An Illuminated Manuscript for the Modern Age
    by Colette   

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Every healing changes the fabric of creation. 
Those who have plunged into darkness and emerged
 from the underworld have brought back radiant fruits
 to offer all of us.  Like Persephone, we all need to carry the seeds which
 will enable us to walk more fluidly between the worlds; to share the fruits
 of our experience so we can be nourished, and give back to Life
 what it has so generously given to us.
from the Introduction to


 Passage into the Unknown 


"I am filled with reverence and gratitude for Gateways of the Divine.  
It is the most inspiring, elegant, beautiful and audacious 
gift of genius I have received, ever!"

-Barbara Marx Hubbard

GATEWAYS OF THE DIVINE is a visionary and poetic initiation into the light and shadow of the Divine, a tool of wisdom unlike any other.  You are invited to a journey of awakening through 44 Gateway divination cards created by Colette; each Gateway is then illuminated by an inspiring collection of poetry and
mystical writings from the wise ones who have gone before us.
Featuring RUMI, KABIR, TAGORE, RILKE, as well as the modern poets DAVID WHYTE, PABLO NERUDA, and OCTAVIO PAZ,
 offers timeless wisdom on the path to wholeness.

Originally published in 2001, GATEWAYS OF THE DIVINE 
has been widely used as a transformational tool by seekers across the globe.

Published by Epiphanies Press in a Limited Artist's Edition of 1000 Copies

This stunning case bound book features:  
* 326 pages, with over 250 passages of mystical writings 
from the world's wisdom traditions
  * 44- 4x6" four-color laminated divination cards, 
each in a vellum pouch with a gold seal 
* 6-color cover, with a double spine, f
old-out flap, 
snap closure, and 133 tip-ins  
* Custom mailing box with gold lettering
* Dimensions:  12x9x2 1/2" / Weight: 7lbs.    
* Signed and numbered by the Artist  
Limited Edition Nos. 1-799 - SOLD OUT
No. 800-1000 - $500    
15th Anniversary Special - $188
  Offer Expires December 31, 2016
 Bonus: 20x26" Color Poster of 44 Gateways of the Divine 
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California residents must also include 8.5% in sales tax.
International Orders must add $50 shipping surcharge.  

Enter the world of  Gateways of the Divine,  
and allow yourself to be touched and transformed...

If you want the truth, I'll tell you the truth:  
Listen to the sound, the secret sound which is inside you.  

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Many artistic, spiritual, social and political visionaries   
have been inspired by

"Colette's magnificent limited edition of GATEWAYS OF THE DIVINE -
An Illuminated Manuscript for the Modern Age
is a catalytic portal into the shadow world. During the course of a decade, Colette underwent her own intense initiation and deep process, and through this has emerged a work of art
that is both compelling and a powerful transformational tool."
Writer,  New Paradigm Digest
"GATEWAYS OF THE DIVINE asks for our willingness to be elegant,  
which reveals a deeper truth that our greatest knowing and our creative quests  
are also beautiful and soul nourishing, as well as devastating and redemptive. GATEWAYS OF THE DIVINE reminds me of the John Keats expression that "a thing of beauty is a joy forever."  Colette has created a joy forever..."
Artist, Author, Visual Philosopher, Actor
Founder of Olandar Press and Olandar Foundation for Emerging Renaissance
"This inspired creation has moved me beyond words...Colette has created a portal of the Divine which is unique, exquisite and masterful."
 Emmy-Award winning composer, and founder of Wisdom of the World, Inc.
"Colette has put together an intriguingly unusual book, a visual and literary maze full of beautiful surprises.  Thank you for the inclusion of my work alongside all the riches.  I look forward to savoring its contents for years to come."

Poet, Fortune 500 consultant, and bestselling author of
The Heart Aroused and Crossing the Unknown Sea

 " I can't tell you how much I love GATEWAYS OF THE DIVINE
- the book, the cards, your words, the poetry, the images, the love, the care,  
the heartful-ness, the tears, the courage, the depths, and the soul that went into  
the making and design of each and every page.  Truly, when I hold this work in my hands, it feels like I'm stepping into sacred ground...  
It's a dream come true for me. Thank you so much."
Artist, Writer, Spiritual Counselor, Creativity Coach
and Creator of The Wisdom Keepers Oracle Cards

"As I am accompanied by my shadow on every step of my journey, I need 
the magic of GATEWAYS OF THE DIVINE as an oracle.  No matter what I am hearing in my critical voice of doubt, I find the soothing embrace of this imagery and poetry a balm to my soul.  I always leave my stop for refreshment with a few compassionate tears and a renewed sense of love for myself."



To learn about the genesis of GATEWAYS OF THE DIVINE
and to hear Colette perform poetry from the book, 
please watch "The Vision and Healing Artistry of Colette" and 
"Gateways of the Divine:  A Potent Tool for Transformation" on YouTube: 

The Vision and Healing Artistry of Colette
The Vision and Healing Artistry of Colette

GATEWAYS OF THE DIVINE:  A Potent Tool for Transformation
A Potent Tool for Transformation

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