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  American Baptist Home Mission                                     May 2016
It was appropriate juxtaposition of old and new that our new website launched on the anniversary of the founding of the American Baptist Home Mission Society. This root of today's American Baptist Home Mission Societies (ABHMS) was established April 27, 1832, at a New York City meeting house "to preach the gospel, establish churches, and give support to ministry among the unchurched and destitute." Much of the ministry at that point focused on the ever-expanding U.S. frontier.
In the 184 years between then and now, the world has changed a lot. The booklet, "Faithful to the Call," that chronicles our history describes the times that birthed the organization in this way: "Settlement of the American West was fueled by innovations like the telegraph, the Pony Express and coast-to-coast railways."
It's a challenge to think of the Pony Express as innovation, don't you think? Perhaps even more challenging is considering how simplistic future generations may view the technology that we see as so innovative today.
What's comforting, though, is that ABHMS was there on the frontier close to 200 years ago bringing God's Good News in the midst of 19th century trials and tribulations. By launching our new website, we give testimony of our commitment to bring God's Good News to 21st century frontiers, which are not necessary geographic, but still filled with trial and tribulation. And you can count on ABHMS to be there, for generations to come, sharing the Good News of God's love with a hurting world in ever more innovative ways on frontiers we can't begin to imagine now.
Amen? Amen!

Susan Gottshall
Associate Executive Director, Communications
American Baptist Home Mission Societies (ABHMS)

ABHMS launches new website, features free Bible study video
ABHMS' new website brings home mission to life for the 21st century. Features include an inspirational free video of renowned theologian Brian McLaren's first Bible study at ABHMS' "Space for Grace" gathering. 

American Baptist spends night outdoors to raise awareness

for homelessness, AFC 

A congregant spends a night in a box on the lawn of First Baptist Church, Melrose, Mass., to raise awareness for homelessness and ABHMS' America for Christ (AFC) Offering.

ABHMS supports Delaware church's sheltering program
OGHS funds distributed through ABHMS and a grant from American Baptist Churches of Pennsylvania and Delaware helped Calvary Baptist Church, Newark, Del., provide shelter to homeless individuals during a January blizzard. 

June 15 is deadline for Palmer Grant applications 
The Palmers
ABHMS is seeking applications for grants from the Virginia and Gordon Palmer Jr. Trust of the American Baptist Foundation. Those interested must create an account at and apply by June 15. 

ABHMS signs letter urging candidates to address
disability concerns
ABHMS has joined more than 100 organizations and individuals of faith in signing an Interfaith Disability Advocacy Coalition letter that urges political candidates to address disability concerns. 



Book shows how comic book heroes illuminate God's Word
Read "Holy Heroes: The Gospel According to DC & Marvel" to learn how the tales of comic book heroes illuminate the timeless truths of God's Word. Orders can be placed at

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