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April 2016

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Febrile seizures.
What are febrile seizures?
They are seizures or convulsions that occur in about 2-5% of young children between 6 months and five years old that are triggered by a high fever. The risk peaks during the second year of life.
It may accompany a cold, ear infection or flu. In some cases a child may not have a fever at the time of the seizure, but will develop one a few hours later.

What happens?
The child will lose consciousness and both arms and legs will shake uncontrollably.
Most only last a few minutes and are accompanied by a fever above 101 degrees F or 38.3 degrees C.

What should you do?
  • Stay calm.
  • Note the start time, a description of the seizure and how long it lasted.
  • Call 911 or your local emergency number if this is the childs' first seizure or it is lasting more than 5 minutes.
  • Protect the child. Move anything that can cause harm away from her.
  • Do not try to stop the seizure or put anything in the mouth.
  • After the seizure has ended turn the child on his side if you do not suspect a neck or spinal injury.
Although febrile seizures are very frightening for a parent or caretaker they do not cause any long term damage.
It does not mean that the child has epilepsy. Approximately 40% of children who have one febrile seizure will have an occurrence.

Be prepared to do CPR if the child is unresponsive and not breathing.

First Aid kit.

A first Aid kit is a necessity in your home and in your car especially if you have young children. It should be a sturdy waterproof container, clearly marked and everyone in your household should know where it is.

It should contain at the very least the supplies you'll need in the most common emergencies.

Some items may have expiration dates so replace as needed.

Always re-stock the supplies after using so the kit is always ready. If you tell someone to call 911 tell them to also get the First Aid Kit.

While recommendations about the content of first aid kits vary somewhat, every kit should include these following essentials:

Disposable, non-porous gloves
Adhesive Band-Aids of assorted sizes
Sealed packages of alcohol wipes or antiseptic wipes
Bandage tape
Sterile gauze pads (2" and 3" )
Flexible roller gauze (1" and 2" widths)
Triangular bandages
Small splints
Cold pack
Safety pins
Eye dressings
Insect sting preparation
Resealable plastic bags (one gallon size) for soiled materials
Pen/pencil and notepad
Current First Aid Guide
Emergency phone numbers (911 emergency notification, Poison Control Center, etc.)
Emergency medications or supplies prescribed for each child with special health needs

You can purchase all of the items for a kit at your local drug store.

In-home "Party"
This is our most popular class. The Infant and Child CPR, choking & Basic First Aid for Children class is conducted in the comfort of your home with your family & friends.

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Infant and Child CPR, Choking & Basic First Aid for children.

Chatham NJ schedule.

Tuesday, April 19th at 7pm
Monday, May 2nd at 7pm
Tuesday, May 17th at 7pm
Tuesday, June 7th at 7pm
Tuesday, June 21st at 7pm
Tuesday, July 5th at 7pm

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Geraldine Hickey, RN
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