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Today is Giving Tuesday.

With the support of people like you, we are making a real impact in classrooms in Washington, D.C. and across the nation. Please donate today and share this story about a huge win for parents at our partner school Orr Elementary (DCPS) in D.C.

I wish you had been there to see Laila Patrick walk down the red carpet to be honored as her two children and her mother watched adoringly. "She's talking about me!" Ms. Patrick whispered to her mother just before being honored for her role in the parent activism that earned her children's school two major victories last school year -- $39 million for a new building and new leadership for the school.

I am so proud of Ms. Patrick and the parents at Orr Elementary who fought for their children and school community.

I am also incredibly proud that Teaching for Change supported their organizing efforts when no other partners would.

When their concerns were dismissed by the school district, parents at this school serving low-income, African American families in Ward 8 took to the streets, radio, newspaper, internet, school district headquarters, and city council to fight for what their children deserved.

Now, the children at Orr have a new principal who lifted spirits and expectations at the school, and they have guaranteed funding for a newly modernized building.

What gift can you make today to bring 
social justice resources to schools like 
Orr Elementary? 

With $50
We can provide supplies for parent trainings and demonstrations.
With $250
We can provide parents with multicultural books to read in classrooms.
With $500
We can provide workshops and resources for teachers to engage students and families with a social justice approach.

With your support, we can reach even more schools and deepen our work.

Donate today online, by mail, and through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC #25947). Become a monthly donor and help sustain our programs year round.


Deborah Menkart
Executive Director


I'm overflowing with pride in those bona fide parent leaders who came out of their comfort zone, off the sideline and got in the game. Not only got into the game but won a tremendous victory. And that is in no small part due to Teaching for Change. Great work to you and your wonderful team.

 -Thomas Byrd,The Education Town Hall (We Act Radio) and the Ward 8 Education


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