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October 2015 Newsletter

"FaceTime" Plastic Surgery Edition!

Thanks to the iPhone, the words "face time" have actually merged into one -- FaceTime -- with a very specific meaning! If you are one of the millions of people with an Apple device, then you are familiar with using FaceTime to visually connect with your family and friends. Although you can easily FaceTime in your pajamas (who will know, right?), you definitely want your face to look your best! When should you give yourself "face time" in order to be able to "FaceTime" confidently? For Dr. Yagoda's answer, read on!

Styx guitarist Tommy Shaw once said, “timing is everything.” But, there may a better time than the present! Dr. Yagoda sees women with saggy faces asking if they are too young for a facelift -- when it may already be too late! In addition, she sees women in their 20s asking for Botox when it may well be too early! So, when is the right time for a surgery or procedure? Here are the recommendations from head to toe!

Forehead; Procedure: Botox/Dysport; Optimum Age: 35+
Dr. Yagoda says, "Most people develop wrinkles once they enter their 30s, and when lines on the forehead remain visible even when the brow is at rest, Botox or Dysport can be used to erase those lines. However, genetics can play a major role, and sometimes exaggerated animation lines may need to be tamed even in 20 year-olds.”

Eyes; Procedure: Upper Eye Lift, Lower Eye Bag Surgery; Optimum Age: 40+; 20+
Dr. Yagoda says, "Lifting sagging eyelids or removing eye bags can make a big difference in appearance. First impressions are lasting, and no one wants to look tired (especially after a restful night’s sleep!)! Surgery can certainly leave you looking (and feeling!) refreshed. Many patients come to me in their early 40s but, here again, genetics can intervene. For someone who has inherited large eye bags, the earlier they are addressed, the better."

Nose; Procedure: Rhinoplasty; Optimum Age: 16+ in girls and 18+ in boys
Here is what Dr. Yagoda has to say: "Rhinoplasty surgery should only be done after the completion of puberty, or when the nose has stopped growing. Although it may intuitively seem like a good idea to arrest the growth of a nose early -- especially when it may already be quite large -- this might negatively impact nasal function and restrict breathing. Young adults have more resilient and elastic skin that tends to redrape well, enhancing rhinoplasty recovery.” Additionally, Dr. Yagoda cautions adults over the age of 30 to seriously reconsider their motivation for rhinoplasty. She encourages them to try to anticipate the very real impact of changing facial features, warning that even small changes can make a very significant impact.

Face; Procedure: Facelift; Optimum Age: 45+
Dr. Yagoda says, "I used to think that having a facelift in your 40s was too early, but then I noticed that results look much more natural and tend to last longer. If you wait to have a facelift until you are in your 50s or 60s, your skin will have lost some elasticity. But, if you have a facelift in your 40s, your skin is still quite elastic, and the result tends to be better. Besides, why wait until you look terribly old and haggard? Beat aging to the punch!"

Lips; Procedure: Lip Enhancement, Lip Reduction; Optimum Age: 28; 38
Here are the details: “Women tend to want to have a lip enhancement for one of two reasons: Younger women tend to want fuller, more sensual lips to emulate Angelina Jolie, and older women want to eliminate lips lines and reinflate lips that are thinning with age. Lips tend to start thinning in the late 20s and become fairly noticeable in the late 30s. Women (and men) may request a lip reduction at around the same time (late 20s through late 30s) for one of two reasons: asymmetry or disharmony from birth; or overly enlarged lips from a prior intervention.”

Skin; Procedure: Age Spots, Brown Spots, Sun Spots; Optimum Age: 45+
Get your whole face looking beautiful! Dr. Yagoda says that, "Using Intense Pulsed Light technology, I can reduce age spots, brown spots and sunspots by around 50 percent in one treatment, and up to 80+ percent in three to four sessions. These spots that begin to appear in your 30s tend to darken and shout out for attention in your 40s. Removing these spots is a 'no-brainer!' The treatments are quick, safe, affordable and virtually painless with the chiller attachment."

Follow these recommendations by expert facial plastic surgeon Dr. Yagoda, and, not only will you be ready to FaceTime on your phone, you will be able to "face time" in person with confidence!

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