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September 2015 Newsletter

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As summer wraps up, we spend less and less time in the sun. Although this is sad to some (winter is coming!), it is actually very good for our skin. It is a common fact that unprotected exposure to the sun greatly increases the risk of skin cancer -- which is why Dr. Yagoda always reminds her patients to put on sun protection with adequate SPF. However, even if you are extremely vigilant with protecting yourself from the sun, it is still a good idea to undergo a yearly skin examination. It isn't difficult to miss what could be a cancerous skin lesion, so it is better to be safe than sorry!

Those who are diagnosed with cancerous skin lesions on the face are, as can be imagined, devastated. Luckily, as with any skin cancer surgery, there are options that will discussed for the cancer's removal. Unfortunately, skin cancers in certain areas of the face can be complicated to treat because they are deceiving. What looks like a superficial skin cancer might actually be very deep, and seemingly small skin lesions end up deeply invading into the planes of fusion of two facial bones. As a result, skin growths on the nose that appear to be small can cause significant destruction of the soft tissues and cartilage below it. The solution for these deceiving lesions that need to be removed? MOH's surgery.

MOH's, or mohs micrographic surgery, is a method of removing cancerous lesions while sparing facial skin. Although it is a very precise surgery requiring a tremendous amount of surgical skill and time, the payoffs are worth it: MOH's has the lowest recurrence rate of malignancies yet one of the highest rates of preserving skin! To achieve these results, you need a very technical surgeon, and this is where Dr. Yagoda -- and her own personal method -- come in.

The 3-D S.C.O.R.E. technique was developed by Dr. Yagoda to create the most inconspicuous of results. Using 3-D visualization, Dr. Yagoda optimally mobilizes the surrounding healthy tissue along natural skin tension lines, which does not disrupt the facial subunits. In the end, this method allows her to complete the surgery without disfiguring the patient's nose.

Depending on the exact size and location of the area needing to be operated on, MOH's surgery is performed in either the hospital under general anesthesia or in Dr. Yagoda's private operating room. If done in the latter, only local anesthesia is used. Patients are also able to return to work very quickly; for some, they are back in the office the next day! Each and every operation is tailored to the patient's exact needs, guaranteeing the best and most natural-looking results.

MOH's surgery is one of those procedures that does not jump to the forefront of your mind when thinking of "plastic surgery." However, since the basis of plastic surgery is reconstructive in nature, it makes sense that skilled plastic surgeons are able to remove cancerous lesions while still preserving facial aesthetics. Although skin lesions deemed questionable or cancerous are very scary, it is most definitely not a "be all end all": There are options, and, with the right care, everything will be okay!

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Promotion of the Month Not MOH's, but Moles!

We hope, of course, that you never have to come into the office to schedule a reconstructive MOH's surgery! However, if you are given the news that there is a suspicious lesion on your face, please do visit Dr. Yagoda to be on the safe side. Additionally, another one of Dr. Yagoda's specialties is mole removal. Removing moles is done in the office operating room in (usually) under an hour. If you have a mole that you'd like removed (or it has been recommended to have it removed), we are offering special pricing on mole procedures this month. Receive a special price for any mole surgery booked during the month of September with our September: Not MOH's, but Moles!* promotion.

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