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December 2014 Newsletter

The Season of Sharing!

December: Not only is it the last month of the year, but it officially ushers in the holiday season. During these last few weeks of 2014, not only will everyone be in a giving mood, but sharing becomes the common practice! Whether you will be sharing a meal with family, gifts with friends, or more time with loved ones, the holiday season is here. The office of Dr. Michelle Yagoda is in a giving mood as well, so we decided to share some expert tips with you in this month's newsletter!

Dr. Yagoda believes in an integrative approach to health and is a healthy lifestyle expert. She knows that holiday parties are both good and not-so-good for you: On the mental side, it is wonderful to spend more time with those you love, but, on the physical end of the spectrum, these parties usually mean a LOT of eating and drinking! Don't be afraid to indulge, but make sure you stay cognizant of how many appetizers you pick up!

When it comes to drinking, we have a few good tips! Dr. Yagoda recommends alternating each alcoholic cocktail (or cider, punch, etc) with 8oz of water. Not only will this help fill you up and cut down on the calories consumed while you are at the party, but you will feel better afterwords! Some drinks are better than others, too -- wine (modest pours!), vodka sodas, and those made without simple syrups are your best bet. If you think you overdid it, there is a secret hangover/upset stomach trick that actually works: bitters and seltzer! Simply mixing some bitters and seltzer together (think fizzy Pepto Bismal) should fix you up in about fifteen minutes. Keep some on hand in case of an emergency!

Did you end up overindulging? If so, we have a treat for you! Yoav Nash is a private, in-demand athletic trainer and certified massage therapist who helped Novak Djokovic reach his first grand slam. A certified massage therapist and a graduate of the Swedish Institute with a degree in Alternative Medicine, Yoav works with professional tennis players and NBA stars. Here are his recommendations for holiday quick fixes to two common problems:

Problem #1: Bloated stomach? Girls, if you want to look great in your form-fitting dress, and guys if you want your six pack to be well-defined, here's how to immediately get rid of any bloating in a holiday heart beat: Lie down flat on a mat on the floor. Straighten your legs and lift them to 90 degrees. (Do not bend your knees, if possible.) Kick the ceiling and the lower your straightened legs to 45 degrees. Repeat for a series of 15. Take a ten second break, and then repeat.

Problem #2: Poor posture? Backless and strapless dresses demand perfect posture, ladies. And, name a guy who doesn't want to look taller? To get a holiday high (no, not that kind!), here's Yoav's suggestion: Buy an Athlean X Exact-X Extreme Band (it's always good to have on hand). Put one end around each hand and double it so that it is half as long. Slip it on behind your back like a jacket or shrug, and wear it for 10 minutes. Rounded shoulders relieved!

Finally, we asked NYC-based skin and hair expert Lisa Green, owner of Luxury Hair Plus, to share some information about an exciting beauty treatment. According to Lisa, the newest beauty secret that her celebrity clientele are clamoring for is a carboxy therapy that she offers, which is a new weapon for healthy skin to be used alone or in conjunction with your favorite anti-aging regimen (see the results above!). This therapy is an active solution using carbon dioxide to effectively and immediately treat skin by signaling the body to send oxygen to the areas in which it is applied. For use on all skin types, including the highly sensitive, the target audience is anyone who wishes to reverse or prevent the signs of aging. Lisa also shared her personal secret for skin: Ingesting 1 tablespoon of organic virgin olive oil per day -- especially in the winter -- will help with both skin and hair dryness.

Hopefully some of these tips will help you get through the holiday season! There is a lot of healthy expert advice out there, but it is best knowing the shared wisdom comes from trusted and reputable sources. If you have some tips, share them with us! Or, if you feel like you need just a little something extra to get you through the holiday month, consider coming in to the office for a cosmetic treatment! Offering peels, laser treatments, fillers, and injectables, Dr. Yagoda always shares ways to make her patients look their best -- no matter the season! Happy Holidays!

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In The News ... Dr. Yagoda and her partner, Dr. Eugene Gans' studies on their nutritional supplement, BeautyScoop, was published on October 8, 2014 in the Journal of Nutrition and Food Sciences. Read it here! ... In addition, this was a very exciting summer for Dr. Yagoda! On July 28th, Dr. Yagoda was featured in New York Magazine for an in-depth article on ethnic plastic surgery. If you missed seeing the article, you can read her expert opinion here! ... On July 31st, Dr. Yagoda was featured on Huffington Post Live for a webcast on the "Ethnic Plastic Surgery" topic. Watch here! ... On August 18th, The Insider filmed in Dr. Yagoda's office for a detailed piece on her role as one of the premier ethnic plastic surgeons in NYC. If you missed the original air date, it can be viewed at this link.

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