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Dear Tevya Alum,


In just a few short days our 75th Reunion will be taking place at Camp Tevya, and we can't wait to see you!  We wanted to send this letter to assist you in making the most of your visit at the Camp.  If you have any questions regarding anything in this letter or have a specific need, then please do not hesitate to contact our Alumni Coordinator Ellen (Martin) Ades '76 via e-mail at or by phone at (603) 673-4010.


Our final schedule of events during the weekend will be posted on the 75th Reunion website at on Wednesday, June 18.  Copies of the schedule will be available at the Reunion on Saturday and will be posted around the Camp.  Our Reunion will take place rain or shine, and we have an alternative slate of activities planned for you in the event of inclement weather.


Please refer to the schedule for exact times for all events for the Reunion.  Please note the specific time for your decade photo during Saturday afternoon, for we do not want you to miss being included in this set of historic portraits.  If you attended Camp Tevya during more than one decade, then please make sure that you are included in the photo for each decade during which you were at Tevya.  There will also be a photo taken of all of the couples who met their spouse at Tevya, and a photo of all of the Tevya directors will be taken as well.


Here is some important information for several events during the 75th Reunion:


For Friday Night:

Parking will be available at the Camp for Friday night only.  The Camp will be open beginning at 5:00 PM.  Please come to the main entrance at 1 Mason Rd, Brookline, NH, and you will be instructed where to park.  The Flag Lowering Ceremony will begin promptly at 5:45 PM and Shabbat services will begin at 6:00 PM.  You will receive your Registration materials and name badge upon your arrival.  If you have not registered for Friday night's event yet, please do so no later than Thursday, June 19.  There will be no walk-in registration for Friday night's Alumni Shabbat.  In honor of Tevya's longstanding tradition, please wear blue and white attire for Alumni Shabbat.  If you have a Tevya beanie, you are encouraged to wear it.


For Saturday:

There will be no parking at Camp on Saturday as we will have too many visitors to Tevya to accommodate everyone's vehicles.  Parking will be available at two satellite parking lots near the Camp:



Bus transportation will be available from the parking lots on a regular schedule to the Camp (and vice versa).  The first bus will leave the satellite parking lots at approximately 8:45 AM, and bus service will run continuously until 9:45 AM to take you to Camp for the Morning Service.  If you will not be attending the Morning Shabbat Service, the bus service will not resume until 11:45 AM at the conclusion of the Morning Service.  From 11:45 AM until approximately 1:00 PM, bus service will run continuously to and from Camp from the parking lots.  From 1:00 PM until the conclusion of the Reunion, buses will depart the Camp approximately every 30 minutes to return you to the parking lots or to pick you up if you are arriving late.



For those attending Friday night's Alumni Shabbat, a full traditional Friday night meal will be served in the Dining Hall after Shabbat Services.  On Saturday, a picnic lunch will be served from 12:00 PM until 1:15 PM.  A snack will be provided at 3:30 PM, and a wonderful barbecue dinner will be served from 6:00 PM until approximately 7:15 PM.  Vegetarian and gluten-free options will be available at all meals.  All food will be Kosher, and we ask that you refrain from bringing any food into the Camp.  Weather permitting, both meals on Saturday will be served outdoors.  There will be some table seating available, but we recommend that you bring a picnic blanket if you are able.  Friday night's dinner will be served in the Dining Hall rain or shine.  There will be no peanuts or tree nuts used in the making of the food for the Reunion, but please note that Camp Tevya is not a nut-free camp.


If you have handicapped needs:

If you or a family member have handicapped needs, we will provide parking at Camp for you.  Please drive to the entrance to the Camp, and you will be directed to special parking.  The Camp has golf carts to transport anyone who needs assistance.  If you have a handicap license plate or placard, then you may park at Camp.  If you do not have a handicap license plate or placard but need handicapped parking, then please contact Ellen (Martin) Ades at by Friday, June 20 to arrange for on-site parking.


Swimming and Boating & Canoeing:

If you plan to swim in Lake Potanipo or participate in boating & canoeing at the Reunion, please make sure that you and your family have your own swim suits, towels, appropriate footwear, and goggles if you need them.  There will be cabins available for each sex for changing and for washing up after your enjoyment of the lake.


If you are staying at the Marriott Courtyard Nashua or the Holiday Inn Nashua:

If you are staying at either of the hotels above and need transportation for Friday night and/or Saturday to Camp, then please e-mail Ellen (Martin) Ades at by Thursday, June 19 so that she can make specific arrangements for you.


What to bring:

In the spirit of the "packing list" that you received each summer as a camper, here are some suggestions on what to bring with you to the Reunion:

  • A blue and white outfit for Friday night Shabbat
  • A Tevya beanie if you are attending services
  • A picnic blanket or large towel
  • A change of clothes
  • A sweatshirt or light jacket
  • A tennis racquet (tennis balls will be provided)
  • A baseball glove (if you plan to play in our Legends Softball Game)
  • A bathing suit, towel, sandals, goggles, nose plugs, and any other beach attire
  • Sun block and bug spray
  • An umbrella (if you bring it, you won't need it)
  • A bag or small suitcase for all of your belongings


We will have a centrally-located and covered area for you to store your belongings when you are not using them.  Please note that Camp Tevya cannot be responsible for any of your belongings during the Reunion.


A message board will be available throughout the Reunion to leave messages for your friends.  The Camp Health Center (a.k.a. the Infirmary) will be open throughout the Reunion should you need medical assistance. 


If you get lost, have a question, or need assistance either Friday night or Saturday, then please call the Camp office at (603) 673-4010.


We can't wait for the 75th Reunion to begin!!


Looking forward to seeing you,

Jim Grasfield, 75th Reunion Chairman, and the Reunion Committee 

Directory, map and LinkedIn networking. Just in time for the 75th Reunion!

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