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"There is nothing more important than the safety of your child"

October 2014
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Baby Zone & Beyond LLC is dedicated to providing information for emergency care until trained medical help arrives.  
In that spirit, it is our mission to bring you newsletter topics that are relevant to child & family safety and wellness. 

Remember to keep your CPR and First Aid training up to date. Don't wait for a tragedy or near-tragic event to take these all important life-saving classes.    



Have a great and safe month.     

Geraldine Hickey, RN
Winner of 2014 Women of Excellence for Medicine/Health Union County, NJ 
Owner, Baby Zone & Beyond, LLC

Brain Injuries.

What can happen when the brain is injured?
If there is a severe blow to the head the brain bounces against the inside of the skull.

As a result of this bouncing the brain like other tissue in the body
can swell. But, unlike other tissue the brain is confined to the skull where there is little space. Therefore, swelling of the brain tissue, or accumulation of blood inside compresses the brain and can interfere with brain function.

Some of the symptoms you need to look for if your child gets a head injury include:
  • Confusion
  • Slow to answer questions
  • Unequal sized pupils
  • Stumbling, inability to walk straight
  • Abnormal breathing
  • Neck pain and stiffness
  • Seizures
  • Obvious serious head wound
  • Disturbance of vision
  • An infant won't stop crying
  • Vomits
  • Difficult to awaken
  • Feeling anxious or irritable

    Call 911 immediately if any of these symptoms are present after a head injury. Do not move the child unless he is in danger. Wait for trained medical help.

Fainting is a brief loss of consciousness due to a drop in blood flow to the brain. The episode is usually brief lasting less than a couple of minutes and you recover from it quickly and completely.  
The medical name for fainting is syncope. 
If it is a first a child has fainted it should be treated as a medical emergency in case there is an underlying medical condition.

Possible causes:  
  • Low blood sugar
  • Standing in one place for too long
  • Seizures
  • Sudden drop in blood pressure due to dehydration or bleeding
  • Standing up very suddenly from a lying position

Fainting can also be related to:

  • Emotional distress
  • Fear
  • Severe pain
  • Have the child lie down or sit down
  • Loosen belts, collars and restrictive clothing
  • Check for breathing
  • Have him place his head between his knees if sitting
  • Advise him to get up slowly after the event
  • If there is bleeding from an injury control the bleeding
  • Call 911 if he doesn't regain consciousness within one minute 
  • Start CPR if there is no breathing or signs of life and continue until trained medical help arrives or until the child regains consciousness

In-home "Party"

This is our most popular class. The CPR or First Aid class is conducted in the comfort of your home with your 
 family & friends.

To schedule call or   
Infant and Child CPR &
Basic First Aid for
Chatham schedule. 
Note new location in Chatham
368 Main St, Chatham
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Call to schedule a class at your preschool, daycare or mom's group.

Classes are for parents and all caregivers of 
infants and children 

Tuesday, October 21st, 7pm
Tuesday, November 4th, 7pm
Tuesday, November 18th, 7pm
Tuesday, December 2nd, 7pm
Tuesday, December 16th, 7pm 
  To see class descriptions 
or to schedule  
Be Prepared!
By Geraldine Hickey, RN
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Recall Summary Name of product:

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Consumer Contact:

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Make sure the products you're purchasing for your children are safe.

"Remember to review your Infant & Child CPR & Choking techniques on a regular basis".

Have a safe & fun month.


Geraldine Hickey, RN
CPR instructor
PO Box 25
Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922

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