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Newsletter No. 14. 2015        

April 6, 2015

New Articles

Myanmar's "accidental" bombings of China's Yunnan province last month are symptomatic of a recent decline in Sino-Myanmar relations. Alvin Cheng-Hin Lim examines how recent unrest in Myanmar's Kokang region led to the bombings and is tied to the government's suspicions of China, despite Chinese need for improved relations to connect its oil pipelines to the Indian Ocean.

By the time the new governor of Okinawa Onaga Takeshi's committee has explored the legal loopholes by which to revoke his predecessor's landfill permit for the new US Marine base in Henoko Bay, irreparable damage to the environment will have been rendered.  Kumano Katsuyuki argues that its legal flaws are obvious on the basis both of Japan's constitution and international law.

As dekasegi (Japanese international migrant labor) is predicted to end, Miriam Kingsberg examines the almost unstudied repatriation of migrants from their country of ethnic origin to their country of citizenship, from Japan to primarily Brazil. Introducing a mestišo Japanese Brazilian who has lived and worked in Brazil, Japan, and the United States, she highlights the dilemmas of dekasegi returnees.

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