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Selected Highlights of 2013
New and Improved Website
Student Tributes to Howard Zinn

New version of the Zinn Education Project website launched with improved database sorting and streamlined login for an enhanced user experience. See more.
Launched "Howard Zinn, Our Favorite Teacher" series of remembrances by former students. Read more.
Defending People's History, Resisting Censorship
Gave national visibility to attempts to censor Howard Zinn in public schools by Mitch Daniels with the article "Indiana's Anti-Howard Zinn Witch Hunt" by Bill Bigelow. Read more
Revitalized the anti-censorship campaign, the Green Feather Movement. Distributed buttons, stickers, and postcards at Howard Zinn Read-Ins, Indiana teacher conferences, and the National Council for the Social Studies. Read more
Responded to the
American Educator
attack on Howard Zinn and A People's History with the review "Bashing Howard Zinn: A Critical Look at One of the Critics" by Alison Kysia.
Raising Public Awareness 
If We Knew Our History series continues to raise public awareness

Continued to raise public awareness about the importance of teaching people's history through the If We Knew Our History series that include articles on coal and the climate crisis, the Tulsa "race riot," the invasion of Grenada, and the Pentagon Papers. Browse the series.  

Thanks to the 226 donors who made it possible for the Zinn Education Project to promote the teaching of people's history and register 8,000 more teachers. It's because of individuals like you that the Zinn Education Project reaches tens of thousands of teachers and millions of students each year. Here are some stories people shared with their donations. Read more.
Featured Teaching Activities

Teaching Activity. Text of speech by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on the Vietnam War, followed by three teaching ideas.
Teaching Activity. By Craig Gordon. Lesson to introduce students to the speeches and work of Dr. King beyond "I have a dream."
See more activities on the Civil Rights Movement and People's Movement: 1961-1974
New Issue of Rethinking Schools Now Available
What's Wrong with the Common Core | Winter 2013-2014 Issue
Winter 2013-2014 issue of Rethinking Schools
Featured articles: 
Out of the classroom and into the past
By Hardy Thames

Writing toward justice
by Linda Christensen 
Great Time at NCSS in St. Louis | See you in Boston!
See more photos from NCSS 2013 online.
Help bring people's history to the 2014 National Council for the Social Studies conference in Howard Zinn's home town: Boston.
  • Submit a workshop proposal by Feb. 18
  • Be a sponsor of the people's history strand. Contact us to learn more and how you can contribute
Donor Spotlight
  In honor of my mother, Rugenia Moore Henry, who was one of the first seven students to desegregate Litchfield High Schoolin Gadsden, AL in 1963.
You, too, can honor family who made history with a donation. Donate today!
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