Plus applicable Maine State Lodging Tax and 15% Resort Fee.


For reservations, call Reservations Manager Cindy Poe 1.800.553.0289 or send an email to cpoe@sprucepointinn.com.


Fall into opportunity at Spruce Point Inn



Spruce Point has also saved space for your Fall Planning Sessions, Executive Retreats, and Corporate Meetings.


At Spruce Point Inn, September and October offer the best of the best. Enjoy golden days and crisp nights --- warm sunshine, glorious foliage along Maine's Midcoast, and a complete range of VIP add-ons  --- from golf at Boothbay Country Club, to a private sail on the schooner Sarah Meade moored at the Inn, to preferential access to the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens


Travelers from "away" seek out New England fall foliage as one of the natural wonders of the world. Spruce Point Inn invites you to introduce your meeting attendees to that "bucket list" experience in a setting the captains of industry have sought out for more than 100 years.      


Call Natasha Inosencio, Sales Director, at 1.800.553.0289 or sumbit a request for proposal.


Talk about 'kitchen gardens'!



Here at Spruce Point, "eat local" is our guiding principle. Chefs Peter and Mark work as hard as our famed Maine lobstermen (well, except for the icy ocean!), casting their traps in the sea of local farms, vineyards, cheese makers and fishing boats to put a taste of Maine on every guest's plate, every time, in Bogie's, 88 and our oceanfront Deck.


Now they have a new resource, right outside the kitchen door. This spring we planted a kitchen garden of raised beds for lettuces and herbs, with a floor of flagstones 'cemented' with thyme. We have pumpkins and watermelons underway, a grove of wild blueberries and raspberry bushes between Cardinal and Tanager. We also started a small orchard out near Lighthouse and look forward to the pears, peaches and apples (six kinds on one tree!) to come.


The next time you're here, don't be surprised to see Joe heading out to the garden with a big bowl and a pair of scissors to "make a salad." There's nothing better, fresher, or more delicious than a sun-warmed tomato right off the vine with some just-torn basil. See if you agree.


Spruce Point on the starting line for Shipyard Cup, August 8-11



According to its organizers, "The 2013 running of The Shipyard Cup (August 8 - 11) is shaping up to be the best ever in the decade-plus history of this landmark event." For Spruce Point Inn, the added enticement of this exciting yacht race is that the start and finish line at the entrance to Boothbay Harbor is right off the end of our dock and the Inn's launch will have you there for a close up. Our front lawn and porch also offers a front row view of such gorgeous boats as the 180-foot MARIE, a black-hulled beauty built in 2010 by the Vitters Shipyard and the Hodgdon-built, hometown favorite and last year's winner SCHEHERAZADE. Starting line maneuvers as the boats duel for an advantageous position while honoring the tacking rights and "over early" rules of yacht racing can be quite exciting. The event is an annual Editor's Choice for the staff at Showboats International. Come see why!