The Diocese of the Episcopal Church of Louisiana
EDoLA News: a monthly e-newsletter of the Diocese of LouisianaVolume 8, Issue 5
June 2014
Announcements from the Bishop's Office

Pentecost Block Party
Saturday, June 7 from 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM
St. Luke's Episcopal Church
1222 N. Dorgenois St, New Orleans

A Day of Food, Music, Fun &   
Celebrating the Diversity of God's People
Sponsored by the Diocese of Louisiana Racial Reconciliation Commission

Music Schedule
2:00 Dr Jazz & the New Orleans Sounds
2:30 St. Luke's Choir & Guests *  
3:00 Charmaine Neville & Friends
4:30 Jorge Riveres
5:15 Abundant Praise 
6:00 St. Luke's Choir


Complimentary Food and Drinks

Red beans & rice provided by All Souls Episcopal Church, New Orleans

Hot dogs provided by St. Luke's Episcopal Church, New Orleans

Hamburgers provided by Trinity Episcopal Church, New Orleans

Jambalaya provided by St. Martin's Episcopal Church, Metairie

Pasta salad provided by All Saints' Episcopal Church, River Ridge
Quinoa Dish provided by St. Philip's Episcopal Church, New Orleans
Chili provided by St. Augustine's Episcopal Church, Metairie 
Strawberry shortcake provided by All Saints Episcopal Church, Ponchatoula

Cookies provided by St. Paul's Episcopal Church, New Orleans

Brownies provided by Chapel of the Holy Spirit, New Orleans

Iced tea & lemonade provided by Church of the Annunciation, New Orleans

Soft drinks provided by St. Margaret's Episcopal Church, Baton Rouge and Church of the Nativity, Rosedale





*Want to sing with St. Luke's Choir?
We are inviting all who would like to join St. Luke's choir at the Pentecost Block Party to come at 1:00pm on Saturday, June 7 (an hour before the party begins) for a quick rehearsal/organizing. Please call the church office (504-821-0529), Father Ed Thompson (504-320-4857), or Father Jim Morrison (985-852-4307) with questions.  

The Bishop's Annual Mission Appeal (BAMA), much to the delight of LSU fans, has been renamed the Community Mission Appeal.
The change in name reflects a change in purpose for this annual appeal. This year we are embarking on a new trail of mission work.  Our work will focus in our local communities where we will be engaged in the work most needed and where we can make a difference in the lives of our neighbors.  This kind of missional work is hands on, neighbor meeting neighbor, lives being touched and the face of Christ shining in darkness.   


All gifts will be returned to the parishes in the form of missional grants to be made usable in the year 2015. We will focus on those ministries where:
  •  The lives of the people in the community are directly affected.
  •  Parishioners are willing to do the hands on work.
  •  There is a personal connection to the poor, the broken, and the disadvantaged.
  •  The work is relieving suffering and rebuilding hope.

Will You Help Us?


A special collection will be taken up in each parish on Sunday, June 8. Please prayerfully consider making a financial contribution that will help us show the love of Christ to our neighbors, a love that sets us free from all that is hopeless and leads us to all that is good and holy.


More information or to donate online:  

Change of Mailing Address for All Correspondence

Don't let your correspondence to us get lost in the mail. Send it to the address below. The Baton Rouge Post Office Box will soon be closed.  


Diocese of Louisiana

1623 Seventh St

New Orleans, LA 70115

Phone: (504) 895-6634

Fax: (504) 895-6637    
Happening #73 Team Applications Available         
from Amelia Arthur, Youth & Young Adult Coordinator


Happening #73 will take place August 22-24, 2014 at the Solomon Episcopal Conference Center. Applications are available for anyone, (youth or adult), who has attended a Happening in the past, to serve on "Team" for the event. Please fill out your application and email it to Amelia Arthur at by June 27th. For more information about Happening please email Amelia Arthur.  


Download the Team Application 

News From Around the Diocese
The Very Rev'd Susan Gaumer Retires from St. Andrew's  


On June 1, the Very Rev'd Susan Gaumer retired from St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, New Orleans, where she has served as rector since 1999. Mother Gaumer has the distinction of being the first female rector in the Diocese of Louisiana. Before St. Andrew's, Mother Gaumer served as Curate at St. Augustine's in Metairie, as a Chaplain at St. Martin's Episcopal School, and as Coordinator of Christian Education in the Diocese of Louisiana. She has served as Dean of the Uptown Deanery as well as other leadership positions in the diocese including the Standing Committee, Executive Board, General Convention Deputy, and as the Ecumenical Officer. A celebration of her ministry was held on June 1 at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, New Orleans. Bishop Morris Thompson, Jr. celebrated and Bishop James Brown preached.  A reception was held in the Chalstrom Parish House after the service.

More pictures can be found here.  

The Rev'd Rob Courtney Called as Rector of St. Paul's


The Rev'd Rob Courtney has accepted the call to serve as rector of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, New Orleans. Fr. Rob has served as Priest-in-Charge for the past 18 months. In a letter to the congregation, Senior Warden Laura Aikers writes, "In those months we have seen a great deal of growth in our congregation, youth population, and ministry offerings and a strengthening of the relationship between our church and school. We are excited about the direction St. Paul's is headed and look forward to a bright future as Fr. Rob as our rector."   

The Rev'd Terence "Terry" Johnston Called as Associate Rector
of Grace Church 


From left to right: Amy & Fr. Terry Johnston, the Rev. Roman Roldan. [Photo from Grace Church of West Feliciana Facebook Page]
On Sunday, June 1 the people of Grace Church of West Feliciana Parish, St. Francisville, welcomed their new Associate Rector and his wife, the Rev'd Terence and Amy Johnston. Fr. Terry was ordained in 2012 after attending the Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry in Ambridge, PA. Read more about Fr. Terry in the May 2014 Newsletter of Grace Church.

More pictures of Fr. Terry's first Sunday at Grace Church can be found here.  
Pilgrimage Group Leaves for Trip to the Holy Land  


A group from the Diocese of Louisiana departed New Orleans on June 2 for a two week pilgrimage to the Holy Land. The second biannual EDOLA Holy Land Pilgrimage under the leadership of Dean David duPlantier and The Rev'd Rob Courtney can be followed digitally. Fr. Rob will be posting video, pictures and text at:
Videos from Day 1 and 2: Departure and Arrival
Day One: Departure
Day One: Departure
(Link will take you to the St. Paul's YouTube Channel)

Day Two: Arrival 
Day Two: Arrival
(Link will take you to the St. Paul's YouTube Channel)
Students Heading to Tulane or Loyola?     

by the Rev'd Minka Sprague, Chaplain to Tulane and Loyola

We at The Chapel of the Holy Spirit would so love to contact and welcome incoming students to Tulane or Loyola this fall. Let me know names, email addresses, cell phone numbers and I will be in touch before we begin evening worship on Sunday, August 24 at 6 p.m.

The Rev'd Minka Sprague
cell 504.255.6724
church 504.866.7438
St. Michael's Helping Homeless Families Get Back on Their Feet  by Rev'd Sharon Alexander


St. Michael's in Mandeville recently became the fourth Northsore congregation to commit to being a Host Congregation for Family Promise of St. Tammany. Family Promise is a national nonprofit that works with churches to help homeless families get back into jobs and homes. Currently Family Promise has 182 Affiliates (such as the one in St. Tammany) across the nation. In 2013 it helped 12,178 persons, 7,060 of whom were children. Families typically go through training and assistance quickly, spending an average of between 60 and 70 days in the program.


Host Congregations agree to house the families in the program (no more than 14 individuals at a time) four weeks out of the year.   The families arrive Sunday evening and each evening the Host Congregation provides food, fellowship and a place for the families to sleep. During the day the children attend school and the adults go to a Day Center to receive job training and counseling, assistance with finding jobs and other services designed to get them back on their feet and in affordable housing. After a week at one Host Congregation, the families move on to another Host Congregation. Before any families are housed there must be 13 Host Congregations so no Host has to house families more than four weeks per year. Congregations and other groups, such as the Kiwanis Club and Junior League, that do not provide a place for the families to stay may serve as support congregations and organizations, providing extra volunteers for smaller Host Congregations and for special events.


While many associate homelessness with larger urban areas, it exists in nearly every community, including the Northshore. As a Host Congregation St. Michael's looks forward to following Jesus' command to help ease suffering by helping local families get back on their feet quickly. Families staying at St. Michael's will receive not just a warm meal and place to sleep, but will also receive through the congregation Christ's love and the Holy Spirit's healing power. Like many of the other churches that serve as Host Congregations, St. Michael's is not large and it does not have a lot of resources, other than a solid group of members committed to doing the Lord's work.


More information about Family Promise is at Family Promise of St. Tammany has a Facebook page and the email address of the local affiliate is The Rev'd Sharon Alexander, Priest-in-Charge at St. Michael's, would be happy to answer any questions you may have about Family Promise or give you additional information (

Parish Administrator's Luncheon     


Parish Administrators gathered on May 22 at Christ Church Cathedral for a luncheon themed "Tending the Garden; Tending the Soul." Administrators meet twice yearly to  share stories of their work and ministry of the church. At this latest gathering, presentations were given by Amelia Arthur, Youth and Young Adult Coordinator, on updates to the Safeguarding Policies; by the staff of Jericho Road on their work in the Central City Neighborhood; and by the Rev'd Bridget Tierney, Director of Advent House, who spoke about spiritual direction and Advent House's role in the community.  
Pentecost Devotions
Celebrating Pentecost with the Brothers of the Society of Saint John the Evangelist


"And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit, and began to speak with other languages, as the Spirit gave them utterance."

Starting June 8th, the Brothers of the Society of St. John the Evangelist through their regular series, Brother, Give Us A Word, will "speak with other languages" for one month. They are offering Brother, Give Us a Word in multiple languages in recognition that God's spirit poured out at Pentecost breaks down every barrier that divides us. The daily devotional will be written in English, Spanish, French, Italian, American Sign Language (through video), Oji-Cree, and Portugese. 


 Brother, Give Us A Word is a short daily devotional text sent by email each morning. Sign up at

See a Sample: Brother, Give Us A Word offering in Pentecost

Clergy Anniversaries
June 1

The Rev. Tucker Dawson- Priest

The Rev. Terrell Griffis- Deacon        

Deacon Suzie Johnston- Deacon

The Rev. Hill Riddle- Deacon   

The Rev. Donald Campbell- Priest

The Rev. William Ziegenfuss- Deacon  


June 2

The Rev. Blount Grant- Priest 

The Rev. Terrence Johnston- Deacon

The Rev. Rodney Roehner- Deacon

The Rev. Roman Roldan- Deacon  

The Rev. Charles Wood- Priest 


June 3
The Very Rev. Ron Clingenpeel- Deacon
The Rev. Drew Rollins- Deacon
The Rev. LeBaron Taylor- Deacon 
June 4
The Rev. Patrick Edwards- Deacon
The Rev. Watson Lamb- Deacon 

June 5

The Rev. Skully Knight- Deacon
The Rev. John Miller- Deacon


June 6

The Rev. Prentiss Dunn- Deacon

The Rev. Richard Easterling- Priest

The Rev. Blount Grant- Deacon

The Rev. Ted Petterson- Deacon   

June 7

The Rev. Anne Maxwell- Deacon

June 8

The Rev. Stephen Roberts- Deacon

The Rev. Donald White- Deacon 

June 9

The Rev. Carl Cannon- Deacon

The Rev. Ralph Howe- Deacon  

The Rt. Rev. Morris Thompson- Priest 

June 10
Deacon Charles deGravelles- Deacon
June 11
The Rev. Margaret Austin- Deacon
The Rev. Francis Daunt- Deacon
The Rev. Rudolph Klass- Deacon 
The Rev. Travers Koerner- Deacon
The Rev. Ed Robertson- Deacon
The Rev. Calvin Lane- Deacon
The Rev. Donald Owens-Deacon
The Rt. Rev. Robert Witcher- Priest  
June 12

The Rev. Richard Moore- Deacon

The Rev. Dennis Ryan- Deacon 

The Rev. Bridget Tierney- Priest  

June 13

The Rev. Mary Hardy- Deacon

The Very Rev. Paul Bailey- Deacon  

The Rev. Mary Ann Heine- Deacon


June 15

The Rev. Fred Devall- Deacon


June 16

Canon Shannon Manning- Deacon

The Rev. Richard Rowland- Deacon 

June 17
The Rev. David Deakle- Deacon
The Rt. Rev. Charles Jenkins- Deacon
The Rev. Edward Thompson- Priest  

June 18

The Rev. William Barnwell- Priest  

The Very Rev. Mark Holland - Deacon

The Rev. Mark Gasquet- Priest  

The Rev. Dan Krutz- Deacon

The Rev. Donald Muthe- Deacon   

June 20

The Rev. Gedge Gayle- Deacon

June 21

The Rt. Rev. Joe Doss- Deacon

The Rev. Gene Haddock- Deacon 

June 22

The Rt. Rev. James Brown- Deacon


June 23

The Rev. James Douglass- Deacon

The Rev. Howard L'Enfant- Deacon  

June 24

The Rev. William Barnwell- Deacon

The Rev. David Fargo- Deacon    

The Rev. Daniel Hannah- Deacon

The Rev. Rob Courtney- Priest 

The Rev. Floyd Knox- Priest

The Rev. Spencer Lindsay- Deacon

The Rev. Ronald Whitmer- Deacon   

June 25 
The Rev. David Tilley- Deacon

June 28
The Rev. Richard Hicks- Deacon
The Rev. Will Hood- Deacon
The Rev. Charles Wood- Deacon

June 29

The Rev. Tucker Dawson- Deacon 

The Rev. Michael Kuhn- Deacon


June 30

The Rev. NelsonTennison- Priest

The Rev. Alina Williams- Priest

The Rev. William Ziegenfuss- Priest


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