Happy New Year from Spruce Point!


We started the first day of 2013 with renewed energy and anticipation, recognizing that Opening Day for Spruce Point Inn is 20 weeks away (and counting).


We've been working already on the checklist of projects (more below) and, beneath the snow, new landscaping features lie waiting for the Spring when we'll be planting new perennials and expanding our gardens.


We extend those wishes of warm weather to come to all of you and can't wait to welcome the growing family of Spruce Point back to Grandview Avenue. It's going to be even more grand this year! 




Joe and Ange













Spruce Point Inn "spruces up" during the winter break.


We make the commitment to keep surprising you, our guests, by staying in shape with new enhancements, conveniences and amenities that keep Spruce Point Inn fresh.


HNY Tanager
Cottage Painting - Decorating


We have a full regimen planned to tone up every building on the property between now and May, focusing, in particular, on our cottages, modern lodge guestrooms, waterfront features, family amenities and landscaping.


Seabreeze Modern LodgeStory Board
HNY Seabreeze

Project in Process

Seabreeze Modern Lodge Rendering


View images of our Winter projects by clicking the links below.


Album 1 - Painting and Decorating


Album 2 - Landscape and Projects




Among the highlights: 

  • New playground features include several "beached" boats - a pirate ship, a small sailboat and a lobster boat - facsimiles made of cedar, connecting kids' experiences on the waterfront with their play. 
  • This year you will find the Inn's recreational amenities are being focused around the saltwater pool: bicycles, kayaks and fishing gear will be relocated to this area and a kayak launch ramp will be added to the Inn's dock and float. New cedar decking and a snack center are being installed near the pool.  
  • In the fire pit area, where we host our evening s'mores, there will be more seating, picnic tables and -- by popular request from our cottagers -- new charcoal grills.
  • On the waterfront, we're building stair access to the shorefront and plan to tuck benches into the nooks that are favorite places for guests to enjoy the view and ocean breezes.
  • We are installing new technology and operating systems that will optimize service in all three restaurants, Deck, Bogie's and 88.


Spruce Point Inn will open for the 2013 season on May 19. Reservations and sales assistance is offered year round, although the Inn is closed for the season.


For 2013 information and reservations, visit or call 800-553-0289.

Taking advantage of sea breezes and Maine gardens.


HNY - Seabreeze
Seabreeze Lodge Porch
One of our major efforts over the winter is what we're calling our "fresh air campaign" for guestrooms in Seagull, Puffin, Loon, Seabreeze, Balsam and Evergreen. We're engineering more cross-ventilation, installing louvered doors or baffled vents that circulate a higher cubic volume of air so guests are better able to enjoy the seabreeze day and night.
We're also doing some cosmetic renovation to the modern Lodge rooms, starting with Seabreeze to update the look and feel by introducing the marine palette of interior paint, replacing some carpeting with wood floors, exchanging drapery for Levolor blinds, and updating furnishings.
We continue interior painting and the program to enhance the cottages with new spruce shutters we began last year. 
Seabreeze Modern Lodge Renovation


Landscaping improvements include new stone rip/rap on the waterfront, new plantings in the Lighthouse, Linekin and Spruce Cottage surroundings and several new garden features.




A classic returns...


We're building the original Adirondack chair, patent filed in 1905, in our woodshop this winter. We look forward to sharing these chairs and the history - next season. Look for them on the front porch of the Inn.



    Front Porch Main Inn





Take a piece of Spruce Point home with you...


You might be most interested to learn that we will formalize our cutting exchange this year, letting all our guests know that you are invited to try cuttings of favorite Inn flowers or herbs in your own gardens. 


Cottage Garden
Sarah Meade Goes Green...
Sarah Meade is converting to Electric Propulsion for the 2013 season. A new way of boating. Expect a super smooth, quiet, and green voyage next season. Visit the Sarah Meade Website.
Sarah Meade - Friendship Sloop