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November 2014 Newsletter

Showing Your Thanks

Did you know that the most universal way to show your thanks or happiness is by smiling? Considering how often people smile -- at least twenty times a day on average -- it is something usually taken for granted. Actually, most people do not think about their smile very much at all... unless they don't like it!

Not only is smiling the most common way to show gratitude, but it has been proven to enhance our mood even if not genuine. By forcing yourself to smile, psychologists have shown that your mood can be instantly enhanced and the smile contagious. Interestingly enough, it is much easier to smile than frown, and smiling can use up to 53 facial muscles! Of course, this depends on the "type" of smile, but we assume that smiling never hurts.

Cosmetically speaking, a lot can be done to enhance and refine your smile. Sure, you teeth are a big part of some smiles, but not everyone shows their "pearly whites" equally! When you smile, do you see just your teeth, your teeth and a little gum, or mostly gum? If it is the latter, you can thank genetics! Many people find themselves bothered by a "gummy smile." Often due to small teeth, a short upper lip, or excessive gum tissue, there is a way to correct the proportions.

Surgery, called a gingivectomy, used to be the most common corrective treatment. Although effective, it can be costly and painful. Now, many plastic surgeons use Botox! By injecting Botox into the upper lip to paralyze the muscles and prevent them from rising so high gummy smiles become just smiles.

Maybe you love your gum and teeth proportions but aren't happy with your lips? Dr. Yagoda has over twenty years of experience with lip augmentation, and she will personally attest to the fact that when you love your lips, you will likely love your smile! Lip procedures work both ways: Lips can be made fuller (using injectable fillers) or smaller (with lip reductions). With the former there is absolutely no downtime, and the results are immediate. Dr. Yagoda will be sure to discuss with you your lip goals, and the results always look natural. It is imperative to use a doctor and filler that you trust, as we all know how common it is to "over-plump" lips!

With lip reductions, a surgery is performed in-office using topical and local anesthetics. Dr. Yagoda will use a special technique -- called a "W-plasty" -- to remove excess tissue without compromising lip animation. This technique also requires minimal healing time, and patients are able to quickly go back to work and their normal lives. Additionally, scars are very well hidden and the lip's natural shape is maintained. Although lip augmentation is more commonly done, lip reductions are very useful in helping to restore or create an aesthetically-pleasing face, whether disharmony was created by nature, or an overzealous enhancer.

Finally, maybe you have a perfect-for-you smile with great proportions but have always felt your smile was missing something. Perhaps you are thinking of dimples? Dimple creation is possible and will provide you with the cutest and most natural-looking results! Dimples are actually genetic flaws that do not cause any harm to whomever has them, and many people lust after dimples due to their distinctive, face-defining features.

Like lip reductions, dimple creation surgeries are done in-office with local anesthetic. Dr. Yagoda will make a small incision on the inside of the cheek and insert an absorbable suture to create the dimple. It can be placed on either one side of the face or both (whichever you'd like!).

Considering we about to enter the holiday period which is arguably "the happiest time of the year" again, you should make sure your smile is just the way you want it! With Thanksgiving less than a month away!, you will definitely be smiling A LOT -- and showing your thanks. Happy Thanksgiving!

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In The News ... Dr. Yagoda and her partner, Dr. Eugene Gans' studies on their nutritional supplement, BeautyScoop, was published on October 8, 2014 in the Journal of Nutrition and Food Sciences. Read it here! ... In addition, this was a very exciting summer for Dr. Yagoda! On July 28th, Dr. Yagoda was featured in New York Magazine for an in-depth article on ethnic plastic surgery. If you missed seeing the article, you can read her expert opinion here! ... On July 31st, Dr. Yagoda was featured on Huffington Post Live for a webcast on the "Ethnic Plastic Surgery" topic. Watch here! ... On August 18th, The Insider filmed in Dr. Yagoda's office for a detailed piece on her role as one of the premier ethnic plastic surgeons in NYC. If you missed the original air date, it can be viewed at this link.

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