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February 2015 Newsletter

Want love? The eyes have it.

You know the saying: "The eyes are the window to the soul." However, did you know that not only are they the gatekeepers into the soul, but the heart as well? Yes, it's true! It has been proven that our eyes -- especially eye contact -- are essential in making romantic connections. Since Valentine's Day is in a few short weeks, we thought it might be helpful to expand a bit on how your eyes could be the keys leading you to love... or holding you back!

In 1989, a study was composed and performed by three scientists (Kellerman, Lewis, and Laird) essentially "proving" that eye contact could make two people fall in love. Two opposite sex strangers were asked to gaze into each other's eyes for two minutes and, believe it or not, many of the couples reported having strong enough feelings that they thought they were falling into passionate love. Looking back on this study today, it is unlikely the results would be held up as any sort of scientific proof, but other studies have absolutely corroborated the fact that glances and gazes are essential in evoking (yes, sometimes passionate!) feelings between people.

Another study found that, when men held their gaze longer than 8.2 seconds on a woman, love was in the air. However, it was also found that women held their gaze equally as long for both potential partners and those they rated as "non-interested." Sustained eye contact signals the body's natural "bonding hormone", oxytocin, which is a chemical hormone linked to boosting mood and increasing trust and empathy. Want to build up attraction between you and your partner? Try this exercise:

Find a quiet spot to focus solely on each other. Dim the lights to let your pupils expand, and relax your facial muscles. Begin softly gazing. Breathe deeply without talking, and think of things that you enjoy about your partner. Hold your gaze as long as possible, and, once it is broken, slowly put the lights back on.

It can't hurt to try! Holding eye contact is not only important for showing interest, but it helps express confidence. Of course, if you aren't feeling confident about your eyes, you will probably have a hard time wanting to show them off! Dr. Michelle Yagoda is an expert facial plastic surgeon with over twenty years experience making people confident about their eyes. There are options: Surgery (blepharoplasty) can rejuvenate the entire eye region -- making you look decades younger in one fell swoop -- but we have less drastic procedures, too! Consider a non-surgical eye lift, nicknamed the Tr-EYE-umph! procedure, eye peel, or IPL treatment. Even if you already have found the right person for you, it is really true that they say: The "focal point" of the face are the eyes! It's time to show them off.

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