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October 2014 Newsletter

Are You Scaring Yourself?

Halloween should only happen one day a year -- not every day! On October 31st it is absolutely okay to look in the mirror and be frightened -- isn't that the best part of the holiday?! -- but let's limit it to one day a year. Although you might not be "scaring" yourself, of course, many people do not always love what they see in the mirror. One easy-to-fix problem that is very common for both men and women of all ages is too much (or too little) hair. Luckily, excess facial hair is easy to remove and really changes both your outward appearance and inner confidence. Dr. Michelle Yagoda has different tips for tackling either excess hair or hair loss...... read on!

If you have a little too much hair in unwanted areas, Intense Pulsed Light Therapy is probably the easiest and most common method of removing the hair. Dr. Yagoda uses a Clareon laser, which is the first of its type to employ krypton technology. Unlike conventional lasers that use xenon lamps, Clareon lasers use krypton to optimally target certain wavelengths to remove hair more effectively with less energy. This ensures both better and safer results for the patient! Additionally, the built-in chiller helps make the process virtually painless by freezing the skin before the laser is released. After your series of treatments (the range depends on the individual, but they are spaced 2 to 3 weeks apart), your unwanted facial hair will be gone for good!

Maybe instead of too much hair, you have too little? Hair loss plagues both men and women, although the reasons behind women's hair loss are not discussed as much. Dr. Yagoda has years of experience helping patients reverse hair loss, and the results are impressive!

A little-known fact is that excessive hair loss effects over 30 million, or 15%, of women in the United States! Luckily, hair loss can usually be attributed to a reversible hormonal or medical cause. The hard part is pinpointing the reason for the hair loss, but an experienced doctor will be able to help. Unlike male pattern baldness -- which is permanent -- women usually experience temporary hair loss or thinning around the scalp and high hairline. The most common cause is an excess of the male hormone androgen. When androgen levels rise to an unhealthy level, hair follicles will shrink and die. This makes it hard to maintain and grow healthy hair.

Dr. Yagoda helps patients manage their stress levels as well as find out the cause of their hair loss. Her beauty nutritional supplement, BeautyScoop, has undergone rigorous testing and been shown to help grow, thicken, and ensure healthy hair. Additionally, the correct nutrition is needed to promote healthy hair -- protein, iron, etc -- and most people do not know how their diet is lacking without proper testing. Although hair loss is very frustrating, it is one problem that can have many solutions!

It's ok to be a werewolf or a (bald) skeleton one day a year, but you don't want to be one everyday, right? Of course, this is just a little "Halloween humor," and we are sure you don't fall to either of these extremes. But, if you are looking to get rid of extra hair or thicken up you locks for the holidays, now is the time to do it! Hair loss and hair growth can both be changed, but it does take time. The best time to start is now!

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In The News ... This has been a very exciting summer for Dr. Yagoda! On July 28th, Dr. Yagoda was featured in New York Magazine for an in-depth article on ethnic plastic surgery. If you missed seeing the article, you can read her expert opinion here! ... On July 31st, Dr. Yagoda was featured on Huffington Post Live for a webcast on the "Ethnic Plastic Surgery" topic. Watch here! ... On August 18th, The Insider filmed in Dr. Yagoda's office for a detailed piece on her role as one of the premier ethnic plastic surgeons in NYC. If you missed the original air date, it can be viewed at this link.

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