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June 2014 Newsletter

June: Reunited and You Look So Good!

The Roman poet Vergil is credited with the expression “time flies.” In Rome, where people seem to be eternally youthful and beautiful, he must have meant that time flies when you are zipping around the city on a Vespa! For the rest of us, it means that wrinkles are appearing faster than creases on a new silk dress.

The clock ticks no faster than it does in the intervals between reunions (family or otherwise!). Between high school events, college meet-ups, and the inevitable family reunion gatherings, it seems as though reunions occur more frequently than other life milestones. Luckily, Dr. Yagoda has excellent advice on how to get ready to face your not-often-seen family members and old friends: They will think you turned back the hands of time!

For your high school reunion...
1. Update your ‘do. There were a lot of great things about the 70’s and 80’s -- but hair wasn’t one of them! If you feel nostalgic, turn on Sirius radio, but don’t wear your hair like you did in high school. Sophisticated or playful? Approachable or mysterious? Be sure to keep them guessing as you flaunt your new hair style.
2. Sweat baby, sweat. Let’s face it: We’re not as fit as we were in high school. Amp up the exercise and get the sweating done before you go.
3.Tighten and glow. There’s nothing like a good peel to tighten your pores, erase fine lines and wrinkles and give you that just ----ed “glow.” (No! Not that. P-E-E-L-ed!)

For your college reunion...
1. Skip the Starbucks. Coffee may give you a boost and ward off a headache, but it also stains your teeth. Brush, floss and whiten. And, no, you can’t dip your floss in coffee!
2. Detox and Botox. You’re 38: The days of “Animal House” should be long since gone. Drink in moderation so you don’t look like a fool and dehydrate and wrinkle your skin! Already have a few wrinkles? Botox helps.
3. De-"Brown U." No one likes a bragger, so even if you did go to Brown, be modest at your reunion. If you didn’t go to Brown but are bothered by unsightly brown spots from aging or the sun, why not have a quick and painless intense pulsed light (IPL) treatment so that your skin tone will be even and clear?

For your summer family reunion...
1. Buy a classic! It is time to upgrade your wardrobe and handbag. Nothing spells success better than a timeless treasure!
2. Fill ‘er up. If you look in the mirror and your mother or grandmother is looking back at you, then it’s time for a filler. Get rid of worried or angry lines around the nose, mouth, lips and chin. Just fill it in! With instantaneous and long-lasting results, you can’t afford not to.
3. Need a lift? It happens seemingly in an instant and at the most inopportune time: Whether it’s your car, your eyes, or even your neck, if it needs a tune-up, you’ll know. But, the good news is that the repair is going to be faster and easier than you can imagine!

Speaking of reunions, due to popular demand, you were just "reunited" with one of the most successful Dr. Yagoda newsletters in the archives! Summer is the time to meet up with family and friends, no matter how extended or old! See Dr. Yagoda before your reunion for a refresher because time doesn't have to change everything! Then, join your friends and family in song when you hear the old Peaches and Herb hit, because you'll be "reunited and it feels so good!"

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In The News ... From May 27th through May 31st, Dr. Yagoda and her partner, Dr. Gans, presented their data from more than a decade of rigorous clinical trials to physician peers at the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery's 11th Annual International Symposium. Their scientific research led not only to a US patent, but also to a breakthrough, clinically proven, anti-aging beauty nutritional supplement, BeautyScoop. Drs. Yagoda and Gans educated physicians from all around the world about this new skin, nail and hair care innovation that led to the development of a new gold standard in skin, hair and nail treatment! .... On May 21st, Dr. Yagoda was interviewed by Inside Edition for their coverage of a "New Medical Report Warns Against Shaking Hands With Your Doctor." See what Dr. Yagoda had to say here!

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