Beauty Break Newsletter
December 2015 
BeautyScoop packet

Happy Holidays from Opus Skincare! Although this happy season might be keeping you warm at heart, there is only so much that holiday goodness can do! Winter is definitely here, and, once December has passed, the cold and snow become especially unwelcome. As we touched on in our last newsletter, the cold does take a toll on our skin. However, in the spirit of giving thanks, we decided to search out some positives of winter.... and we found them in
The best part about using ice for its beauty benefits is that you don't need to subject yourself to the outdoor cold! Just grab a few ice cubes from the freezer for the tips we are about to mention.  
1. If you are feeling tired, applying ice to your eyes can help wake you up! Although it won't be to the same effect as, say, a bucket of ice water being poured on you (but who wants THAT?!), studies have shown that by cooling down the eyelids, natural relaxation and rejuvenation is triggered in our brain. It is akin to hitting the "reset" button and can trick us into thinking we have relaxed longer than we have! If you have an ice mask, that will work even better. 
2. Along those lines, icing the eyes can help puffiness below the lower lid. Instead of straight ice cubes, try frozen spoons. Just a few minutes ought to do it, and this can be a quick solution for looking tired due to lack of sleep (among other reasons!). If you have ever seen spas put slices of cold cucumbers over the eye area, it is the same principle... only stronger!
3. Have a long day ahead of you and don't want your makeup to let you down? Try ice! Rubbing ice cubes on your face has been shown to make makeup last longer. Or, if you want to cut down on the amount of makeup you use, ice cubes can give your face a fresh and "dewy" complexion in an instant. Give it a shot when you are in a rush!

4. Finally, using ice cubes on your face can help increase circulation and reduce pore size. The former will help give the face (cheeks especially) a health, natural glow that persists
long after you "treat" it with ice cubes. Some studies have also shown that regularly icing the face can help prevent wrinkles and pre-mature aging! Shrink your pores and prevent wrinkles at the same time?! Why not! The fact that it is free and easy is the "icing" on the cake!
So, even when the clouds are grey with the snow and ice of winter, there is a silver lining! Although it is important to keep skin extra moisturized this time of year, the cold isn't all bad: You must admit winter can be refreshing! And, if for some reason you don't have access to ice cubes at home, we figure icicles work just as well!

Happy Holidays -- see you in 2016!
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Shake Up Your Beauty!
BeautyScoop - Natural Blueberry Pineapple ICEE

Submitted by Charlotte Sandy, Williamsburg, VA



  • 2 scoops of BeautyScoop
  • 1 1/2 cups pineapple juice
  • 1/2 cup lemon juice
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1 cup frozen blueberries
  • 1 can ginger ale
  1. Combine everything but the ginger ale in a freezer-safe container.
  2. Taste and adjust for sweetness if necessary. 
  3. About an hour before serving, remove frozen mixture from freezer and begin to thaw. Check back periodically, and break up mixture with a fork when possible.  
  4. Combine with ginger ale and stir until slushy mixture forms. 
  5. Pour into cold glasses and enjoy!

Serves 2-3       


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