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April 2013
New. Improved. Enhanced.
Zinn Education Project - New Homepage

"After reviewing over 30 online curricula and websites
to evaluate, among other things, content, visual design and ease of navigation,
I find the Zinn Education Project website  
to be a shining star in this universe.
The substance of its content, different ways to search, and the fact that it so regularly and relevantly updated make it distinctive and exemplary."
--- Simone Bloom Nathan, Educational Media Consultant
Dear Zinn Education Project friends,

Four menus allow you to easily toggle between selections.
We spent the last six months upgrading the Zinn Education Project database to make it easier for you to find the resources you need, to streamline the log-in process, and to improve the overall look and operation of the website.

In 2008, the Zinn Education Project started out by distributing 4,000 teaching guides, copies of A People's History of the United States, and DVDs to teachers for free. Now, five years later, we feature a rich database of materials and free downloadable teaching activities----the only one of its kind----used by
almost 30,000 educators.
We appreciate everyone who has contributed, including the 32 organizations that helped promote our initial launch in 2008, Vernal Creative for the new database and continued IT support, and Vibrant Design Group for their original, brilliant design. We also thank our 2012-2013 donors, without whose support this would not have been possible. 
This month we collaborate with StoryCorps to share resources on the Anglicizing of names featuring a lesson by Linda Christensen and the StoryCorps animation,
Facundo the Great. We are happy to share new resources, including two books by Rethinking Schools.


Thanks to Our Donors!  
Just a few of our donors. L-R: William Holtzman, Maria T. Kluge,
Sonia and Angel Nieto, David Colapinto, Kipp Dawson, and Judy Richardson.

Our work would not be possible without
the generous support of our 2012 and 2013 donors.

Karen Adams
Sunshine Al-Jumaily
An Anti-imperialist
Joan and Peter Andrews
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Anonymous, in honor of
Bread & Roses
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Marta Ames
Lauren Anderson
Dave Armenti
Rosemary Barbera
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Natalie Benelli
Jeff Biggers
Michael Bullion
Kathryn Brightbill, in
   honor of Lori Waas
Alan Burnam
Rebecca Burwell
Nancy Carlsson-Paige

   and Matt Damon
Michael Charney
Carole Charnow
   and Clive Grainger
Noam Chomsky
Stefan Cohen
David Colapinto
Randall Converse
Craig and Cynthia Corrie
Kipp Dawson
Gabriel Deerman
Elena Dillon
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Sean Elias-Reyes
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Christine Fogler
Robert Forrant, in honor of
   the Bread & Roses
   Centennial Committee
Freedom Lifted Civil 
   Rights Tours
Judi Freeman
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Jessica Haley
Lauren Harris, in honor of
   Kathrynne Creecy
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Cathy Hoffman and
   Betty Burkes
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William Holtzman
Mary Hutchinson
May Jalladah
Diann Jenkins
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Cara Kissling, in honor of
   Mark Kissling
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   in honor of Brad Maurer 
   and May Zia
Jim McCue
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Judy Richardson
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Luther and Margaret   
John Vincent
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Jeannie Williams
Dianna Williams-Hefley
Ina Way, in memory
   of Lori Wass
Working Assets/CREDO
Adrienne Zanini
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Zinn Education Project and StoryCorps Partner
on the Politics of Naming
For April, Diversity Month, the Zinn Education Project collaborates with StoryCorps to share resources on the Anglicizing of names. Featured resources are "To Say the Name Is to Begin the Story," a community building lesson by Linda Christensen on the personal and cultural significance of naming, and an animation by StoryCorps called Facundo the Great. We also present a list of books and resources for the classroom on the politics and practices of naming for grades K-12.
New from Rethinking Schools
Teaching About the WarsTeaching About 
the Wars

Teaching Guide. Edited by Jody Sokolower. A collection of articles and lessons for grades 4-12 and teacher educators on U.S. military engagement in Afghanistan and the Middle East.

Rethinking Mathematics Rethinking Mathematics, 2nd Edition
Teaching Guide. Edited by Eric (Rico) Gutstein and Bob Peterson. Lessons and articles on social justice math education. Almost 100 pages of new teaching materials.
New Resources at the Zinn Education Project
The Voice of Industry
A digitized collection
of the "Voice of Industry" newspaper, published by young women in Lowell, Mass.
Talks and interviews
by Howard Zinn on
a wide range of topics.
The Rebellious Life of Mrs. Rosa Parks
The Rebellious
Life of Mrs. Parks
Book - Non-fiction
A revealing window into Parks' politics
and years of activism.

Escape to Gold Mountain
Escape to
Gold Mountain
Book - Non-fiction
A graphic novel that gives a panoramic
but also an intimate look at the Chinese experience in North America.

Thank you for bringing a people's history to the classroom!




Bill Bigelow, Rethinking Schools
Lauren Cooper and Deborah Menkart, Teaching for Change
for the Zinn Education Project
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The Zinn Education Project introduces students to a more accurate, complex, and engaging understanding of United States history than is found in traditional textbooks and curricula.

The Zinn Education Project is a collaboration between Rethinking Schools and Teaching for Change.