Beauty Break Newsletter
March 2015 
BeautyScoop packet
Can you feel it? Spring is almost here! The temperatures are increasing, the snow is melting, and everyone is wanting to spend more time outside. Pretty soon spring's greenery will start to appear -- flowers, fruits, vegetables -- and all winter layers will be shed.  
Although YOU are probably 100% ready for spring, is your skin? Or your hair and nails? Winter is a brutal season that often leaves us looking less than our best. As you might have noticed, BeautyScoop's color is green -- and you'll see why! Read below to find out why you should "go green" to get ready for spring.  
1. BeautyScoop works from within in order to create shinier, more lustrous hair. In many topical hair care products there are harsh chemicals or parabens that not only cover up damage but can cause further problems with extended use. DHEA is a hormone natural to our body that helps create thick, full hair but is lost with age. However, the chemically-engineered, paraben version has been shown to cause hair loss -- and yet is found in many hair products!

Not only is BeautyScoop paraben-free, but it is made in a USDA organic-certified facility with completely natural ingredients. If you are ingesting BeautyScoop mainly for your hair, consider taking the "go green" a step further: Increase your leafy vegetable intake with your daily smoothies. The added vitamins from produce such as  kale, spinach, and celery will help reinvigorate your hair's shine!  
2. If you are looking to refresh your skin, you can literally "go green!" Although BeautyScoop has scientifically-proven results that back up its claims for more youthful, supple skin, a combination of natural face masks with your daily scoop will provide even quicker results. Avocado and olive oil are both excellent picks for a short-term glow. 
Try mixing 1/2 an avocado, 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar, 2 tablespoons honey, and 1/4 cup uncooked oatmeal together. Mash the ingredients together and apply to the face for around 20 minutes. As unconventional as this may seem, it has excellent, natural healing properties. The vinegar works as an acid to brighten the skin, and the oatmeal is a smoothing exfoliant. And, of course, the avocado is full of healthy fats.

3.  As for your nails, now is the time to strengthen them for summer! 99% of BeautyScoop users saw improvements in their nails within three weeks. Actually, you should start to see results in your nails the quickest, so be sure to show them off! Using a non-toxic polish and avoiding nails tips is key. If you are more apt to getting mani-pedis, taking the time to look up "green" facilities might be worth it. They are spreading in popular cities and boast biodegradable elements and non-toxic products.  
Hopefully you now have a few different options -- and reasons! -- for "going green" this spring. Everything around you will be doing it, so why not join in? BeautyScoop is the perfect green accessory to jump start your skin, hair, and nails into looking their best. We wish everyone a very happy and warm spring! 


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Shake Up Your Beauty!
BeautyScoop - Glowing Green Apple Refresher  

Submitted by Ann Jacobson, Long Island, NY       



  • 2 packets or 2 scoops of BeautyScoop
  • 2 green apples
  • 2 stalks of celery
  • 1 cup water
  1. Chop the apples and celery. Blend for a few minutes.
  2. Add BeautyScoop and water. Blend until smooth.
  3. Serve chilled. Enjoy!

Serves 2      


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