Advancement Associates Inc.

Issue No. 20 

Fall 2013

Find and retain effective development directors
In this issue of E-news, AAI highlights a recent study entitled "UnderDeveloped: A National Study of Challenges Facing Nonprofit Fundraising." The study indicates that a number of nonprofits struggle to find, train and retain development professionals equipped to succeed in their organizations long-term. Reflecting on these challenges, AAI shines a spotlight on a young development professional currently thriving in her role. Principal Rich Gerig offers four keys to finding and keeping successful development directors. Finally, AAI describes how doing "good work" in development is energizing and fulfilling--evidenced by current and upcoming projects that remind us why we cherish this vocation. Here's to keeping up the "good work!"

                          Ben Gerig, editor

Important, worthwhile reading   


Advancement Associates specializes in serving church-related, nonprofit human service organizations. While many of these organizations are small, their missions are vitally important to the communities and constituents they serve. Another attribute held in common: they highly depend on the charitable gifts of their stakeholders
With our clients in mind, then, we came across some important research that caught our attention: Bell, Jeanne and Marla Cornelius, "UnderDeveloped: A National Study of Challenges Facing Nonprofit Fundraising." Read more



Principal's corner: 4 keys to finding and keeping effective development directors     


AAI E-news readers should take a close look at the Bell/Cornelius study featured in this issue. The research findings about the fundraising challenges faced by many nonprofit organizations are enlightening, interesting, helpful, concerning--and not surprising. In fact, the study directly reflects my own perceptions and experiences as a development officer over many years and an advancement consultant since 2002. Read more



Bethany Nussbaum

Millennial fundraiser thrives in the Buckeye State

Bethany Nussbaum is the advancement director at Central Christian School in Kidron, OH. As Bethany is a Millennial thriving in the field of development, AAI asked about the route she took to find her role--and what excites her about the profession. Read more
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In this issue
Important, worthwhile reading
4 Keys to finding and keeping effective development directors
Millennial fundraiser thrives in the Buckeye State
'Good work' realized
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'Good work' realized
A favorite topic among Advancement Associates colleagues is "good work." 
What makes work "good?" We're not sure of the exact answer, but agree it has something to do with using our skills and interests in collaborating with organizations that are making a positive difference for others.
Whatever the definition, we agree that the list of recent, current and anticipated advancement projects reflects "good work," and we are both appreciative and energizedRead more

Upcoming events
On December 11, 2013 AAI Principal Rich Gerig will participate in an educational event of the Oaklawn corporate and foundation boards, identifying the shared and distinct roles each board plays in the overall advancement function. Oaklawn, Goshen, IN, is the only faith-based community mental health center in Indiana.