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This summer, the U.S. public has been hearing about a massive influx of unaccompanied minors from Central America. Rather than nameless numbers, it helps to remember that every child currently at the border comes from countries rich in poets, visionaries, farmers, university students, scientists, and activists. This past month has highlighted more than ever the need to put faces on the people under siege so that the media and general public cannot ignore the violence that they are subjected to. 

We also need to look at the root causes and our role in creating the crises--in Central America, in Gaza, and more. 

We share with you here resources for teaching about Central America and a collection of books for children on Palestine.
Teaching the Truth
Teaching the Truth about Youth Migration from Central America

Here is an article on the myths and facts about the crisis at the border. We also offer free teaching resources in the campaign to Put Central America on the Map in Schools.


Solidarity with Palestine

Here are recommended books for children and young adults on Palestine. We also recommend the almost daily coverage by Democracy Now! on Gaza. 

Sitti's Secrets
The Flag of Childhood
A Little Piece of Ground
Gaza Writes Back


Summer Reading for Social Justice

Summer Reading

Get Ready for the New School Year

Planning to Change the World

"This book, with its wisdom, inspiration, and resources, could not have come at a better time! Every teacher - novice, veteran, and in-between - will love Planning to Change the World." 

-Sonia Nieto, author of Affirming Diversity


Upcoming Author Events

For our D.C. area friends, here are some dates to add to your new Planning to Change the World social justice plan book. 

Carlos, Aldama's Life in Bata

Burning Down The House
August 11
September 24
October 2

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