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May 2014
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In that spirit, it is our mission to bring you newsletter topics that are relevant to child & family safety and wellness. 

Remember to keep your CPR and First Aid training up to date. Don't wait for a tragedy or near-tragic event to take these all important life-saving classes.    



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Geraldine Hickey, RN
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One of the 5 hidden dangers in your home.

February 2014, three children strangled to death from cords on a window covering: a 6-year-old girl in Maryland on Feb. 8; a 3-year-old girl in Texas on Feb. 15; a 4-year-old boy in Georgia on Feb. 17.
 A 2-year old boy died in Maryland on March 1.  


These most recent tragic incidents contribute to the already long list of 293 deaths and serious injuries caused by these products between 1996 and 2012.


The CPSC documents that since 1983, 12 children die each year from strangling in loops formed from the cords on window coverings.  


The rate of injuries and deaths has not been significantly reduced since 1983, despite six industry attempts at developing adequate voluntary standards.



Children can strangle themselves on blind and drapery cords


Drapery and venetian blind cords have been in homes for decades, so we take them completely for granted. However, they kill children all the time -- hundreds of kids have died when they strangled in the cords on drapes and blinds. The two most common ways for cord strangulation to occur are:

  1. The child's crib is next to a window and the cord gets into the crib when the blinds are raised. The child gets entangled in the cord while playing or sleeping.
  2. A child jumps or is playing near the cord and the cord accidentally hangs the child. The phrase accidental hanging is a common term in hospital emergency rooms. Accidental hanging happens most frequently with blind and drapery cords.

Steps you can take

  • Use cordless window coverings.
  • Eliminate any looped blind or drape cords. Cut the loops.  
  • Eliminate any long blind or drape cords.
  • Keep all cords (of any kind) well out of reach of children. Keep in mind that children can jump, children can climb and children can leap off of furniture. The "6-inch rule" is a good one -- never have any piece of string, thread, cord, drawstring, etc. longer than six inches anywhere near your children.
First Aid tip

Do not clean large, extremely dirty or life-threatening wounds. Let hospital emergency departments do it.

Do not scrub a wound. Scrubbing a wound can bruise the tissue 
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