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Teaching About Selma

Photo by Matt Herron/Take Stock.

On this 50th anniversary year of the Voting Rights Act, the mainstream media features images of LBJ making history with the stroke of a pen. Hidden is the more pivotal role of brave people such as this child in Selma, about to be arrested as he demands voting rights for all.

Our widely read article, The Selma Voting Rights Struggle: 15 Key Points from Bottom-Up History and Why It Matters Today and related lesson highlight the stories of young people, women, and other community members who organized for decades. Read about how we have helped change the narrative about Selma.

Teaching for change is proud to have hosted noted authors this spring, including Denis Hayes, Jesse Hagopian, and Ai-Jen Poo.
New Lessons on the Climate Crisis 

 This spring we added four new lessons on the climate crisis to the Zinn Education Project website.

As you know, the stakes are higher than ever for the future of our planet, and we must help students understand why and consider ways to respond.

The new lessons help students explore environmental justice issues by stepping into the shoes of the people most impacted and by questioning industry talking points. Learn more
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Thursday, May 21
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Busboys and Poets 14&V
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May 26-30, 2015
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