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January 2014
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Baby Zone & Beyond LLC is dedicated to providing information for emergency care until trained medical help arrives.  
In that spirit, it is our mission to bring you newsletter topics that are relevant to child & family safety and wellness. 

Remember to keep your CPR and First Aid training up to date. Don't wait for a tragedy or near-tragic event to take these all important life-saving classes.    



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Have a great and safe month. 

Geraldine Hickey, RN
Owner, Baby Zone & Beyond, LLC

Is it the flu or a cold?

It's that season when sniffles, fevers, aches and pains may get you down. To recover as quickly as possible and prevent serious complications, it's important to know what's causing the illness. Is it a simple cold or the flu? And what should you do?

They are both contagious respiratory illnesses caused by different viruses. Because of their similarities it is often difficult to tell the difference.

The following shows the difference between the two.

Onset: Slowly
Fever: Rarely
Tiredness: Mild
Aches: Slight
Headaches: Uncommon
Chills: Uncommon
Cough: Hacky, productive, dry
Stuffy nose: Common
Sneezing: Common
Sore throat: Common
Chest: Mild discomfort

Onset: Over several days rapidly, over 3-6 hours
Fever: Usually with temperatures of 100 degrees or higher for 3-4 days
Tiredness: Moderate to severe
Aches: Severe
Headaches: Very common
Chills: Common in over 50% of cases
Cough: Non productive
Stuffy nose Uncommon
Sneezing: Not common
Sore throat: Not common
Chest: Severe discomfort

Treatment: is very similar for both the flu and colds.  

  • stay home to prevent the spread of the illness. Keep your sick child home.  
  • get plenty of rest.  
  • Drink plenty of liquids.
  • Over-the-counter medications can treat the symptoms. But never give children aspirin.
  • Anti-viral medication will actually treat the flu, not just the symptoms, which can lessen the severity and length of illness. This type of medication won't rid you of a cold.
If your child is ill and has trouble breathing, is breathing faster than normal, not drinking fluids, has bluish skin color, is irritable beyond comfort, has a rash or is difficult to wake up or engage, you need to seek immediate attention. Also, if their symptoms improve then return with fever and cough, seek urgent medical care.

CDC recommends that everyone 6 months of age and older get a seasonal flu vaccine.
Keep in mind that vaccination is especially important for certain people who are high risk or who are in close contact with high risk persons.

Children under 6 months are too young to be vaccinated. The best way to protect them is to make sure everyone around them gets vaccinated.
Why should you not give aspirin to children and teenagers?
Reyes' syndrome
is a rare but serious condition that causes swelling in the liver and brain.  
It most often affects children and teenagers recovering from a viral infection such as flu or chicken pox who have received aspirin.

While the cause and cure remain unknown, research has established a link between Reyes' Syndrome and the use of aspirin.

Reyes' Syndrome tends to appear with greatest frequency during January, February and March when influenza is most common. Cases are reported in every month of the year. An epidemic of flu or chicken pox is commonly followed by an increase in the number of cases of Reyes' Syndrome.   
 Reyee' syndrome has become much less common since aspirin is no longer recommended for routine use in children.



Children with Reyes' syndrome get sick very suddenly. The syndrome often begins with vomiting, which lasts for many hours. The vomiting is quickly followed by irritable and aggressive behavior. As the condition gets worse, the child may be unable to stay awake and alert.


Medical help should be sought immediately. 


Thanks, Geraldine. I'm so glad we have a DVD on hand too so we can all brush up after it's been awhile. Everyone was thrilled with the class - not only did they get a lot out of it, they felt it was presented in a great, effective way and we all agreed that you were a wonderful instructor.

- Kate  
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"Remember to review your Infant & Child CPR & Choking techniques on a regular basis".

Have a safe & fun month.


Geraldine Hickey, RN
CPR instructor
PO Box 25
Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922

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