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"There is nothing more important than the safety of your child"

September 2014
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Baby Zone & Beyond LLC is dedicated to providing information for emergency care until trained medical help arrives.  
In that spirit, it is our mission to bring you newsletter topics that are relevant to child & family safety and wellness. 

Remember to keep your CPR and First Aid training up to date. Don't wait for a tragedy or near-tragic event to take these all important life-saving classes.    



Have a great and safe month.     

Geraldine Hickey, RN
Winner of 2014 Women of Excellence for Medicine/Health Union County, NJ 
Owner, Baby Zone & Beyond, LLC

Calling 911.

What's your location is one of the first things dispatchers need to know to get you help as soon as possible in an emergency. 
Should you use a landline or cell phone? If you are making the call on a cell phone and you are able to clearly give your address and details of your location to the dispatcher then using a cell phone is fine.

But, if you are having an emergency such as a heart attack or stroke or you cannot speak coherently because you are so panicked then using a cell phone can delay getting help to you because the dispatcher is relying on technology to locate you.

When 911 was set up it was set up in such a way to get caller ID information such as location and subscriber information when you call 911 from a landline. While there is GPS on the cell phones you don't get that exact location. It often presents a problem for 911 dispatchers because they're not able to pinpoint exactly where you are so it sometimes delays the amount of time to get someone to you because they have to make an attempt to try and re-query that call and locate it by GPS which is not 100% accurate. Whereas with a landline call, they can get your address information, phone number and exact location.

Helpful hints to get help in emergencies: 
  • Make sure your house number is visible on the house itself not just the mailbox. It should be easily spotted by emergency crews.
  • Be patient when you call 911. Dispatchers need  information to get the right help to you so they may ask a lot of questions. Listen carefully and answer as concisely as possible.
  • Stay calm, be clear.
  • Do not hang up the phone unless the dispatcher tells you to do so. This does not delay getting help because information is already sent on to fire, police or EMS as they talk to you.
  • Only call 911 when there is an actual emergency. It may be an emergency in your mind but if it's not an immediate threat to your life or property call an non-emergency number.
  • If you get cut off during a 911 call always call 911 back do not wait for them to call you.They may not have your cell number.
  • If you or your child calls 911 by mistake do not hang up. Stay on the line and tell them what happened otherwise they have to tie up another line calling you back.
Back to school safety.

Fall is here, and with it comes back to school and shorter days. This busy time of year can also be dangerous with increased vehicle and pedestrian traffic


Many children rely on walking, riding a bicycle, or catching a school bus or public transportation to travel to and from school. Fewer daylight hours can make it harder for motorists to see these young students.


Tips for Parents

  • Help your children learn and practice the safety rules for walking, bicycling, or riding in a passenger car, school bus or transit bus.
  • Supervise young children as they are walking or biking to school or as they wait at the school bus stop.
  • Be a good role model, especially when you are with your kids. Always buckle up in the car, always wear a helmet when biking, and always follow pedestrian safety rules.
  • As the parent, you're the #1 influence on the kind of pedestrian, bicyclist and driver your child will become. Set a positive example and keep your children safe. Whether walking, biking or driving, stay completely focused on the road and put your cell phone away when in traffic.
In-home "Party"

This is our most popular class. The CPR or First Aid class is conducted in the comfort of your home with your 
 family & friends.

To schedule call or   
Infant and Child CPR &
Basic First Aid for
Chatham schedule. 
Note new location in Chatham
368 Main St, Chatham
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Call to schedule a class at your preschool, daycare or mom's group.

Classes are for parents and all caregivers of
infants and children 

Tuesday, September 9th, 7pm
(Space still available)
Tuesday, September 30th, 7pm
Tuesday, October 7th, 7pm
Tuesday, October 21st, 7pm
Tuesday, November 4th, 7pm
Tuesday, November 18th, 7pm
Tuesday, December 2nd, 7pm
Tuesday, December 16th, 7pm 
  To see class descriptions 
or to schedule  
Be Prepared!
By Geraldine Hickey, RN
17 minute
Infant CPR & Choking
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Winner of National
Parenting Center Seal of approval.
Featured on Fox news
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"Remember to review your Infant & Child CPR & Choking techniques on a regular basis".

Have a safe & fun month.


Geraldine Hickey, RN
CPR instructor
PO Box 25
Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922

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