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eliminate jowls and loose skin around the jaw � you have both surgical and non-surgical options. Injectable fillers can eliminate jowls, define the jawline, and lessen the appearance of sagging skin, but only surgery (liposuction or a necklift) will provide a permanent correction.

2. Deep lines running down from the corner of your mouth are called "marionette lines". Caused most often by genetics which cause the cheeks to sag, these marionette lines are created in part by a lack of collagen in the skin (which keeps skin firm and elastic). Seen by many as synonymous with aging, marionette lines are best treated with fillers. As their name suggests, they �fill in� the lines and add skin volume. But, be sure to see an expert to ensure proper placement for natural results.

3. Prevention is the best treatment. Eating a balanced and nutritious diet is very important in maintaining youthful, elastic skin. Without adequately absorbed proteins, biologically important oils, vitamins and minerals, our body cannot keep skin firm and hydrated. Beauty really does begin from the inside!

4. Exercise! Studies have found that at least thirty minutes of moderate exercise a day (or 4 minutes at your target heart rate) helps improve blood circulation in the skin. The increased circulation is akin to �feeding� the skin with oxygen, and there is a consensus that it helps keep skin healthy and firm. This is just another reason why you should go for a run, cycle or hike outside and enjoy the spring air!

5. Wake up your eyes. Even if you don�t think of the eye region as being one to lose elasticity � usually people think of their cheeks or neck first � it does. As we age, our eyelids can sag, wrinkle or become hollow. By filling in the lower lids (either as its own procedure or part of the non-surgical Tr-EYE-umph! procedure or surgical eye lift), your face will be instantly more youthful.

So, although your spirits may be bolstered by the arrival of spring, what are you doing to prepare your face? Everyone ages, and, no matter how diligent you are with sunscreen, a good diet, and daily exercise, there will be inevitable loosening of the skin. There's no way to escape genetics but you can surely take action to ward off the aging process. Keep these tips in mind when you look to improve your skin�s elasticity; we are sure that keeping the elastic spring in your face will put an even bigger spring in your step!

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