June 12, 2014
2011 ccaf terry adamsDear Cherry Creek Arts Festival Patrons,

Each year, the Festival is marked by a unique line up of visual, culinary and performing artists -- and this year is no exception.  

Musical genres will range from old school to contemporary hits and everything in between, ensuring something for everyone to enjoy.


The Denver Brass is a style-melding band of 14 professional musicians. They are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in Colorado audiences by presenting fresh and exhilarating shows that feature all musical styles.The Healing Force draws on a deep understanding of "roots" reggae, and their performances shine with experience and musicality. You can enjoy their music and that of many more at the Festival this year.


The culinary demonstrations add another element to explore. We'll host chefs from several local restaurants, such as Jason Brumm from Second Home, Sean McGaughey from Opus and John Little from Harman's. We invite you to engage your taste buds in their creations.  

We look forward to seeing you this Fourth of July weekend, and wish you a safe and memorable visit to CCAF!
Terry Adams
President and CEO

Share How Art Lives Within You Social Media Sweepstakes


At the Cherry Creek Arts Festival, we believe that art lives within each of us. Every 4th of July weekend for the past 23 years, we have joined forces in Cherry Creek North to create a community that celebrates the artist within. While we are awed and inspired by the hundreds of juried artists that join us each year, it is our patrons who bring their love of art and reinforce the unique dynamic that is the Cherry Creek Arts Festival.

This year, we ask you to share the art that lives within you. Between June 2 and June 29, we invite you to submit a photo, video or short story about how art lives within you, using the hashtag #CCAF on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram. For example, you might submit an image of something you made in art class, or a video of you playing the guitar, or a photo of your culinary masterpiece. Be creative, but most importantly, be yourself.
We encourage you to use additional hashtags as appropriate (e.g. #art, #selfexpression, #Denver, etc.) and tag/mention Cherry Creek Arts Festival.

Every Monday (June 9, 16, 23 & 30), a unique winner will be chosen from the week before. The prize package for the next week also will be announced each Monday. Prizes include CCAF memberships and merchandise and gift certificates to Cherry Creek North restaurants, salons, yoga studios, etc. Check Facebook and Twitter each Monday for a full list of prizes.

To learn more and see the official rules, please visit   

2014 Performing Artists


CCAF guests can attend the Festival Nights concert at the Blue Moon Beer Garden, 6 p.m. and 10 p.m., Saturday, July 5 at the Main Stage on St. Paul Street, between 2nd and 3rd Avenues.




FACE, an all-vocal male rock band from Boulder, performs at the Beer Garden from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.Using only five voices and a beat boxer, FACE creates a high-octane rock music phenomenon. From 8 p.m. to 10 p.m., Chase N The Dream takes the stage, offering old school to new school and rock 'n' roll to country.

In addition to the Festival Nights concert, CCAF features a number of performing artists throughout the three-day event. Genres include rock, reggae, blues, funk and a variety of contemporary hits. Performances will be held at the Main Stage, located on St. Paul, between 2nd and 3rd Avenues. For a full schedule of the performing artists at the Main Stage, visit

 Chase N The Dream

Other Notable Performances


Once again, the Cherry Creek Arts Festival showcases the culture of Denver's Sister City, Takayama, Japan.  Special guests from Takayama will share hands-on cultural workshops and demonstrations that highlight the many aspects of Japanese tradition. Performances take place  Friday, July 4 and Saturday, July 5 at the Janus Art Experience on Fillmore Plaza.

The Arrow Innovators Club Feature Stage will highlight several other talented performers in acrobatics and circus acts. Sven Jorgensen, visionary cirque artist, walks the world's thinnest tight wire and plays with fire while balancing on a ball. Located at 2nd Avenue and Detroit Street, the performances are sure to captivate. For the full schedule at the Arrow Innovators Club, visit /

Sven Jorgensen

2014 Culinary Arts & Demonstrations

In addition to visual arts, the Cherry Creek Arts Festival will feature over 20 culinary vendors and a rich schedule of culinary demonstrations. Chefs from some of Denver's favorite restaurants will be featured at the Culinary Demonstration Stage, presented by the Art Institute of Colorado, on Fillmore Plaza between 1st and 2nd Avenues. Demonstrating chefs from local favorites include Sean McGaughey from Opus, John Little from Harman's and Jason Brumm from Second Home. 
Discussing how he gets his culinary creativity flowing, John Little, executive chef at Harman's Eat + Drink, said, "I find inspiration everywhere. Farmers' markets, great meals, bad meals, other chefs, blogs, traveling and history. You can find inspiration just about anywhere if you keep your eyes peeled."
John Little, Harman's executive chef  
Robin Bar-On, executive chef at Udi's Foods, grew up in the kitchen. Robin was raised in a devout Jewish home where her mother, Fern, and father, Udi, often created traditional cuisine from centuries-old recipes. This connection to her roots through food led Robin to move to Israel at the age of 16, where she often cooked with her aunt and grandmother.
"There is no education like experience," Bar-On said. 
Robin Bar-On, Udi's executive chef
For the full schedule at the Culinary Demonstration Stage, click here.
In addition to the demonstrations, Culinary Avenue, located on St. Paul Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues, features juried culinary delights from some of Denver's most popular eateries. These featured restaurants highlight specialty menu items that provide an enticing and educational culinary tour.  
Click here for more information on Culinary Avenue, and stay tuned for the full list of vendors.

green up cherry artsGreen Up Cherry Arts


Green Up Cherry Arts, presented by the Denver Zoo, is working toward a zero-waste model through education and involvement of the public in recycling.


To reach this percentage, Green Up Cherry Arts implements a three-stream Zero Waste management system, which includes recycling, composting and proactively preventing unnecessary waste by working with vendors, community partners and Festival attendees to encourage sustainable approaches.


In 2013, the second year of the program, Green Up Cherry Arts achieved 47% waste diversion, an 8% increase over 2012. In collaboration with ZeroHero, Inc. and presented by the Denver Zoo, the mission of "Green Up Cherry Arts: Zero Waste Initiative" is to assure an environmentally responsible year-round operation.    


Toyota Ride & Drive: Give to the Arts 

Your Neighborhood Toyota Stores will host Ride & Drive between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. July 4, 5 & 6 at Detroit Street and 2nd Avenue. For every test drive of a Toyota vehicle, Toyota will donate $5 to The Cherry Creek Arts Festival. Participants will also receive a $20 Visa gift certificate! The donations will fund CCAF's year-round arts education programs, such as the Mobile Art Gallery. Register by visiting the Toyota booth at the Festival and help to provide arts education for youth in Colorado.


The Toyota Ride & Drive incentive program is presented by Your Neighborhood Toyota Stores.

2014 Artist Fun Facts


Anne Cubbage, a mixed media artist from Arlington, Texas began book carving because she loved to read.


"Way back before the internet was "THE" source of knowledge, I used to read the dictionary, and my husband would tease me about it," Cubbage said. "Well, I exacted my revenge about five years ago when I woke up with an idea to cut up a dictionary. I took all of the bird pictures out, then I collaged them back into the dictionary, all the while leaving in words or phrases that mean something to me, therefore creating a story about my life. The process of cutting out the pages, page-by-page with an x-acto knife, seemed a little daunting, but weirdly relaxing."


See Anne's work at booth #184 at the Festival.


By Anne Cubbage


Steve Keating, a photographer from Fort Collins captures abstract aerial landscape images and transfers them onto wooden panels with sand textured edges.  


"It starts with a camera hanging from a kite line," Keating said. "I walk camera and kite over scenes that seem interesting. I choose NOT to see what the camera sees, and what you see here are the results of those experiences -- the experience of letting go [of control]."


See Steve's work at booth #189 at the Festival.


By Steve Keating

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