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Beauty Break Newsletter
April 2014
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Other than the temperatures, another way to tell that the seasons are changing is by the bounty of beautiful produce available at local farmers' markets! Spring's arrival brings with it an abundance of fruits and vegetables that (at least locally) are not available during the cold, harsh months of winter. If you think a trip to the market or store only provides you with lunch and dinner ingredients, think again! Some foods are not only good for your inner health, but they are just as good for your outward beauty, too.

Read on for topical uses of some excellent beauty-enhancers for your SKIN:


1.  Blueberries: Not only full of antioxidants, these powerful little berries contain moisturizing Vitamin E as well. When used externally blueberries help protect and nourish your skin. Mash 1/2 cup of berries with one cup of plain, organic yogurt and apply the mixture to your face. Let it sit for five minutes before washing with warm water, and -- voila! - your skin will feel instantly softer.  


2.  Bananas: Bet you'd never guess that bananas make an excellent body scrub...they do! They are also good as face masks. Mix one large banana with 1/4 cup raw sugar and a tablespoon of honey. Scrub the mixture on in the shower and rinse. Your skin will glow after!


3.  Avocados: If you don't love avocados, then you just haven't had them the right way. Besides being unbelievably delicious, they are also nutritious.  A very good source of biotin, avocados work from within and hydrate when applied topically.  They help prevent dry hair, skin, and nails. Make an avocado face mask: All you have to do is pit the fruit (yes, it is a fruit!), mash, and apply. The oil will act as an emollient, leaving you with super soft skin.


4.  Coconut Oil: We know this isn't technically a fruit or vegetable, but it is the oil of one! Coconut oil has been gaining in popularity for its amazing skin benefits. You can rub coconut oil on your skin as you would a basic lotion, and it will soften scars, lighten age spots and may even help prevent stretch marks!


5.  Cucumbers: There is a good reason why spas use them! The natural ascorbic and caffeic acids in the skin prevent water retention. This reduces swelling under the eyes (See! There is a point.) and the anti-oxidant properties help to heal sunburns/skin trauma. Even if you think you look silly with sliced cucumbers on your eyes, just place over your eyes, and relax.  It's worth it! 


As delicious as you may think these foods are to eat, (and they are!), they are also great four your skin.  While beauty begins from within, there any many more beauty "super foods" that can be used as topical moisturizers and beauty products.  Fruits, veggies, and oils applied to your skin is not just cost-effective, but it is an all-natural way to help your skin look its best! 




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Shake Up Your Beauty!  

BeautyScoop - Brazilian Avocado Shake 


Submitted by Adriana Da Silva, North Bergen, NJ 



  • 1 packet or 1 scoop of BeautyScoop
  • 1 1/2 cups of low-fat organic milk 
  • 1 medium-large, ripe avocado
  • 2 tablespoons of raw agave 
  • 1/2 cup crushed  ice 
  1. Place BeautyScoop, avocado pulp, milk, and agave in blender. 
  2. Blend on high for 40 seconds. 
  3. Add ice and blend until smooth and frothy.
  4. Serve immediately and enjoy! 

Serves 2. 

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