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August 2015 Newsletter

The Dimple: Your Smile Enhancer!

Last month's newsletter focused on correcting a common issue that arises around the mouth/smile region. It seems many of our readers really enjoyed the information, as filler injections were very popular in July! Correcting cosmetic issues is, obviously, a specialty of Dr. Michelle Yagoda. However, did you know that sometimes she receives requests to make a cosmetic flaw? Yes, it is true!

One of the "easiest" surgeries -- at least in terms of length of time for both the surgery and recovery -- Dr. Yagoda performs is dimple creation. Yes, dimples are absolutely adorable and wanted by many, but did you know that they are actually a cosmetic flaw? Contrary to what many people think, it is "normal" to not have dimples! It is a solely a product of society that dimples are seen as cute and, thus, lusted over. In reality, cheek dimples are naturally formed when the skin on top of a small defect in the cheek muscle sticks to the underlying connective tissue. Usually, these kinds of dimples are only visible when smiling.

So, do you think these statements are true or false?

1. Dimple surgery must be done in the hospital. FALSE! In reality, Dr. Yagoda performs dimple creation in the office operating room. How is this possible? The reason is another surprising truth: You only need local -- and not general -- anesthesia. During the surgery, Dr. Yagoda's patients are awake but completely numb in the cheek region. You won't feel a thing!

2. You will be extremely swollen after dimple surgery. Also FALSE! Recovery after dimple surgery is minimal. Since there are no incisions or stitches on the outside of the cheek, there will be nothing to see except a new dimple! Generally, the only post-operative signs patients see/feel are a general soreness and light swelling. Some swelling is unavoidable, but Dr. Yagoda will give you very explicit instructions to help minimize it.

3. The stitch Dr. Yagoda puts in dissolves. True with a twist! Yes, this one is tricky! Although the stitch Dr. Yagoda uses to create the dimple does, indeed, dissolve, the dimple should remain. Cosmetic dimples start out visible all of the time right after the procedure. Then, after several weeks, they are noticeable only when smiling. The shape, size and depth of the dimple depends on the individual's cheeks, bone structure, and various other factors. Dr. Yagoda will be sure to supply all this information during the pre-operative consultation.

Dimple surgery really and truly is a fantastic way to enhance your smile! If you have always been drawn to smiles that have dimples, why not visit the office and see if a dimple is right for you? There are many different options for dimples as well -- higher or lower? one or two? towards the cheek or towards the corner of the mouth? -- and Dr. Yagoda always ensures the result will look natural. Yes, it really is possible to get a "dimple in a day!"

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