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June 2015 Newsletter

It's Summer! Time to "Freckle?"

Picture this: It is a gorgeous early summer day in June. The sun is shining, the sky is cloudless, and there is a warm breeze. You see a few young, freckle-faced children happily playing in their backyard. Their youthful, happy faces are a signature sign of summer, and the freckles kids often have (especially those with fair skin) are endearing. However, once we have passed a, er, certain age, freckles lose their appeal. Unfortunately, spending time outside in summer is a double-edged sword: Although it is fun, sun exposure hastens skin's tendency to "freckle" or spot.

So, what can you do about "freckling?" Fortunately, as long as the freckles are not hereditary, they can likely be removed or lightened. This goes for other types of "spots" as well, including sun spots and age spots. As for freckles -- which usually appear as small tan or light brown spots on sun-exposed skin -- there are a few causes. Although there are definitely people born with a predisposition for freckles (often endearing!), the vast majority arise from exposure to ultraviolet rays.

Dr. Michelle Yagoda has seen plenty of different types of freckles, moles, and age spots on her countless patients. The first step is to ensure that the spot/s you would like removed are "normal": that is to say they are not cancerous. The majority of freckles are harmless, but it is better to be safe than sorry! Since freckles can appear in all different shapes and colors, it is best to have a doctor or dermatologist make that decision. Once it is deemed that your freckles/spots are purely cosmetic, Dr. Yagoda will find the best way to lighten or remove them.

The brown spots that appear on the skin are usually sun spots, or solar lentigos. They become more common as we age and usually begin to appear around age 40. Unfortunately, as the skin ages, it loses its ability to recover from sun exposure as quickly or as well as when you are in your 20s and 30s. As can be expected, the face, arms, legs, and neck are the most common areas to suffer from sun spots.

Luckily, Dr. Yagoda has the perfect solution for sun spots and sun freckling! The answer is not only quick and virtually pain-free, but it is one of the most effective and popular treatments in the office. What is it you ask? None other than IPL, or intense pulsed light therapy! Yes, this is the same IPL that is used for hair removal and anti-aging procedures -- it truly has many uses! Dr. Yagoda uses Clareon intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy with krypton-based technology. Unlike conventional IPL therapy that uses xenon lamps, Clareon uses krypton to optimally target blood and melanin for better results with less energy. The new, patented krypton technology provides better and safer results in a fraction of the time. The spots will be gone before you know it!

As with many other blemishes caused (at least in part) by the sun, the key to minimizing sun spots and freckles is prevention. Make sure to always use sunblock with a SPF of 50 or above if you tend to freckle easily. Additionally, wide-brimmed hats will help cover the sensitive parts of the face, and, remember, shade is your friend! Even though these are simple steps, we know it is difficult to always follow them when the summer sun is calling your name. Excessive sun is a problem -- that's for sure -- but, as long as you have IPL and Dr. Yagoda as the solution, you can think of "freckling" as only a temporary side effect of summer!

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